General Lambert and the Glam Nation Invade Tropicana Field

It was kind of funny to hear Depeche Mode’sPrecious” being played before the beginning of Saturdays night’s Tampa Bay Rays/Hess Express Saturday Night Concert Series event with Glam rocker Adam Lambert. More for the fact it set the pace of the evening where our master of disguises, Mr. Lambert himself showed us why he is going to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. And as soon as he came onto the stage tonight it was evident why people see him as a hybrid of so many great legends of music all rolled up into one.  

Lambert has the stage presence of Elton John, the wardrobe changes of Cher, and is boosted by a voice that seems to scream the vocal artistry of Queen’s great front man, the late Freddie Mercury. Boosted by enough glitter on himself and his entourage on stage to make any Mardi Gras float envious and jealous, it was Lambert’s voice tonight that made you forget some of his stage distractions and immediately concentrate upon the lyrics and the songs we have all come to associate with Lambert’s flair for the theatrical. 

And his theatrics on stage both through his stage riser in the center of the stage mixed with a brisk and totally popping choreographed dance segments push the envelope between both an audio and visual extravaganza that makes you take a step back and collect your breath, then begin to sing along with the singer on his tunes that have shocked, awed and also entertained us ever since he broke off the American Idol stage.

And we definitely got the PG-rated show because of the impressionable youth in the crowd, but the diversity of the crowd definitely shows that Lambert is crossing all type of boundaries and stereotypes to entertain and push his Glam Nation prerogatives towards some new listens. And I kind of like his style of thrusting his views and opinions at you with gusto, but keeping his on stage image bordering on the brink of surreal. But just as you are about to pigeon-hole him with simply a meshing of  androgynous music with his tunes like “Strut” and “For Your Entertainment“, Lambert whirls you into a 180 degree turn and pushes your ears and eyes into another defined direction. And that is the reason I can see Lambert being pushed into the mold or direction of the always theatrical Mercury.

That zest and energy to attack the vocals and invite musical accompaniment to throw the eyes and ears into different angles and directions while still tapping your foot or clapping your hands to the beat.  Another section of music that Lambert has seemed to attack with vengeance is acoustic sets of music to his songs like “Whataya Want From Me” and even “Soaked” which has a really familiar Queen feel to it. When Lambert goes into his acoustic sets, you really get a great indication of the unfolding talent and incredible vocal range he is exploring more every day.

Sometimes his musical mannerisms and moves on stage did seem to play more towards Broadway than pop culture. But if you are not entertained at a Lambert show, then you came into it with a closed mind. He reminds me of some of the classic 80’s groups like The Pet Shop Boys or even Depeche Mode in his booming bass lines and rhythms that take you beyond the lyrics. If you are not into club music or have an allergy for glitter, than Lambert will not be your cup of tea. But as someone who has pushed his way through the Punk Rock stereotype and the epic explosion of experimental techno music and electronically enhanced House music’s New York minute, Lambert is a lion pretending to be a kitten. In a way, Lambert reminds me of a splash of David Bowie with a more pronounced sensual sexuality about him, but with lyrics that catch your attention and your mind simultaniously. 

All you have to do is hit up any music site and click on a small snippet of “If I Had You” and you will see that someday, the whole world could be come a Glam Nation colony. Lambert definitely takes you on a sensory explosive adventure with his music, the color hues of his stage lighting with high accents on purple, aquamarine and even a pinkish burst here and there for added dimensions. This color pallatte explosion of lights made it a bit difficult for some photo shots, with the always changing background colors and formatting, but that was also part of the “Glam Nation’s” intention. 

Lambert definitely can put you off by his many wardrobe changes (I lost track at four) during his performances, but we have already concluded, that is Lambert’s ultimate intention. All your sense have to be ready for overload if you are ever going to enjoy Lambert’s theatrical and vocal sideshow. But his costumes were all done in the basic black format of most of the gone, but not forgotten Punk Rock groups. With the splash of hues of aqua, purple and red, the outfits somehow took a life of their own at times.

I was a bit upset that Lambert did not get a chance, or give us an extra bit of magic tonight with his rendition of Foghat‘s “Slow Ride” with Allison Iraheta, who opened the show for Lambert. But even without this tasty morsel, it was a hearty meal of great music and theatrical fun.

 I came into this show expecting to be impressed, and I was quickly blown away by the vocal range and the true artistry of Lambert’s band and dancers. Might have been over the top for a few moments as Lambert had to remind one of his guitarist it was a “PG show”, but well worth staying here until the Witching Hour.  The diversity of the crowd was not even apparent once the music began and everyone began to sway and use their cellphones to record photos or video moments of the concert. Was a great peek into one of the artists that might help shape the future of rock as we know it today.

Still curious as to how the Rays grounds crew are going to get all that silver metallic glitter up before Sunday’s game.

