A Chance for Remembrance at Your MLB Stadium


Major League Baseball and its Commissioner Bud Selig embraced the aspect of finding a immediate cure to disable a illness that changes families and takes people close to us into the darkness . MLB became the first and most stoic corporate sponsor of Stand Up To Cancer when the program first approached them back in 2008. The startling fact that this dastardly ailment will effect 1 in 3 women in their lifetime pushed on MLB’s heart strings. But more amazing and stirring is the fact that 50% of all men alive today can expect to also fall under its curse or trance at some point in their life.

The leader’s of America’s past time wanted to be forefront of keeping the home hearth’s burning in regard to it’s patron’s health and well being. For the aspect of defying cancer wasn’t anything to play around with, that common fact that this illness can rob you of a lifetime of cherished memories of someone you love and care for with three tragic words

I have seen this curse front and center in my life with the illness attaching itself to my parents and also my daughter’s mother and taking them from my families’ embrace. That is why I am urging my fellow MLB friends to join the Stand Up To Cancer pledge and give what they can to help diminish, destroy and remove this virus from our loved one in our lifetime. Science is getting bolder every day, and with the financial means to harness more equipment, provide depths of research, and get clinical trials done in a timely fashion. We could find dramatic results at any moment.

One of the most important parts of the MLB and SUTC united platforms in the formation of MLB.com Stand Up Stadium program where fans can own a virtual part of their favorite stadiums. You can use your donation to remember a loved one who perished under the grasp of the disease, or even rejoice with the name of a cancer survivor to always keep hope alive that belief and strength can be vital in kicking cancer out of your life.

All 30 MLB clubs are involved in the program, and within the Rays home, Tropicana Field, the donations can start for as little as $ 5 for a seat somewhere under the Teflon roof. Seats are only the first option as you can also donate larger amounts to sponsor a suite ($ 100. Minimum), a base ($ 200. Minimum) or maybe even the pitching mound ($ 500. minimum) at Tropicana Field.

100 percent of your donation will go towards groundbreaking cancer research. In return for your donation, you will receive a link to your own personalized page featuring the name, photo, and a dedication message for the person you are honoring. I know I recently bought a seat for a friend who is also on the Rays/Pepsi Fan Wall of Fame with me who passed away before the beginning of the season as a loyal remembrance to him in a place that sparked his enthusiasm and joy while watching his Rays win or lose.

I hope that before the end of the 2010 season we can sellout our respective stadiums, not with only the names of people who have left our lives, but with those who survived the threat and have prospered beyond their wildest dreams. There is no limit to the amount of bases, suites or pitching mounds. Since this is all taking part in a virtual setting, you can donate a dozen or so seats if you so desire. The one restriction is that you have to individually have to enter your information for each donation.

One of the most important things is that you can raise your donation to any level you desire. The monetary numbers attached to each item is a minimum request for that object, and you can go as high as your heart, and wallet desires. And if you do not have an image or photo of the person you want to honor, that is fine, this is an option and not a requirement for donating money or securing a dedication link for loved one. The only restriction is the 140-character dedication message for each item.

There will also be a Facebook, Twitter and email icon on the bottom of your dedication if you want to send a tweet, message or even send to your other family members a link to your stadium dedication. All you have to do is click on the corresponding icon and input the names or email addresses of those you want to share your dedication with…right away.

As shocking as it is to illustrate just how important it is that we devote and secure a cure for this aliment. If you look upon your favorite team today, you can imagine almost 5 members of that team experiencing some form of this curse sometime in their life. If I have to push the image of your favorite pitcher, hitter or even Coach upfront and center to you to fully give the jest of this disaster, I will.

This is something we can beat, as is evident by the hundreds who daily take the courage and the fortitude to fight this illness face-to-face, and those who go down still swinging at the ever changing face of this cancer monster. I am not try to extort or even buy your sympathy here, but for the cost of a ballpark hot dog we can all honor a special person in our lives who has either batting or lost their fight to cancer.

There are survivors all around us every day in the ballparks, restaurants and even walking by us in the street. MLB and SUTC has given us a virtual remembrance forum to honor and cherish those still with us, and those who fought to the end, but lost their battle. And it all starts with the price of a single ballpark hot dog.


A great cause initiated by a Hollywood producer who’s a cancer survivor herself. Thanks for devoting a post to SUTC. The disease has touched all our lives and we need a cure!


I knew you would know the Hollywood connection. It is a disease that touches the innocent among us in alarming rates. I knew the prospects were high that a majority of us would experience some sort of cancer related illness, but the 1 in 2 men stat really shocked me.
I put into prospective by thinking of Tropicana Field benig full, then taking those cancer statistics and seeing almost half of the people in the stands to disappear.

Rays Renegade


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