Leave D J Kitty Alone!


Why is it that people tend to look for thing to argue or find fault with today. Why is it politically correct now to be a complainer, or find fault with something that doesn’t fit neat and clean into their own sense of community acceptance today. Sure we all laugh hysterically at videos within the confines of our own home of people either hurting themselves or other people, but in public, we instantly show shock, dismay and give a stern look to those around us . When did we all get so PC bound that we lost our sense of humors?

It is as simple as that. Sure a high brow fish wrap like the Wall Street Journal is a “fan” of the Tampa Bay Rays D J Kitty, but they also have to push their own agenda of wondering if this degrades the franchise and admonishes all the good work principal owner Stuart Sternberg put into his baseball obsession. But then again, why is a financial publication even discussing a viral video produced by a baseball team that has no basis in fiscal or fainacial matters. Maybe we are turning the New York based Wall Street Journal from their Yankee moniker to the Rays? Yeah, I didn’t think so either, but it was worth a try.

The video was produced within the confines of a private residence for the amusement of Rays Republic fans. The originator of the video did a previously video of the piano-playing kitty, but since it did not go viral on Youtube, maybe PETA got a late start on the “Kitty-gate”. Is propping your own personal kitten up on a DJ Hero video game console unit cruel and unusual punishment, or just plain funny? How many of us have personally positioned our own pets in a certain way to do funny hand antics and maybe even doing a “Gangster” pose ?

If this was a completely illegal action, then a lot of us would be prosecuted and found guilty of bad judgment more than cruelty to our pets. People have been propping and positioning their animals long before we had video cameras or any video reproduction devices. We all find it “cute” and “Adorable” when people put their own kittens in clothes or even position them in a setting, but D J Kitty draws the attention of PETA? How is this Rays video phenom any different than the Los Angels Angels own Rally Monkey?

And we all know by now that DJ Kitty was manipulated and worked into a variety of poses and antics to simulate an actual antics of a club DJ complete with a crooked Rays cap and a Rays home white jersey. And I love the comment by PETA spokesperson Martin Mersereau who stated in the Wall Street Journal,

I’ve seen far worse things. But I doubt that cat enjoyed being puppeteer. He doesn’t look happy to me.

Guess we need to find ourselves a cat whisperer to find out if the feline is actually in deep need of therapy or possible a bigger portion of Kibbles & Bits for dinner. The video is used primarily for in-game entertainment and during the opposing team’s Pitching Coaches visit to the mound. It was produced to get the attention of the opposing team and break their concentration, not commit a PETA faux paux.

Next thing we know we are going to see the inventor of World of Warcraft sue the Rays for their small video of in-game figures talking and fighting during another Rays in-game video. The WoW video is not as popular as the DJ Kitty promos, but then again who can resist a back and white Tabby cat. And how informed is PETA if they make a statement like this from Mersereau:

“Baseball obviously needs cheerleaders-real ones. This might be an SOS.”

Really, cheerleaders? Well then Mr. Mersereau you are not at all familiar with the Rays dance troupe affectionately called the Rays Team? Getting back to reality here, the aspect and the promotion of the Rays D J Kitty was a great invention and proper by the Rays executive to promote his team and show support. I know who the owner of D J Kitty is, and respect the job he did and find no personal fault with his actions pertaining to the video or care of his prized feline.


Just like his animal friend the Rally Monkey, D J Kitty is all about promotion and support of his team. There is not intent to harm, deface or even ridicule the kitten in the video, and no action that should warrant more than a few long laughs and possible imitations in the stands of D J Kitty’s motions. Whether it is the “Jersey Shore” first pump” or even your own arms swaying from side-to-side in unison with the music, D J Kitty was developed for the entertainment and enjoyment of the Rays fans.

Political correctness has run amuck in so many other aspects of our lives that we should have a place like the ballpark where our raw emotions can sometimes rule the day more than an active P C thought processes. D J Kitty is all about fun and laughter and not about oppression or manipulation at all. He is showing support for his Rays and not admonishing anything or anyone. But for some reason, PC has snuck into his own feline life.