Not to worry, I think we are going to be talking about this show long after the last tinsel or freckle of glitter is gone



Haha I hate when events ruin the field. When my Yanks had the boxing match at the Stadium the ouftield grass looked bad for like 2 weeks. Hahaa I hope the Trop doesn’t have too much of an issue, lol.
These guys kinda scare me…

“Was a great peek into one of the artists that might help shape the future of rock as we know it today”.
Thank you so much for such an intelligent and thoughtful review of one of the outstanding performers on the music scene today. His amazing vocals and outstanding stage presence and warmth and charm have been captivating audiences as he wraps up a sold out tour in this country and gets ready for his international tour and the worldwide fame he so rightfully deserves!

Thank you for your wonderful review of Adam’s show! One correction – Adam doesn’t sing “Time for Miracles” – during his acoustic set, he sings “Aftermath,” a song he wrote with Ferras, Alisan Porter & Ely Rise – that may be what you were referring to. He also sings “Soaked,” written by Matt Belamy of Muse, a very Queen-like song, very theatrical & beautiful.
I agree with pretty much everything else you wrote! Adam is definitely going to be iconic.

Wonderful review! I have been to 5 of his live shows and have 2 more next month!Never, in my almost 6 decades of living, have I heard a voice like that! And that’s a truckload of live concerts, believe-you-me!!
I was ecstatic over the number in attendance.My fervent hope is that some are now NEW fans of the Glambert!
Iconic. Period. Thanks!

What a lovely review. I wondered what people who mightve attended the concert just because of already being at the game, the players and staff thought of Adam. You were dead on with the comment: “But if you are not entertained at a Lambert show, then you came into it with a closed mind. He reminds me of some of the classic 80’s groups like The Pet Shop Boys or even Depeche Mode…”

He covers a wide style of songs and it would be hard, unless you only like country, to not like at least one the songs he performs. Vocally, you cannot deny his talent. Antics, dancing, costumes aside….when he strips down, you would have to be tone deaf to not see how immensely talented he is.

@Virginia – no worries, they just used a stage!

I enjoyed your review of the concert last night. Adam Lambert is a brilliant singer and entertainer. I cannot believe I did not get tickets for the show. I would have driven from MD to Tampa Bay just to see this show. All I have to see are videos but I am thankful for those. The crowd appeared to be huge maybe 32K + is that right?
Thanks again.

What a joy to read such an awesome review like yours. I read it…then re-read it and then tweeted the quote about the Glam Nation colony to Adam. I got to bed a t 6am UK time this morning and I could tell it was a fantastic show by the tweets coming in and the unmentionable vis the net, but to actually see someone write a review like this one just validates what we all think….Adam Lambert is indeed going to be a force to be reckoned with. I hope you keep up with Adams career and drop in to say hi to his Glamberts now and again


At last a venue large enough and suitable for his great performances.

Thanks for a great review. YOU GET IT.

I was at the show. We saw music history last night….this is the show that is going to change everything for Adam Lambert. Most of his tour shows have been at medium-size venues filled with die-hard Adam fans. THIS was an arena show filled with Rays fans who left Adam Lambert fans. Pardon the cliche, but he absolutely knocked it out of the park! Last night he PROVED he can play stadiums, he PROVED he can attract new fans, he PROVED he can appeal to an incredibly diverse crowd, he PROVED he has the voice/charisma/stage command to become one of the biggest stars of this generation. And he did all that with total ease, humility and a smile on his face the entire show. For Elvis, it was the appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. For Adam, it’s going to be the Post Rays Show at Tropicana Field.
And THANK YOU RAYS for booking him!!!!! You Rock!

Yes great review. More women may come to the games if they had such sexy, beautiful artists after!!! Fans were leaving the game in the last ending ( before OT) just to line up for the field concert. Damm we got the PG show?

Thanks for doing such a great job of covering all aspects of the concert–voice, stage presence, band, dancers, aura, etc. –all exceptional when it comes to Mr. Lambert. Love how you inserted the pictures throughout your review.
Yes, this guy’s 15 minutes of fame is unending because of his talent. He has been selling out concerts all over the US since May and will now go overseas where he is even more appreciated by fans. His talent is something the music business cannot deny–no auto tuning necessary, he can sing live like no other pop performer today. Plus he is a nice guy on top of it all. Lucky are those who got to see him this summer in close up venues like I did. Much bigger things are on the horizon for him. Thanks again

Brilliant review!! I love that you captured the essence of Adam Lambert! Love this review and the pics and the energy. I was “watching” the concert via Twitter last night and I could feel the energy through my computer! It was sizzling! I SO wanted to be there. Epic night!! Loving you so much, Rays Renegade, for sharing a first-timer’s perspective with such eloquence and appreciation!!

Thank you for the great review. I have been to 3 of his shows, and plan on many more in the future. You get Adam!!! I do like the part where you said that if you come to the show and don’t enjoy it, then it is because you have a closed mind, I totally agree. Thank you again

Wow, what a great review. I seen Adam Lambert glamnation concert in Toronto, Canada. I was blown away by his amazing talent. Adam, where have you been until now, just glad you are here now and can’t wait to see you in concert again. Good luck with your International Tour coming up soon.

