Number Three Holds the Key for the Rays



Still remember vividly telling people in a blog post back in April that this year’s Tampa Bay Rays team needs to win a couple extra games in April through August that could be stored away for the September crunch time need. I had no idea at that time that the Rays would sprint out of the gate with  such a fantastic start to the season, but the Rays still could have won a few additional contests over their other 159 games. And you might wonder why I bring this up now?

It’s kind of simple, if the Rays would have won just three more contests at various points in this season (including 2 in the recent hone stand), then the Rays would have been celebrating a possible American League East crown late last night instead of sulking over another potential roadblock to that potential goal. A few losing obstacles or stumbling blocks along the line this year might eventually cost the Rays a real chance of hoisting another banner to the Trop’s rafters.

It is kind of frustrating to think that this AL East title is just beyond the Rays clutches right now. A few well placed victories along the way could have sealed the deal. The Rays will instead play a three game season ending elimination race with the New York Yankees with the winner being the team that doesn’t make the first mistake and lose a game (possibly). And the Rays could have provided a little cushion between themselves and the Yankees last night by winning the extra game in the Rays schedule, but a rare Rays defensive stumble saw them sulking instead of celebrating a victory.


This is the time of the season where the Rays have to thrust their might upon their enemies as they ready for an undecided playoff opponent. It is the time for this team to go on offensive rampages or pitching masterpieces to create a post season Rays buzz. To provide the media “Talking Heads” around the country with an optimistic reasoning to back this team.

Instead the Rays have suffered a setback that will further illustrate the general conscientious in the media circles that this Rays team might have peaked from April through June, instead of being a strong juggernaut in late September. The Rays came into 2010 as an underdog,and their leatest adventures further put them behind the eight -ball

Weird how three games spread out over 159 other dates could be so illuminating now. Three wins against anyone else all season long and this Rays team could have collectively relaxed and set their focus towards the first round of the playoffs in this last road trip. Instead the Rays have to immediately focus on a three game winning streak to end their 2010 season to potentially claim their second golden ring. Win three games and the title is theirs. Lose even one game, and it is all up to what the Red Sox and Yankees do in Fenway Park this weekend.

It could be the Red Sox, who were eliminated from the 2010 post season earlier this week, who could play a significant role in whether the Rays have a chance to grasp the A L East title. A Red Sox win gives the Rays a chance to step up and take the crown earlier than Sunday evening, but even one Rays loss puts the pressure again back on their own shoulders. All of this drama and suspense could have been avoided by somehow winning three extra games.  


 Three has a lot of meaning for us, it is the first prime odd number, every humans perceives color in three primary colors, and it is the numerical character that might seal the Rays 2010 destiny. The number three right now holds the ultimate golden key. Three will decide the Rays championship hopes and dreams.

Wild how three is also the number of Rays Third Baseman Evan Longoria, who has been absent during this Rays stumble through the jungle with a quadricep injury. Could he possibly be the defining moment and numerical savior to the Rays ultimately hoisting the A L East crown? 

Rays Mananger Joe Maddon had Longoria out doing agility drills before Thursday nights game against the Royals, Longoria did not play and that brought on the need for a potential thre game Rays winning streak to start another celebration. 

Ironic how the Rays 2010 mantra of “WIN- What’s Important Now”  established in Spring Training is composed of three letters which stand for three of the most important words of 2010? All this could have been avoided with three simple victories. Three straight wins, or a combination of Rays wins and potential losses by the Yankees and the Rays can claim another three words all for themselves: Eastern Division Champions.


Just to make things even more tense, it’s pouring rain at Fenway right now. Not sure they’ll get the game in but still waiting to hear. Can’t anything be simple?

Congratulations on the Playoff berth! Give em hell; the Ray Way!! Get that division flag.

forgot to say…Love the picture!

They were chatting about a Sunday doubleheader on the LAST day of the season.
Only good thing about that is the Yankees will know going into that second game whether they field the “A” or “C” team.
No matter what the outcome, both teams have lost the momentum to strike hard and fast and take no prisoners.
Right now it is more like going to a gunfight with a Bowie knife.

Rays Renegade

If the Rays come out with a stutter or a hesistation, this Royals team will take it to them for a second night in a row.
Right now we are playing like a pre-2007 Rays team, and that is saying something.

Rays Renegade

All three of those photos are mine.
I am getting better at the old Photog position with every time I click the old shutter.
Maybe next year I can also maybe get myself a She-Fan Cam and do a few pre and post game interviews with players and fans…..I can dream.

Rays Renegade

okay okay , enough of hangover games, it’s time the Rays beat the Royals and stopped giving handouts to the Yankees…


Phillies Outside

Yeah, they could’ve won three extra games… OR they could beat the Royals. Havin’ problems with the second part there. But I’m pullin’ for ’em.

For some reason our offense kind of went out the window with the champagne corks. We have played the teams with the worst Team ERAs in our last 5 games and gotten beat 3 times, and two of those were shutouts by suspect pitchers.
Not sure what the cure is, but maybe someone need to go Medieval on the team’s heads.

Rays Renegade

Believe me, I have been wondering over the past few hours if this goal of an A L East title is gone,or just in a foggy room knowing the Yankees have to beat the Red Sox twice to even get a chance to celebrate a AL EAst title. Problem is, I am not sure the Rays can win won game right now to even put some fear inthe Yankees.
Do not have my head down yet, but it is listing towards the floor a bit.

Rays Renegade

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