Rays Airport Celebration was Amazing!


I began my stroll through the doors of the far terminal of St. Petersburg /Clearwater Airport just at the same time that dinner was delivered to a few of the Tampa Bay Rays interns and staffers who had gotten their early to erect the skeleton of the maze that the Rays player would waltz through on their way to their buses. I was the first fans (same as 2008) to wander into the concourse a few minutes after the Rays clinched their second American League East title in three seasons.


Immediately there were a bucket load of high-5’s and even a few screams of “Go Rays!” from a few of the assembled Rays employees as I got into a prime spot with a direct shot at the door the Rays players and staff would bust through on their way back into Tampa Bay’s hearts. This moment was definitely the calm before the storm as the Rays plane would not land for another 4 ½ hours, giving me more than enough time to catch up with some people I had not seen in a while.


People like my old Pepsi boss, who along with her new Special Events coordinator (my old job) were starting to set up free Aquafina water and natural Sierra Mist soda stations all over the concourse to keep the Rays fans hydrated in the upcoming close quarters celebration commemorating the Rays first thrust in the 2010 post season. I had come early to get a bit of fodder for a future post, but within the next half hour small strands of Rays faithful were slowly assembling and in high spirits to see :their boys ” one more time.


Even had an insider (Rays ex-charter flight attendant) who kept me informed of the charter flight’s status and a few funny text messages she got from some of the people still celebrating in Kansas City. It wasn’t until 10:30-ish that the Rays plane finally touched the tarmac at St. Pete/Clearwater Airport, and by that time the crowd had multiplied 20-fold. But in that down time before the Rays plane landed, the Rays kept the crowd energized and excited with the antics of our favorite sea dog Raymond, game day emcee Rusty Kath and the Rays (dance) Team.


But what really got people fired up was the hundreds of balloons that were blown up hours earlier and then pushed into the crowd to form a balloon volleyball match that lasted for a half hour or more. It kept our minds off the wait, and on our toes as blue and yellow balloons constantly were pushed towards the white gating and needed to be pushed back into the ever increasing mass of Rays Republicans’ who turned out to welcome the team back home.

Trivia questions for bobbleheads and kid’s batting helmets, Raymond dance-off contests, and even some great mixes by D J Fresh, who is an ex-Rays bat boy turned DJ, provided easy ways for the crowd to forget the time on their feet and stuffed like sardines. But suddenly it was time. You saw the Rays stadium staff go out to the tarmac quickly followed by the Rays team photographers, and you knew the moment had arrived. You knew it was time to scream, yell, thrust signs skyward and cheer for your champion Rays.


Immediately the tarmac door opened and in came Rays Manager Joe Maddon in his customized Brayser suit quickly followed by players and staff in their own Braysers. Never had the Brayser been so fashionable than at that moment, The team had coaxed MLB during the last home stand to let the team hit the field wearing the plaid billon their game day caps, and now during the celebration, the Braysers had made St. Petersburg mad for plaid.


Instantly the assembled Rays crowd went into a frenzy of emotions and verbal cheers along with screaming and yelling for select players as they filtered in from the plane. Evan Longoria was decked out in his Brayser complete with a white belt and white patent leather loafers in a look that would have made Pat Boone proud. And you could tell by their faces that the sounds of this enclosed terminal area kind of put a few of them back on their heels, but they quickly adjusted and got into the flow of the moment.


It was officially celebration time in Tampa Bay, the mighty Rays had landed home safe and sound. Maddon made a short speech then turned the microphone over to Longoria and then David Price before the team quickly made their way to the buses stopping to shake hands with the fans, read a few of the signs and look totally overwhelmed ( in a good way) by all of this Rays attention.


The veterans of the 2008 airport celebration knew what to expect, but playoff rookies like Matt Joyce and Dan Johnson just looked like deer in the headlights, but were into the moment as they went through the maze on their way to the exits. It was another example of the great support and admiration this club has by some of it deepest and most passionate fans. Rays players did not take a lot of time to greet fans and friends they knew along the winding white gate path.