P.S. Go Rays

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great review of Adam Lambert. So well written and so true! You captured everything about Adam that makes his fans love him so much. What a talent he is. Watching his journey to Super Stardom is so much fun.
And to top it all off, he is the sweetest down to earth guy, and very thoughtful and kind to all his fans.

I know he will appreciate all the wonderful things you wrote about his show.


This is the best review of the Glam Nation Tour EVER written!!
Thank you for being so thoughtful about the songs and his performance style! Your comparisons of Adam to the legends is so much appreciated (and accurate to say the least!!). You recognize his talent and his ability to entertain a large venue and we love you for that!!!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review of Adam Lamberts Glam Nation Tour. You experienced the same awe inspiring theatrics, showmanship, and incredible vocals that all his fans love so much. I’m glad you got to experience it first hand. To hear and see Adam Lambert is to fall madly in love. Welcome to the glamily!

I will be the first to admit that I was dragged to this concert under great duress. Actually I was threatened with bodily harm and many nights spent on the couch if I did not comply. I was going to be there anyway as I cover most of the games but I rarely stay for a concert. I’m usually dashing home to write up a quick article.

I grew up listening to my father blaring Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant until the windows shook and the neighbors complained. Music and sports have always been a part of my life. Last night once again the two married in great harmony. It was a fantastic game and a fantastic concert. This guy is a cross between Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant. He has the stage flamboyance and vocal skills of Mercury but he has the rocker edge and wail of Plant (Music Again anyone?)

After the concert my finance asked how I enjoyed the show. She of course said it with great smugness because she knows me well enough to gauge my response. But of course I had to play it all Joe Cool and simply say, “The guy is not bad”

I can see a really good future for this guy if his label plays their cards right. He has true talent a very rare gift of stage presence and vocal ability. Don’t tell my Finance but I picked up his CD and have it in my car. I don’t want to hear “I told you so” at least not yet. Maybe after we’re married.

What a great night for Adam!!! I wish I was there. I was in Atlanta when I saw Adam and the place was to small for all the fans. He did 2 shows but could have filled a larger place with no problem. I had a blast and Adam was more than I expected. I brought my daughter along (she wasn’t a fan, but left as one) and we both agreed that Adam is to talented to do that small of a venue. I loved this article and I am so glad that Everyone loved him.

I was out on thje turf today for a few minutes and all is well except for a few glitter bombs and a few impression, but that is normal with a turf that is about to expire.
Was a great show, and one that enlightened me a bit as to Lambert’s true talents beyond the AMA reputation.

Rays Renegade

I was one of those people who had a apprehension towards his music based on a media based frenzy. Got to tell you, his mset last night reminded me of the concerts and the events you saw in the late 70’s and early 80’s from some of rock’s hardest working musicians. Found a new respect and admiration not only for his music, but for his great vocal scale and his cunning use of wardrobe changes.
Was a fan on American Idol, definitely a fan for good now.

Rays Renegade

Thank you for this wonderful review of Adam’s show – it is truly a glorious feeling when we, his fans, know that someone “gets him.”

I’ve been unable to take my eyes off this amazing chameleon since his very first Idol audition. He’s relevant, red-hot, and right-now. His stage presence grabs you by the throat and wrestles you to the ground (“Whole Lotta Love,” anyone?), his vocals are astonishing, and off-camera he seems to be one of the all-around nicest, most humble and sincere people walking around on the planet. How amazing that such a cheesy TV show accidentally stumbled upon an unknown megatalent. Has there ever been anybody like this? He’s worked hard and waited years for the chance to take the world by storm lik he is now, and I feel ridiculously proud of him.

I wasn’t born yet when the Beatles landed in America. I was only a little kid when Elvis died. Thank God I’m living in the heyday of Adam Lambert

I asked a fan in the pit area the name of the song, and that was the title they gave me. Since you wrote about the two other titles that he performs in an acoustic set, I popped on I-Tunes and listened to the abbreviated track and it was actually ” Soaked” and I agree, it had a Freddy Mercury feel to me. Thank you for the information, and look forward to more new stuff from the General of the Glam Nation.

Rays Renegade

Queen rose,
I was a huge live concert guy in the late 70;s and 80’s myself and have seen some amazing shows both as stage acts and choreography-based productions. Adam Lambert’s musical director and his head choreographer have done a superb job and hopefully they will get some sort of accolades in the future.
The variety of his songs and his range pushed him into another level for me last night.

Rays Renegade

The words are not made up or imposed just to keep the hounds at bay. I truly see the talent before my eyes and it amazes me how far he has come in such a short time. With an International Tour on the horizon, the word will just multiply and grow to enormous levels from this day forth. 30,000+ attended the game, with some leaving probably closed minded and thinking it might be a bit too sexually motivated for their kids to hear and see, but was calmer than the Village People or Nelly concert.