Humor is becoming a lost art in this era of PC moments. But things like D J Kitty, “America’s Funniest Videos” and the baseball bloopers we view during every Major League Baseball game have all of us laughing….even that woman in the PETA T-shirt.



I’m not a fan of the rally monkey, so DJ Kitty wouldn’t be my cup of tea either. That said, I agree that political correctness has run amuck and that animal “cruelty” has nothing to do with this! That’s crazy! It’s a FAN THING for God’s sake.


Agree with the last part totally.
Things like videos wil animals tend to get that “creulty” label, but what about talking your friend into riding a bike into a wall….is that fun? ultimate viewing pleasure or even remotely funny?
How you answer those questions will tell you if you are politically correct.

Rays Renegade


Fine. We’ll just look at cheerleaders, then. Post some pics of that Rays Team you were taling about!
‘Minoring In Baseball’

DJ Kitty definitely has what it takes. I’m sure he was impressed by the offensive explosion yesterday!

Just chatted with DJ Kitty, he said the game was Purrrr-fect! ( his words, not mine). He also told me he was going to spend a few hours nestled in B J Upton’s locker to show his support and hope tobring him mire luck.
Was a great way to end a 7-game home-and-home series….with the Rays winning it 4-3 with a split on the road trip.

Rays Renegade


The Rays Team actually has a blog here on MLBlogs.com in the MLB Pro section. They are mostly female around the ages of 16-20, and it would be a bit creepy if I posted photos of them.
But, I got you a link to their blog so you can catch up and view them all you want….okay?


Rays Renegade


I was wondering why we haven’t seen DJ Kitty lately. The place lights up when that vid comes on the big screen. I usually agree with PETA, but not this time.

You can’t keep a good kitty down, without getting scratched… The Rays came through yesterday and once again sit atop the AL East, this roller coaster is definitely good viewing from the outside….


Phillies Outside

Was talking to D J Kitty’s owner, and was going to do an interview, but the Rays front office wants to focus on the playoff and not some video made by a staffer that bring laughter and good vibes, but takes away from the mission at hand…Win the whole enchilada.
I think we will see him sparingly over the next few games, but who knows….During the playoffs we might see a different D J Kitty skit….But that is just me wishing this time.

Rays Renegade


This rollercoaster is a Disney “E” ticket ride, even better than Space Mountain could ever be in real life (Sorry Disney). Watching these guys battle and the back-and -forth pitching and hitting is a bit contagious and habit forming.
Not sure what I am going to do after itis all said and done next Sunday…possibly pass out from all the pressure and drama. Then re-boot my old self and get going again starting on October 6th.

Rays Renegade


That’s kinda funny that the front office wants to focus on making the playoffs. Maybe they should pass that memo on to Stu. He seems to be focusing on alienating the fanbase.

I do not feel alienated in the least.
I understand someone badgered him that day about payroll, attendance and a few other choice subjects and I think an aire of frustration surfaced, but it was not an unkind slice to the fanbase.
The St. Pete Time have pushed their personal agenda of attendance all year long and have had a few follower websites that used to be industry leaders to flow with the SPTimes lead.
Stu has mad respect for the Rays fanbase, and will do what is right for his business. You either know the type of character he has, or consider him a character…point blank.

Rays Renegade


I’ll concede the point about alienating the fan base. Poor word choice on my part. That being said, Stu’s comments are not comments that are about focusing on the playoffs, so to me that makes the DJKitty focus on the playoffs comments ring hollow.
I too would like to know what skin SPT has in the game. The constant drumbeat about attendance adds nothing to the discussion.

I like what new St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foister has done. Back in April during a City Council Meeting he spoke of wanting to “partner” with the Rays for a new stadium. But, he added that it will be in discussion after the season as this matter should not be more popular than what goes happens on the field. That spoke volumes to me that he at least respected the flow of the season, and when the Rays finish their year…move onto the chats.
I know that also the DJ Kitty skits might have PETA a bit…well worked -up, so maybe halting them for a bit or tweaking them might sooth the savage beast.

Rays Renegade


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