Mumm’s The Word!



I still remember the swig of celebratory champagne that Tampa Bay Rays catcher Shawn Riggans gave me along the right field sideboards in 2008. It was so sweet and luxurious after the campaign the Rays had endured to get their first post season berth in team history. For some reason the bubbles and the taste of that nectar of the Gods stayed with me, so much that I had to get two more bottles from someone as keepsakes.

I opened one of the bottles this past May 14th to celebrate a milestone birthday I never thought I would reach, and that same glorious taste trickled down my throat again as I shared it with a few friends at a local tavern. It was one of the same stock used in the 2008 Rays celebration, and it immediately took me back to that fantastic time in Rays history.

And here we are again with a “magical number” of two games before the Rays can again blast the crowd with it’s nectar, and fully push cork upon cork to higher height in and around the Rays clubhouse. More than a few people have asked me recently what nectar the Rays will digest, pulse into the crowd, or shower each other with in 2010? The answer is a visit to an old friend, who in 2008 helped usher the Rays into their first historic celebration,

The champagne of choice again for your Rays will be G.H. Mumm’s Cordon Rouge Brut, the omnipotent celebratory champagne of the Tampa Bay Rays circa 2008. Starting on Sunday afternoon, the Rays will have more than enough bubbly to accommodate both the team and the Rays employees as it is possible that if the New York Yankees defeat the Boston Red Sox on ESPN’s featured game Sunday night (around midnight) the team will assemble somewhere in a hidden lair around Tampa Bay where the corks and the bubbly will flow freely for a few hours. But let’s get back to meeting the celebration drink of choice of the Rays.

Nothing is better than to have a great bottle of champagne to pour on your friends and team mates after 10 seasons of futility. And the Rays have their personal favorite this year in G. H. Mumm’s Cordon Rouge Champagne. I am going to give you some insight into this great beverage and provide you with some expert advice on the Rays bubbly of choice here.

One review tells us that:

G.H. Mumm’s Cordon Rouge Champagne is a complex blend of the best citrus and grape varieties that offer pungent, earthy aromas and creamy flavors that linger with richness on the finish. A bold expression of prestige and style, the Cordon Rouge with its distinctive red sash of the French Legion of Honor, is one of the world’s most popular champagnes. Try G.H. Mumm’s Cordon Rouge Champagne, it makes any occasion even more special”.


Still another review of G.H. Mumm’s champagne tells us about the Mumm’s Cordon Rouge:

“G.H. Mumm’s Champagne Cordon Rouge Brut NV, 12%.: This bottle was quite likely two years old or more, from what the distributor rep who sold it to my predecessor tells me. I brought this one home to check out the condition of the wine, due to water damage to the labels that made it impossible to sell, and I was happy to find that what is in the bottle is doing just fine”.

“Medium straw in color, with an active bead and plenty of froth in the mouth; the nose is all flint and unbuttered popcorn, with more of the same on the palate, anchored with a solid core of under-ripe apple and a hint of bread dough underneath it all. It shows good intensity on every level, with plenty of verbosity and good length on the finish”.


Personally, I like the citrus underlying flavors of this champagne and consider it a huge upgrade from the usual money grubbing celebratory vessels like Clicquot’s . The taste and the character of this champagne fits this Rays team, and with baseball being a very superstitious sport, you know all will be done to keep the celebratory champagne status quo.

“A worthy exemplar of G.H. Mumm’s quest for excellence, Mumm’s Cordon Rouge is a distinctively fresh, full-bodied champagne with impeccable consistency of taste. Emblematic of the richness and finesse that characterizes the company’s own vineyards, Cordon Rouge has worn its famous red ribbon since 1876, now synonymous with house’s credo of superlative quality.
Mumm’s Cordon Rouge has become an icon of the champagne category and epitomizes Georges Hermann de Mumm’s maxim of “Only the best“”.

Wow, that last review was from the Mumm’ website and was a grand slam right out of the old ballpark. So as you can see, the champagne picked by the Rays to the beverage of the moment is actually a great vintage and could be just as great on a upcoming Anniversary, wedding or even a World Series celebration. You can purchase the Mumm’s Cordon Rouge Brut Champagne at most wine stores in the area, and can also get a bottle online if you do not want to travel the city looking for your own bottle of celebration.


I have one more hidden bottle of G.H. Mumm’s that no one knows about in my house, just in case we have a reason to celebrate something truly amazing come the first few days in November 2010. And just like the Rays, it will taste sweet and worth every penny, even if most of it will never reach my lips. So in advance of a possible clinch on Sunday night, or a more fan friendly celebration on Monday evening, I want to take a glass right now and propose the first toast to the Rays.

May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been, The foresight to know where you are going,
And the insight to know when you have gone too far

Time to celebrate…………….. Who has another bottle? ( POP! ).




I hope you get the reason to pop that one last bottle. I think it’s great to begin with you managed keep a couple. That is a very special kind of memento for sure. May you enjoy the sweet taste of victory again! Those were some very enjoyable games against the Yanks. I had a gripping time listening to them all on the radio when I could.

Wild thing is that it worked out perfectly for the Rays. They were expecting 2 out 4 to push the 7 games to a 4-3 split. Since that time, the Yankees have gone a bit south while the Rays went 2-1. Still some special baseball to be played, but so far it is going just as the Rays wanted it to a few weeks ago. Now we just have to worry about those ********** Orioles coming into the Trop.

Rays Renegade

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