Rays Renegade

There was over 30,000 at the game, but possibly 20,000-ish for the concert. It lasted late into the morning (12:30 am) which was a bit of a terror considering we had a 1:40 pm game on Sunday.
Coming from Maryland would be a trek, but I am getting the idea that true Glambert fans do not see miles or gas as an issue to see their favorite Glam Rocker in person. Makes me remember when I got giddy about The Go-Go’s earlier this season.

Rays Renegade

Not sure if my baseball muses go well with Adam, but I will pop by from time to time to see what is the lastest and greatest in the Glam Nation tribunes and postings.
Just glad to be pleasantly surprised and humbled by the showering of positive comments and voices about this rising star.
You are totally right, he will be around as long as he wants to be, and will always be relevant.

Rays Renegade

I have to admit I was a bit worried when I found out Adam would be playing a ballpark post show. I didn’t know how folks who’d come to a ballgame would take to the spectacle that is Glam Nation. Baseball and glitter don’t typically go hand-in-hand.

I’ve been a huge Adam fan since Idol and I’ve followed the tour reviews and vids online all summer. I was thrilled to hear that he was so warmly received by Rays fans who sat side by side with diehard Glamberts. And I would like to thank you for actually reviewing Adam’s MUSIC AND PERFORMANCE. Of couse, I’m delighted that you enjoyed the show but most importantly I’m glad that you came to it with an open mind. There really is something for everyone in Adam’s music. Like he tell’s us, we’re ALL invited to the party. :)

I did not know until some of the Glamberts’ told me that he doesn’t normally do shows with a crowd as big as Tropicana Field last night. I always thought Tours did a variety of venues from small to stadium, with it getting mixed up enough to not cause any fatigue or dullness to the performance.
Glad the Trop could take his stadium cherry and op it towards the Teflon roof. Oops, that is not PG-rated of me….Sorry.

Rays Renegade

I am glad I ” got it”. Nothing like catching the rhythm and nuances of a rising star and hoping to understand and be a part of his expanding galazy of awesomeness before he jets away to other exotic locales and leaves you wanting more….
Will be looking forward to more music and maybe even a few Adam Lambert fashion tips in the future.

Rays Renegade

You can wax poetic with me anytime.
He really did knock our socks off at the Trop with his extravagant stage show, his own presence, plus some of the best supporting musicians I have heard in some time. He definitely rolled “sevens” with the people he picked to be a part of the Glam Nation entourage.
When I was told Adam Lambert was on the concert schedule I did not divert my eyes, but I did have a notion of what to expect. Lambert just dug in deep,waited for his pitch and as you said before “knocked it out of the park”.

Rays Renegade


The things you say I wrote were just in front of me for all of us to hear, see and experience in our own ways. ?Some other people might not have gotten his subtle jokes, or even his mannerisms while dancing, but then most of us were enjoying the music and trying to get some incredible shots to show friends, family and other fans.

Have never met Adam Lambert, but I have read more than a few comments today talking about his good heart and his down to earth charm that goes on for days. Those are the types of people you want to see have success. The guys/girls who strive daily/nightly to learn the craft, sweat the big and little things and mature and prosper as musicians and human being to become something everyone can be proud of…just like Lambert.

Rays Renegade

People have done that over the past few years that the Rays have had their concert series.

The true faithful of the bands tend to get in line as early as the sixth inning and wait until after the game to do their sprint to the front of the stage. Heard there was abit of pushing and shoving out there last night.

Wish Lambert had given his message of “love” last night to those in the lines before they opened the wristband area and the stampede began!

Rays Renegade

Thank you so much for the wonderful review of a premier artist of his generation, Adam Lambert. This young man is a force to be reckoned with, and I’m so glad you gave him the credit he is due. Well done! Sherrie Richey MD, @Artistsupporter

I only threw down the words on the computer, Adam Lambert put the emotions and the thoughts streaming into my collective thought processes to formulate a true and unique portrayal of a musical artist that will be around for a long time.
With the advent of TMZ and the Multi-media angles, 15 minutes has been elevated to 5 hours of fame ( in my opinion).
Lambert not only can have those 5 hours, but possibly could evoke another craze or idolism with another breakthrough song or brilliant captivating show. He definitely can bring a “live” song to another level, and his acoustic musical numbers evoke someone a lot older in years than Lambert. To call him a young “Old Pro” is not an insult.

Rays Renegade

Learned something new tonight. Never knew people actively watched their Twitter accounts for up-to-the-minute concert info, but it is a social media network. Music is the one thing that can turn our emotions immediately.
A well turned verse or a chord can change bad to good or vice versas within a nanosecond. I was not even going to write a post because of something that happened with photo credentials, but decided the fans deserved to know what was happening that night, and how I got transformed into a believer from a skeptic.
Glad Glam Nation is behind me, with the 4,000+ views today, I am glad you liked it, would hate to be on the Glamberts bad side….