Glances and finger pointing were the signals of the day as the players quickly got to the busses possibly for an extended round of celebration on tap later in the evening. As quickly as the emotions and sound has risen, it was suddenly silent and the crowd moved for the many exits, hoping to get a glimpse or wave from the Rays players on the busses before they disembarked for Tropicana Field. The Rays were finally home.


They had finally completed one of their seasonal goal by winning on the road, and in achieving that goal, they had won an A L East crown. It was an evening of renewed friendships, honest emotion and a buzz that seemed to stay within your body for a few hours. As the large crowd began to filter out of the terminal, local media news crews were summarizing the action and events, trying to collect the balls of energy of these great celebratory moments for those Rays fans at home.


As quickly as it began, it was now over. Time to go back home and personally access the moment, collect our thoughts and begin to focus on the goal at hand. The Rays had secured another A L East title. Another banner would be raised to the rafters in April, but two more still had to be fought for in the coming weeks, with the journey beginning in 3 days as the Rays kick off the playoff punch with a 1:30 start on Wednesday afternoon against the Texas Rangers.


Even this morning, the buzz and effect of that crowd scene last night still hums in my head, and is alive on my camera. And all of it will collect again soon as the Rays Republic ( and me) assemble again on Weds. To begin our quest for another ring, another victory, and another great moment to celebrate in our Rays brief, but fantastic history.

See you at the ballpark.


The post season series are longer than the usual 3-4 game slides we have against opponents, so it accumulates more excitement ( to me).
The Rays did it the right way by not taking the division by default, but winning their last game to put a nice exclamation point on it all.
It was great fun, and I will be there anytime someone calls out the Rays Republic for support, help or even a few smiles and giggles…..Just the way I roll!

Rays Renegade


What a great homecoming for the players – and how great that you were able to celebrate with other fans and friends. Congrats on winning the division and finishing out a great season. Now it’s on to the first round! I can’t stand these short series but I’m happy to be in it.


It was the perfect ending. The Rays needed to post a win to get some of thei swagger back, which had been dipping since they finished the Yankee series in NYC.
Going to be a great first game with two of the best lefties in the game on the hill.
Looking forward to my namesake, which I wanted the Rays to trade for with Seattle, and David Price.
This one should be one for the ages….Hopefully.

Rays Renegade


Was glad to see you guys take it outright rather than through a tie-breaker – more effective Yankee fan whine suppressant that way.
(sorry, Jane)

Congratulations! I am really very happy for you and your team!

Congratulations! I am really very happy for you and your team!

Thank you for that.
It is a good time to be a Rays fan, and we have brought some of the Marlins fans in to cheer on a Florida team towards the World Series.
Going to be an interestingmonth to see how things play out, and in about 24 hours, the gates at Tropicana Field will open and we will get our playoff push started.
Looking forward to a great series against the Texas Rangers.

Rays Renegade


If only they’d found a way to get 20,000 more folks into the airport I’d be impressed ;-)

Believeme,if they could have fit over 1000+ in that small regional airport, they would have.
But considering it was past 10 pm on a Sunday with a work week looming fast, I will take the 1,000 who came at thelast minute with no previously announced celebration. The local FSN and SPTimes only announced the event that evening, so the turnout was better than anticipated.

Rays Renegade


Home coming are always a good event, I want to see the fans attend the post season games like they did 2 years ago…. make the visitors pay with the cow bells


Phillies Outside

Because TBS pushed the Rays to an afternoon format for both Game 1 and 2 , there might be a few empty seats. But I am also expecting a bit of a cold and flu (fake) epidemic filtering out on Wednesday and Thursday, then a instant miracle and people will be at work again on Friday.
I wll put money on a 48 hour flu hitting Tamp Bay starting tonight.

Rays Renegade


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