MLB Need a Golden Globes-style Awards Show…Seriously!


After watching the MTV Video Music Awards last night, I am wondering why Major League Baseball doesn’t incorporate all their major end of the year awards into a 1 or 2 hour spectacle like some of the award shows. We have seen some shows begin to flounder (VMA’s) while others have gone sky high ( ESPYs) and it only seems fitting that MLB would head this direction. The main catalyst for such an idea is that sometimes players are their best PR material.

With MLB now hosting a Red Carpet event the day of the All Star game, MLB is already in the infant stages of possibly developing and conceptualizing a one night event that would be held right after the conclusion of the All Star game. Think about an event like this for a moment, you could have the newly crowned World Champions take the stage to a standing ovation from their peers, plus get some huge fan exposure.

You know that ESPN, the MLB Network and maybe even Fox Television would all salivate over such a proposition. And with the advent of the Fashion Police watching these Red Carpets, some of the best dressed players in all of baseball would surely be eager to flaunt the “catwalk. And why not, this is a visual world now unlike the audio and print Worlds of our parents. With the advent of Youtube and social media stalwarts Facebook and Twitter, the foundation is there for immediate fan involvement.


I think it would be a great event to see some of the stars that we have heard about in nightly sports clips shows and through the fan grapevine strut their stuff, plus give MLB fans a different prospective of the guys they see toil on the clay and turf for 162 games. You could see them in fresh Armani suits doing walk-up interviews and posing for the cameras on the green carpet. That’s right, green carpet. Since the guys always push their trade upon the green grass, why not institute a green carpet (brought to you by Field Turf or Astroturf II) for the event to give it a pronounced burst of authenticity.

And you know that there are more than willing baseball celebrity fanatics who would be willing to take time out to introduce a category, or even socialize with their favorite baseball player(s). And you know that MLB Network would be more than thrilled to have one of their own possibly be the event’s host or even selected for possibly the main award of the night. And you could push the announcement of the major MLB awards all to one central date to boost and get more immediate exposure for the Rookies of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and Cy Young recipients.

You could delay the usual Roberto Clemente Award presentation for this event, and possibly have the added venture of our favorite stars who won the certain award previously present that season’s prize, just like the Academy Awards. As I saw last night, the usual VMA’s is getting a bit too, well flawed. Not by the artists or even the hosts or presenters’, but by the aspect of no excitement or suspense anymore. But maybe that is because of the Lady Gaga factor that tends to neutralize some of your emotions on that award show.


But the same could happen here. Manny could be Manny in an entirely different stage by having him sit next to former teammate David Ortiz, or with new Manager Ozzie Guillen and see how they play off each other outside the ballpark. You would definitely see some of the “Hollywood factor” in the house as young ballplayers would be seeking out starlets and event escorts to push their social cred higher and higher by walking in with some of the countries most desired womenfolk.

But most of all, it will bring the visually stimulated and informed fans into a centralized event to watch, discuss and emulate their favorite baseball stars. If Phillies star Jimmy Rollins showed up to an event like this sporting a new type of Nike suit, or even a certain tie, the public would clamor and search for that new item with glee and abandon until they possessed one for themselves. This might be the next stop in the evolution of MLB outside the ballpark.

And you know there is a huge selection of past and present Hollywood icons and stars who have that passion and zeal for the game of baseball that would be more than willing to present awards, or even entertain. Heck, has several bands like Train, Hoobastank, O.A.R. and even newcomers like Wilco and David Nail who are already on the MLB Entertainment route who would love to perform or even showcase their love for the game.

Having an event like this would create a buzz at the end of the season, would bring a new social aspect to seeing players outside the game element, and bring some of them to a better understanding by the fans. It only seems natural to me that an event like this could unfold from MLB to become another one of the sporting worlds crowned jewels in a short time. People love these types of events, and the usual yearly awards could be repositioned in a way to accommodate and facilitate a smooth transition to this new awards format. No longer will awards be stretched out over a 3 weeks period.


In our age of instant technology there could be voting done within the scope of the post season before the respective Division Championship Series ends. Hype and award speculation could be cultivated between the AL or NL Championship Series own conclusion. And mixed with the World Series usual pageantry and circumstance, a new level of baseball yearning can be born. It only seems like the next logical step for MLB.

These types of events can be huge marketing tools to introduce a new segment of the MLB experience, or even offer additional ticket sales that would trump the prices of World Series tickets as everyone will want to be there to rub elbows and possibly get a photo op with their sports obsession.