Rays Renegade


My first “live” show after his guest appearances around the couches and stages of the mid-afternoon and morning shows sealed the deal for me. Another person that Adam Lambert reminds me of a bit is the British Punk Rocker Adam Ant.
They both have such a strong and slightly insane persona that borders on brilliance. Both had showman’s blood in their veins and a song in their throats to speak to the masses that did not understand or accept them as equals or even as average citizens.
But the difference here is that Lambert has more staying power and a huge upside compared to Mr. “Goody Two Shoes”.

Rays Renegade

Never been to your fine city, but a few of the Rays players and Coaches do rave about it, so it is a destination for the future.
I actually think Adam Lambert’s talent base is just now starting to erode and show us more and more of his inner sanctum of social consciousness and activism. For some reason I get a strong urge of helping others soon in his future as he ends his International Tour in the future and might devote some time to a worthy cause and bolster its plight.
But that is just a gut feeling right now.

Rays Renegade

Thanks for the honest and comprehensive review. I loved his show in the Midwest and follow his reviews. I have never done anything like this for any artist. I am a huge musical theatre fan and am so glad that he has a concert that is so entertaining. All the glamberts are so grateful that Adam could perform in this venue. I never thought he’s be doing this sort of thing at a baseball field, but it’s terrific. Lots of people stayed when you consider how late it was. Thanks again Devil Rays!

Hi Again Ray,

I noticed in a comment you left to someone that you hope Adam’s musical director gets the recognition he deserves. Monte Pittman is his name. He’s an old friend of Adam’s AND he is also Madonna’s guitarist and guitar teacher! In addition he has an independently released acoustic album out called The Deepest Dark you can get it here.
Adam’s choreographer worked with Adam when they were in the cast of Wicked together. She truly is a talent as well. :)

Before I realized these pics were from the show I thought maybe you had gotten secret access to my co-writer, Allen’s dressing room. LOL. Nice work.

Was just reading a letter from a friend within the Rays front office, and they deserve some great applause themselves for not only bringing Adam Lambert to the Tampa Bay market, but to provide a audience that might not bolt up immediately with his music.
It was a great leap of faith on their part to try something they might not be totally secure and confident in, but it came off with magic, excitement and was a success for everyone involved in the concert.
A standing O for Lambert, the Rays front office, and all the fans who showed up and celebrated in Lambert’s private “party”.

Rays Renegade

Believe me, I feel the love from the Glam Nation. It was a great honor to write the review, and a total shock (in a great way) to have the embrace of Adam’s legion of fans. The outpouring of comments and also Tweets is still on-going and totally caught me off guard.
But that is one of the grest things about journalism and writing, each time you write a post, or even a comment, you some times forget that hundreds of eyes will see it and form an opinion. Thankfully, I have made the Galmbert’s smile.

Rays Renegade

I can understand the plight totally. After a small disappointment over some credentials, I almost went home after the concert, but decided the fans and my small group of readers deserved me usual style of reviewing the Rays concerts.
I was glad I had a reversal of my mood and opinion, because it was one of those concerts, like some songs that turned me onto his music and will have me listening to him for a long time. The way Adam Lambert stretches to all different musical elements that night showed he has a mass appeal and will have a long career.
Even if we do not admit it to our friends and family immediately, the Glam Nation now has a piece of our mind and spirit….Welcome to the music revolution….can I play you a track?

Rays Renegade

Could not imagine that show donw in a small venue. Not becuase of the thundering bass, but because of the number of things that are all going on at the same time during his performance. From the dancers to the movements of the musicians to Lambert’s own stage moves it almost seemed to big for the Trop.
Wish you could of gotten here too. We would have moved over and definitely gotten you a good view and a reason to dance on the outfield turf.

Rays Renegade

It has been totally amazing some of the talent that was spawned off the show. Of course the show prances like aproud peacock it gave them their first exposure, but the level of talent that has flowed off our television screens into musical careers is outstanding indeed.
I did get to see the Beatles revolution, and it feels a bit like that, but today’s audience is more musically sophisticated than in the 1960’s. Rock was in it’s infant stage but developing fast then. Today musical tastes run a huge gambit, and Adam Lambert’s music fits into it quite well.

Rays Renegade

I had the same pre-concert impression.
But I also remember that the Rays clubhouse is a mixing of a lot of musical tastes and styles with a great example a guy born in the Cajun area of Louisiana playing gangster rap music at his locker.
Proves to me that musical tastes and an open ear can make anyone a fan of great music.
A lot of the older Rays fans I know did not totally get into the aspect of the concert, but some became believers. Sometimes the best way to learn a new experience is to first just opwn yourself up to taking in the exposure to it, then deciding. That apth wroked for me, andhopefully more people who viewed Lambert’s music for the first time.

