Cliche`s Are Our Friends



You want to throw out the clichés` right now. You want the whole Tampa Bay Rays roster to suddenly throw out the usual emotional and symbolic cloaking devices of baseball World that hide the true emotions churning within their own bodies and souls as they approach a moment that could be transfixed in their minds forever.

You want them to throw out the vocals of cinematic baseball poster child Crash Davis as he instructs Durham Bull top prospect Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh in the classic baseball movie “Bull Durham” to “Learn your cliché’s. Study them. Know them. They-re your friends”.

We gotta play ’em one day at a time“.

Epic cliché’. One small sentence that transcends the true emotions and activities going on in the entire Tampa Bay Rays squad’s mind at lightning fast speed just as the National Anthem ends, and they assemble one last time before the squad gets ready to play one of the most important games of 2010. How the ALDS scenario has dissolved into a “Win or be Gone” moment mixed with a “Must Win” ultimatum for these Rays that will either see their playoff door open wider, or slammed shut by the Texas Rangers.

This last game team mentality can not bubble to the surface and be seen by the Rays faithful. That is where the cliché` plays it biggest role to hide the ever flowing emotional tide of this Rays team and shadow it from the sunlight. It odes no good for the Rays roster to show an ounce of this fear and anxiety. They have to stay nestled within the bosom of the cliché’ warmth where it is safe and free from commitment and the many faces of defeat.

The cliché` will now harbor that increasing emotional crush that pulls at their minds and hearts. It will magically fill their mouths with solid vocal pronunciations of inspiration and determination, and not the internal stammering realization of doubt constantly swirling within their minds.


I’m just happy to be here and hope I can help the ball club“.

As this cliché` rambles off their tongues, the need for offensive and pitching severities eludes their mind. They are focused on the best scenarios, the most prolific results, the ultimate prize still within their gaze and grasp. At no time can there be an outburst of doubt, signal of nervousness, or visuals of incompetence within their mannerisms or routines. Has to materialize as “just another day for the Rays” as they collectively get ready for the fight of their playoff lives.

A win gives the feisty crew another day in the Texas Sun to trample and set back their opposition. While a loss provides an emotionless and sullen charter flight home, and a unexpected adventures of the beginning of the Major League Baseball off season for players and staff. 22 teams currently envy the Rays place in the Sun, and would have lusted to be in their shoes for just a moment in 2010.

But these 22 other Major League Baseball squads have already done their season ending volleys of goodbyes and hurried packing of their personal baseball gear and been sent home without the glory of the post season. These Rays are fighting for the chance to again provide their region with a reason to thrust out their chests and boast.

To be a beacon of hope and playoff miracles instead of possibly being the first fatality of the 2010 post season. Down 0-2 is a formidable hole to fight your way out of, but it is a task that has been completed before, and with this glimmer of hope and positive affirmation, this Rays team trudges onward.

I just wanta give it my best shot and, Good Lord willing, things’ll work out.”

There hidden within that cliche` is a bit of a sullen ruse for the Rays. This team have not shown their usual assertiveness or acceleration, they have sputtered in all aspects of the game and not shown the promise their fans have come to treasure in them. In reality, this Rays squad has not given the playoffs their best shots yet…..But there time also draws to a close to provide those aggressive moments. For some odd reason this Rays team has shown more of their past than their present in the post season.

Providing lackluster muses and uninspired scenes straight from a pre-2007 Rays hitting and pitching fortunes to find themselves in this dire situation by not following their own proven guidelines that got them here. Somehow the Rays wanders from the path that got them here in the first place. Squandered opportunities and situations and provided zero reason for joy or confidence . They somehow strayed into the deep woods losing their own personas and momentarily forgot their way, or the path of their earlier successes. They had began to read the passages and posts about their prowess, but lost their Lion’s heart in the process.

But that is the unhampered beauty of a cliché`, it can be the end-all to get-all phrasing to evoke change or disguise failure. It can hide the Alpha and the Omega within its vowels and consonants. The cliché` can be your best motivational tool if used with the right intentions. It can harbor or even eliminate the fatal flaws of human speech and throw out nuances and characteristics that are not present in the mannerisms and patterns of the usual preoperational sequence of things.


It can create a imaginary illusion and hide the mentality and symbolic gestures of the moment. It provides shade for the nerves and trembling within with tried and true cliché` manufactured for just this type of occasion. The way you use the art of the cliché` can speak volumes as to your understanding of basic Sun Tzu militant strategies and word formulations.

The cliché` can be the stealth weapon of mass propaganda to settle the outsider’s own anxiety and self-perceived notions. The cliché` can provide a deadly accuracy or a mindless banter, the key is in the voice of the orator.

Cliché’s have been called the imaginary “best friend” of the gambler, the thief and the athlete. It can be used to provide a ruse, or fake imagery that will be transmitted to those outside the circle of truth and provide misinformation or a strategic point to gain alliance with an ally. They can provides a shield or force field against the true intentions and apparitions of the insanity of the precise moment. The cliché` can turn as lion into a lamb with just the simple act of speaking.

No matter what happens to the Rays today, be sure to seek out and listen for the pearls and gems of the cliché` today as either teams speaks before, during or after the contest. Cliché`s are our friends. They are the closest allies we can have at a time of deception and cunning, and they can be the protectors of the true emotions flowing within by bartering time for us as we collect ourselves for the journey. Or that also sound a bit cliché`?

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