It could be the next evolution of MLB towards focusing their brand into the social aspects of the game, plus bring a new dimension of the players to the fans. Events like the Tampa Bay Rays own Fashion Show and player appearances in the community going for blocks show that fans want to visually see their favorite players in a different hue outside the bright lights of the stadium playing surface.


It would be an event players will schedule on their calendars, sponsors would swoop in and capitalize on the last baseball up-swing before the Winter begins, it would be the last huge social event of the MLB season. Anyways, what baseball fans wouldn’t want to know what designer or even what pattern someone like Ichiro Suzuki or Jose Valverde wear off the turf? Might even be the perfect social setting for the Rays BRAYSer…


I love this idea and it’s perfect for the MLB Network. Maybe they could have it at the Kodak Theater in LA and I could go!

Maybe it can be like the All Star game and be in a different city every year to promote the sport, plus give local fans an access to superstars they normally would not even see…in a lifetime.
MLB Network would be a perfect fit, but you know ESPN and Fox will want to share the ratings and maybe do a simultanious programming scheme or something comparable.

Rays Renegade

I like this idea, as long as the selections for who got what was fan oriented, cause sometimes the pick of the studio guys and sports writers is somewhat warped…. and of course there would have to be an anual WTF award…:-)


Phillies Outside

I’m not so sure about this – do we really need to make some of the players’ egos bigger than they already are by letting them walk down a red (green) carpet?
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

There would have to be an annual WTF Award, but A Rod can only win it three times, then no more.
Agreed, there should be a fan voting process maybe for MVP or even Rookie of the year, commoningly known in other show’s as the Best New Artist”.

Rays Renegade

They already roll down a Red Carpet at the All Star game, just thought it would be more appropriate to have a green turf carpet.
I am not sure what you serve to those boys’ up there in the big city, but us Rays fans do not have a problem pushing people back into their places, or being ornery…Maybe ego is a city slicker thing?
Seriously Sue, I do not thin it would hurt, might even help put foot firmly into mouth for a few of them

Rays Renegade

I like the idea as long as Bud Selig is kept as far away from a microphone as physically possible.

Since Bud Selig has commented before he was going to step down after the next Collective Bargaining Agreement is done in a year or two….. It could be the beginning legacy of a new Comissioner.
I agree, Selig is currently stuck in the 70’s in my thought process, but has only had a few bumps in the road. Could have been worse, could have gotten the kin of Kennesaw Mountain Landis as Comissioner.

Rays Renegade

Hi Cliff …

Big 1-0 extra innings win by the Rays over the Yankees last night in Game One of their three-game series … CC and Price were both awesome battling it out in an old-fashioned pitchers duel … The Rays were just the better team on this night as they moved into first place in the AL East … The Yankees are making me [and I’m sure most Yankee fans] very nervous of late !!! … The Red Sox also won last night, and are now only seven games behind … There are still many important games yet to be played. And [for sure] the race in the AL East is not over yet as only “two” of the “three” rivals will make it into the playoffs … A sure playoff spot by the Yanks, ain’t such a sure thing anymore [I’m sorry to say, as a Yankee fan] … Anyway, congratulations on the victory. And enjoy the rest of the series !!!
Also, great idea for a MLB Awards Show !!! … Why not? … MLB has its own Network, and an annual Show of that kind would fit very nicely into the schedule … There could never be “too much” baseball on television. And if they do it right, it just may be a fun show to watch !!!
Take care, Cliff !!!
– Jimmy “BY&L”

There can never be too much baseball on television. Even watching reruns is better than most of the sporting events on television…(In my opinion).
And because of the success of MLB Network, it only seems a bit logical to move into a multi-dimensional entertainment venture like an awards show.
Probably will never happen, but it is a great idea to shoawcase the rising stars and the people who make us want to check our cellphones for updates and scores all the time.

Rays Renegade

I totally agree and actually blogged a similar idea a few months ago about it (, though I love your more detailed idea. It’s really a shame that there isn’t an event like this already, with some many great awards. I think Barry Zito would wear Prada, but that’s just me. I love Prada.

Diamond Girlhttp

Diamond Girl,
Just seems like the natural flow of the entertainment part of MLB would be to provide a post-season eveny to make the wait for the end of February come faster.
Got to admit, the worst time of the year forme is that special time from Halloween to President’s Day while I daydream about baseball….but that is just me.

Rays Renegade

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