Rays Renegade

The credit goes to Adam Lambert and his amazing group who hit the stage with him every venue. All I did was open my mind and ears and the rest just flowed in like fine honey. Seriously, that is theproblem with most musical listeners anymore, they close their ears after one bad experience in a aspect of music. Not all rap is the same,just as some theatrical music is tremendous, while others just put you to sleep. By opening the mind and ears, I gave Adam Lambert a chance to change my opinion, which in turn made me a fan. He deserves the credit, I just had the courage to expose myself to his muse and enjoy it.

Rays Renegade

J Bilicki,
You can definitely see the theatrical stage element in Adam Lambert’s show and in his own persona. It actually adds a bit of bang to the show kind of like what Ozzy Ozbourne and Alice Cooper do in their concerts making it a circle experience with sights,sounds and imaginary experiences that you would not find in a common concert.
Not to say Lambert will every concume a creature on stage like the other examples, but their concerts were “shows within shows” with different different elements enhancing segments of the stage.

Rays Renegade

I did not even know he did a Broadway play, so that explains a bit of the secure motion with the stage work and the flow of his music without clumsy seams of non-action. Pittman was amazing that night, not only on the acoustic sets. He is definitely the right fit as a guitarist,plus having a bond with Adam Lambert before his fame defintely can show an onstage cohesive unit.
His choreographer was stunning, but her dance moves were entrancing. Great expressionisticmoves duringthe songs,plus the makeup and costumes provided an added punch to your senses. Definitely a success on all levels that night to this new fan.

Rays Renegade

Always knew Alan had a side we never saw in his MLB articles. But then what do you expect from a guy who lives in Motown. As long as Alan doesn’t emulate a “jersey Shore” fist pump anytime soon, I think we can transform his musical tastes, but he might be set in his own deep tracks. But I got a big rope and am willing to pull him out of the muck and into the light again.

Rays Renegade

Dear Rays Renegade:

Hey, thanks for the personal comments. I have posted comments on so many reviews of Lamberts (too many to count) and never had a response. I am truly impressed! I’ll have to follow you more often.

I am an older fan (in my 50s), married with children, and my girls love musical theatre. I feel bad that I didn’t let my younger daughter see Adam in concert because I worried it would be inappropriate. I was wrong and he was great! When Lambert first tried out for Idol and I heard he was in the cast of Wicked, I knew he could sing. Then he sang for the judges and I was hooked. I backed him the entire way (although I did have to also back Danny Gokey from my city like I do the Brewers!).

Lambert is in a class by himself, and I am hoping for big things. It is tough in this emotionally bankrupt America who loves the safe and often boring people. I wish I could convince you to check out three non-IDOL and non Glam songs of Lambert on You Tube: Come to Me, Bend to Me, Heaven on Their Minds, and What’s Going On. I think you will be impressed. He is fabulous live! Thanks again.

To the Glam Nation & the Worldwide Order of Galmberts,

I have been truly humbled and astonished at the large support and positive affirmation you have all collectively shown for my concert review of Adam Lambert’s incredible show after the Rays defeated the Los Angels Angels.

But then, just when I felt secure and alive again, I get another jolt staight to my heart with the biggest honor in a long, long time. I got to share my review on the Adam Lambert website with all of you, and the response has been totally overwhelming.

I am just a Tampa Bay area Southern guy who has an extremely open mind when it comes to music. Was not totally versed in what to expect out of Lambert’s show, but (paraphrasing) I was not going to judge this book by it’s cover. In keeping an open mind and ear, I found another wild gem of the music industry and expect and want only success for Lambert.

The outpouring by the Glam Nation and the Glamberts has been warm, inviting and I am totally glad I was able to do Lambert and his followers justice with my post. You can count me in as another one of the people changed by his music, and who is now a devoted fan of a singer who could change the World, one listener at a time.

Rays Renegade

Great review!! Welcome to the “Glamily!”

Welcome to the “Glamily!!!

Welcome to the “Glamily!!!

Super review and pics! Two things. The first is that he already has made a huge impact in helping children all over the US. His charity of choice is and his fans have donated half a million dollars already to this charity. I am Canadian and I have donated to this US charity so you can see that his mantra of peace and love knows no borders. I was in Florida this last weekend to catch the concerts in Melbourne and Hollywood but unfortunately this one was to far. Fortunately I had the chance to meet him and thank him for basically just being the awesome person that he is! The second thing is welcome to the Glambert family – you are very right to not want to see the ‘other’ side of us!

J Bilicki,
I just think it is polite and socially cool to respond to each comment. It gives you a abetter feel for the commenter, plus gives it that personal touch. Been doing it for a long time, and do not expect to stop anytime soon.
I am also a guy who just hit his 50 mark, and have been involved in music in some form for most of his life. I forgot Adam Lambert was in “Wicked” and hope somewhere in the vast web there is a copy of his performance. Would love to see what he did with it.
I will check out those other songs you suggested. Alwaus good to broaden your horizons with new music.

