Another Rays Promotion at the right Price



So far this season the Promotions gurus of the Tampa Bay Rays have given us two special giveaways that were not on their original promotional list that was handed out in the beginning of the season. Both have been figurines that have featured prominent and rising stars within the Rays roster. The first one was the horizontally challenged Evan Longoria Gold Glove figurine given out to Rays fan back on Monday. July 5th given out only to fans wearing Rays gear . It was a great unexpected treat for Rays fans, and a great tool to help boost up their usually bland Monday crowds.

On Wednesday, September 1st, the Rays will again bring out a special Rays starter David Price figurine for the first 10,000 Rays faithful. This one of a kind figurine is a great way for all the Rays fans to celebrate Price’s American League-leading 15 wins ( so far) this season. It is great that the Rays could find a corporate sponsor like Sweetbay to help all of us celebrate this great moment in Rays history with a keepsake of our own.

With Price’s garnering his 15th win the other night, he is currently the Rays leader in victories in a single season, and has 8-9 possible starts left in the 2010 season to take this record to astronomical heights. We are all proud of Price’s maturation and development as a consistent Rays pitching weapon this season. You know this will not be the last time we see a Price giveaway connected with the Rays, but it is great that the Rays Promotion’s department move so quickly to give the fans a great reminder of the stellar season that Price is having in 2010.

Rays Vice President of Marketing/Community Relations Tom Hoof and Rays Senior Director of Marketing Brian Killingsworth definitely deserve a standing ovation on the timely execution and our Rays humble thanks for a offering such a great item for our Rays collections. This is just another great example of why some of the fans of the other 29 Major League Baseball fans are a bit envious of the Rays commitment to their providing special items just for their Rays faithful.


That Price piece is gorgeous. Did we share a dream or something? I posted a bunch of bobble heads too. LOL

Re the tv announcers: I wish we had a choice to have the sound of the game instead of constant conversation.

If you’re going to spend 162 (plus) games a year, at an average of 2.75 hours per game, with those announcers, they’d better dang well be the kind of guys you’d like to hang around with. Tom and Wheels? No.

It seems to me that the whole tv announcer thing hasn’t changed since the old pre-TV radio days. They think they have to chatter the whole time, as if they’re on radio.

A gifted announcer knows when to talk, when to be silent, letting the game do the talking.

And that is how I feel. =)

I also really like the collectible.
And it is a special moment when a pitxher, only in his second full year can achieve what David Price has done on a team that’s offense is so wishy washy.
Just goes to show you what a good farm system can do for a contender.

Rays Renegade

I am just lucky ewnough to have Season Tickets and do not have to hear Kevin Kennedy as mush as those stuck at home.
I am not a Kennedy fans as a broadcaster, and sometimes I think he puts his foot so far in his mouth he just can not recover from it. Dewayne Staats is a Baseball Hall of Fame caliber announcer, but when Kennedy sits next to him the banter between them feels so fake and…well rehearsed at times.
I hope the Rays pop Brian Anderson in that chair next season. He at least can laugh at himself and have fun with the game. Especially when it is either one-sided or about to go into a delay.

Rays Renegade

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