The Price is Right Tonight…FREE Price Figurine



Do not forget Rays fans that today is the day that the first 10,000 of us will get a FREE David Price bobblehead figurine plus the thrill of watching Price go for his 16th win tonight. So far this season the Promotions gurus of the Tampa Bay Rays have given us two special giveaways that were not on their original seasonal promotions list.

Both have been collectible figurines that have featured  a different, and prominent rising stars on the Rays roster. The first one was the horizontally challenged Evan Longoria Gold Glove figurine given out to Rays fan back on Monday. July 5th .But be aware that these figurines will only be given out only to fans wearing Rays gear . It was a great unexpected treat for Rays fans, and a great tool to help boost up their crowds.

This promotional Price figurine is a great way for all the Rays fans to celebrate Price’s great 2010 seaon which is currently at 15 wins this season. It is great that the Rays could find a corporate sponsor like Sweetbay to help all of us celebrate this great moment in Rays history with a keepsake of our own.

With Price’s currently stuck on his 15th win, he still has become the Rays single season victories leade, and has 4-5 possible starts left in the 2010 season to take this record to astronomical heights. We are all proud of Price’s maturation and development as a consistent Rays pitching weapon. You know this will not be the last time we see a Price giveaway connected with the Rays, but it is great that the Rays Promotion’s department move so quickly to give the fans a great reminder of the stellar season that Price is having in 2010.

Rays Vice President of Marketing/Community Relations Tom Hoof and Rays Senior Director of Marketing Brian Killingsworth definitely deserve a standing ovation on the timely execution and our Rays humble thanks for a offering such a great item for our Rays collections. This is just another great example of why some of the fans of the other 29 Major League Baseball fans are a bit envious of the Rays commitment to their providing special items just for their Rays faithful.


Always been a fan of Price since that ’08 playoff run… and I’m glad to see him have the kind of year he’s having. Y’all got an extra Rays fan for that AL East push! Go Rays!

It is amazing that David Price did rise through the Rays system so fast, and has stayed at a pretty consistent pace over his entire career.
If you would have told me a second year pitcher would set the Rays team victory total, I might have committed you to a mental ward.
But it has happened, and it has happened to a really great fan-friendly player. I look forward to another 3-4 years before we have to venture into if he is worth a $ 5-million price tag.

Rays Renegade

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