Rays Renegade

Thank you for the triple “Hello” and “Welcome”.
The past few days have been a wildwhirlwind of great things happening to me. First the great concert and the review that followed just seemed to flow out of me. Then I won a contest at a Rays Fan Wall of Fame luncheon for a year of FREE Pepsi products. Then last night, I saw my name and post on Adam Lambert’s home web page…
All becuase I decided to watch a singer who intriqued me, and opened my eyes to another musical adventure.

Rays Renegade

Thank you for letting me know about his charitable heart and the things he does off the stage for the betterment of children. Everyone, including musicans and the rich and famous have a charity or cause that is close to their hearts and memories. I will also be donating soon to his charity of choice and hope others do too.
Glad to be welocmed in with open arms than clinched fists and snarls on your faces. Thank you Glamberts and Glam Nation for your hospitality.

Rays Renegade

Wow RR! I am so happy for you! Congratulations! And you got over 60 comments here!

It is sometimes wild how your writing can take on a life of its own once it is penned to paper (or to the computer screen). Totally shocked and pleasantly amazed the reponse and the comments that flowed from the post.
It is funny to me a person who is paid nothing for his opinion is held in such regard right now, but when you speak from your heart and not your wallet….Truth flows like wine into the glass.

Rays Renegade

Thank- you so much for your wonderful open-minded review. Almost brought tears to my eyes because I am a huge glambert fan from day 1 on idol and only gets stronger. brought my new husband to the hollywood, fla show next day, but he is not open-minded and picked a fight and left. Never saw him and the amazing fans around me made it so much better. he was on fire that night also, but it sickens me that the person I love missed out on this amazing talent! Reading all these comments just justifies what my husband really missed out on

Sometimes it just seems like change strikes each of us in a different way. I know of people who hightailed it out of the Trop before the concert, and others who stayed and were pleasantly surprised and entertained by the show they watched that night.
It is like two people seeing the same thing at the same time. Some see it in the same light, while others seem to see the darkness or wrong impression even when it is clearlybefore them. Do not judge your husband too harshly. Some people do not have the open mind or the realistic aspects to accept change without fighting it.
Some like football, some like baseball, other get a thrill out of concerts and musical venues. It is the reason we are all human, and the reason we fall for certain people, or like their music.
Not everyone got the music of Jimy Hendrix in the beginning, and look at his legacy now.

Rays Renegade

Thank you for that wonderful and hearfelt review–not just of the show, but of the phenomenon we know as Adam Lambert.

I especially loved your responses to some of the comments. You have shown yourself to be a true convert to the Glam Nation.

So, may I add another “Welcome to the Glamily”?!

I have to admit, the heartfelt comments by you and the other Glam Nation Army made this review better. My thoughts and emotions just went onto that screen, then it was people like you and the 10,000+ other hits in the last three days that have made me swirling and swirling.
I am glad to be in thew family, but hopefully there is not hazing ritaul or initiation exrecise……hopefully.

Rays Renegade

Rays Renegade:

J Bilicki here again. Gosh you are delightful! Wait until I tell my husband I have conversed with a Tampa Bay Devil Rays fan. He loves baseball and the Brewers. I will root for Tampa Bay when they’re not playing us. Real quick….Adam was Fiero in Wicked, but only as the understudy. He sang at least two songs, Dancing Through Life (and yes he danced), and “As Long As You’re Mine” and had to passionately kiss Elphaba, the lead girl! He didn’t mind and mentioned it at the Upright Cafe before he sang “What’s Going On.” Check this one out.

Oh, and I forgot…..welcome to the Glamily! We welcome you with open arms!

Got to say, you have all the information. I know tonight Adam is doing a show in Washington state before he jets across the big Western pond to Singapore. First leg of an exciting journey for the International Order of Glamberts, and a huge increase in the Glam Nation over the next few months.
We all might have to learn a few more languages to communicate with our new Glamberts. FYI, since the first comment, I have felyt welcomed by the Glamily, and it is people like you who have led that feeling.

Rays Renegade

I coudn’t agree more. I was there and witnessed the amazing Adam Lambert and my winning team Tampa Rays. I got a two for the price of one! Amazing and memorable night for me. Adam and Rays are real Champions!!!

Two for the price of one…I like that, but for me it was more Buy one , Get one FREE.
Either you went to the Trop to see Adam Lambert and saw a winning baseball game, or you went for the game, and got a bonus of Lambert.
Either options was an A++++ effort and showed why Saturday night are special at Rays games.

Rays Renegade

Thanks again Rays Renegade. Baseball fans like you should love the Glamily…..we’re diehard fans who support our team (Adam) despite adversity (don’t forget I’m a Brewer’s Fan as well). Actually we support real talent and perseverance………Adam worked 10 years to get here. He is working so hard now to make it in this business.

I wish America would embrace him more and buy his CD (you should pick up a copy). Instead America supports the boring, safe and auto-tuned artists who look pretty, date the right people and make us feel good!

Good luck to you in your future writings and always remember you are appreciated and welcomed by the Glamberts. Now if I could just convert my tone-deaf, blue-grass loving husband………

So far so good in fitting in with the rest of the Glamberts. Believe me, I understand the committment and the hard work to get something you desire. And along the way, his craft just got better and better ( in my opinion).
I actually do have his CD now, plus a few well placed I-Tunes downloaded versions.
I like your statement about the “normal” artists. That is so true, but everyone also has their odd end of the spectrum singer or group they like beased on either their tastes, or their friends’ taste. But I always went by the music and not by the outfir, band’s name or even any other restriction.
There is still hope for your husband…Look at what you all did for me!

Rays Renegade

Gotta love your spirit. I’ll keep working on the husband. I also look at the talent and performance and not the persona. I don’t expect role models, but I turn away from artists who exude too much negativity, talk too much about politics, or are too raunchy. It’s all about the music for me. Good luck to you and keep up the good work.

J. Bilicki,
Thank you for that compliment. I try to be as real as I can be because you only get one chance at a first impression. If I throw out a false persona or fake a situation, I deserve to be run through the throns. Just who I am.

Rays Renegade

I love all the positive feed back from your fabulous review. It just proves that a positive does produce a positve result. Your review speaks volumes about the energy that Adam puts into each perfomance. He is just more than a singer he is a beacon of light and hope to so many globaly. You nailed it and if I could meet you right now I would give you the biggest hug and thank you so much. I knew your Rays fans were in for a treat; for I saw him in concert in Columbus.Ohio at the beginning of the concert season. He has gotten stronger and better with each performance. See what you started something good about someone great. That puts you in a very special place in the hearts of the Glamation family. Have a great day and thanks for making ours great!

I have written things for a long time and not gotten a 10th of the support and admiration that this piece produced. Heck, got more repsond than when I wrote for a newspaper.
I guess if you write from the heart and not the head about an artist, people get it because of that connection. It was a great concert with something for your eyes and ears every second. It was a sensory experience I will never forget.

Rays Renegade

Thank you for such a fantastic review! This 36-second clip from the Hollywood round of American Idol is one of my very favorites. . . it’s proof that Adam has one of the best voices in rock:

this was my first concert and i loved was adamazing and it was adamazing how much he loved our crowd.but there was a lady that lied to me(im 12) and she said i was in front but then a guy came and said we were in the back and my aunt who had brought me said some nasty things to that dude and when i got up there u could just feel the rush from when alison stepped up there to when she traded with adam.i was adamazed by how he was saying he was “teaching us a lesson about love”, but he was right about every little detail and if he ever comes back to fl im so going!!!!!

Thank you for that clip. Believe me, I understand the presence that Adam Lambert’s voice exploded upon yoiur audio senses, even back from his first American Idol glimpse.
What is so coll and amazing is in a lot of ways, we got to watch his transformation from barely known, to being a part of the musical scene at a F-1 auto race in Singapore. Having Daughtry on that same F-1 bill just shows how far Adam Lambert has come in such a short time….

Rays Renegade

Glad you had a great time at your first concert. Sorry you had a bad moment there with one person, but you seem to have the right perspective that it was fun, exciting and a great musical time.
By your words, it seems Adam definitely got another young fan at the Rays concert.
I also remember his lesson of love statement, and that did seem to set the stage for the crowd to loosen up a bit ans have fun with the music.

Rays Renegade

Hi, I just had to jump in here – all the positivity in this article and comments just made me feel warm all over. Thanks so much for your wonderful review of our Glammed One, and the accompanying pics. My husband and I have seen Adam on the Idol tour and at 3 Glam Nation concerts. Each time, Adam never failed to simply amaze me. And I adore his glam band and dancers as well. Although the “shell” of his concert is basically the same, each concert usually has something a little different occur, and that, plus the location and the people themselves, cause each concert to take on its own unique personality. One thing that can always be counted on in Glam Nation is an audio and visual feast of the most robust kind. I understand what you mean about trying to take pics. I tried to get a cool pic with the lasers, but with them constantly changing, plus my camera needing a few seconds to focus, it was a challenge! As far as the leftover glitter, the best thing is just not to fight it, but revel in it. You should have seen the seat in the car (my husband’s car, lol) plus the bathroom counter, not to mention my suitcase! It was everywhere, and I LOVED it! :) I could go on, but will end with a big “Welcome to the Glamily” and a big glittery hug! And by the way, your label of “General” is perfect. I also like to think of him as “Ringmaster”. Peace.

I can also see him called the “Ringmaster”. He definitely can command the attention, provide the drama,plus produce the good to be an awesome ringmaster.
I agree that different venues seem to produce small and sometimes meaningful directions in a performance. I was told this was his first large stadium gig, and hope he enjoyed his little adventure with the Rays Republic.
I know he is currently in Singapore, and I saw the marque for that F1 Concert line-up, Adam Lambert has definitely arrived, and invaded Asia now.

Rays Renegade

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