Did Peter Gammon’s Do an Irish Jig on Crawford’s Reputation



More and more it seems that every time Baseball commentator and long time Red Sox lover Peter Gammons has opened his trap lately, I have lost another inch or two of respect for the Baseball writing icon. Sure Gammons is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and he has a closet full of writing and reporting awards, but recently to me Gammons has become more of a blowhard than an accurate and reliable baseball source.

For many seasons, he has been the loud and proud voice of the Boston Red Sox, and an opinionated thorn in the side of all Tampa Bay Rays fans. But that is what your opposition’s media malcontents are suppose to do…Stir the pot and get the natives a bit restless within the Rays Republic. And Gammon does that side of his job with expertise and committment bar none.

And Gammons has been active this past season to point his bony fingers towards the Rays troubles and bubbling cauldron of concerns as his beloved Red Sox struggled to climb the standings and lay siege on the Rays for a American League East postseason spot. This is the same Red Sox mouthpiece who in 2010 threw out the rumors and ramblings that the Rays were going to move to the Northeast, possibly to Connecticut, then to New Jersey the next week. All throughout 2010, Gammons has done his job poking at the Rays beehive and getting all the Rays republic in attack mode.

And you have to give a guy credit for saying something as outlandish as proposing that the Rays fans listen more to the New York Yankee broadcasts than their own Rays game on television during the season, even when the Rays were constantly in the top 5 spots within Major League Baseball in overall regional viewers in 2010.  

It also seems that in the last year, Gammons has not let a little thing like facts get in the way of a good story. But this time I definitely think his doctors need to maybe do an emergency CAT scan or even check his medication’s side effects, because his recent faux pas might cause his own beloved Red Sox a change to even discuss a contract with Rays Free Agent leftfielder Carl Crawford. This time, the rue might have gone beyond reality and into the obsurd realm.

I can still remember on several occasions this season in interviews where Gammons has considered Crawford the best leftfielder in baseball. More than once those words have swirled off Gammon’s silver tongue and made their way into the airwaves or in news print.
 It was if Gammon’s was beginning a long distance relationship with the thought of Crawford possibly suiting up in a Red Sox jersey and taking balls off the Green Monster full-time in 2011.

Gammons even recently went on Red Sox flagship station WEEI and did an interview last week where he said the Red Sox ownership was going to go full bore after Crawford this off season. I can honestly see that happening, but as a central media figure for Red Sox Nation, then why would Gammons do a 180 degree turn and vote Crawford as the 7th best Leftfielder for a prestigious fielding award? 

Not forgotten here is the fact that Crawford has either won or placed second in this same category for the Fielding Bible Award since 2006, and was looking for his fourth straight trophy this season. Sure I do not condemn Gammons for possibly pushing Crawford below the top spot, but why in the World would a supposed superior baseball mind put Crawford under the likes of Cardinal Matt Holliday (3rd) or even Pirates rookie outfielder Jose Tabata (5th) ?


Has Gammon’s medications possibly done some form of dementia or oozed into his thought process? Could this be an indirect mind play game by the Red Sox booster to throw a shadow upon the true abilities of Crawford to hopefully draw down the going price for Crawford to under a ceiling of a $ 100 million contract now?

Seriously, Gammon’s actions have to have a secondary reasoning, and in this case, it might have just slammed the door on Crawford considering a Boston uniform for 2011. How Can Crawford even remotely consider a spot on a team within his own old division that had one of their biggest figure heads disrespect his defensive abilities in print by putting Tiger outfield journeyman Ryan Rayburn (4th) above him in his rankings of the top 10 leftiflders in baseball?

But Gammons was not the only baseball figurehead to push Crawford’s chances for a fourth straight award into the dustbin. But could Gammons have also done some unexpected collateral damage by awakening a sentiment for the Yankees to by-pass Crawford with their own current leftfielder Brent Gardner garnishing the 2010 Fielding Bible Award for leftfield.

Gardner received all first or second place votes to post himself 10 points ahead of Crawford, but it really wasn’t even that close. Third place vote-getter Tabata got 62 points or 33 points less than Gardner in his first Fielding Bible chance. Could Gammons have effectively multi-tasked his demotion of Crawford’s defensive ranking to take him off the Yankees 2011 “Wish List” ?

Gammon’s is a smart and  very calculating individual, and it will be interesting to hear his latest rhetoric on why Crawford is not in his top 3 leftfielders in baseball after singing his praises for so long this season. Some will say that Gammon’s brain injuries or even mental status might well come into question with this recent blatant show of utter disrespect towards Crawford. But even with a steel trap mind like Gammons, the trap can end up catching you in its teeth instead of your true victim. 


Others around baseball  will see Gammon’s wild comments as a cat and mouse game started early by Gammon’s to downplay the defensive and offensive skills of Crawford and possibly bring his salary demands within the guidelines of team’s like the Red Sox. Sure it will take a multi-year huge contract to land one of the biggest fish of the MLB Winter Free Agent markets. But at what price will Gammon’s ploy end up costing Crawford’s old American League East rival. Will the apparent gamble be worth it all in the end? 

Could the vaulting of Gardner to the top of the Leftfield pile by such MLB royalty as Gammons and statistics guru Bill James (who voted Crawford as his 5th best leftfielder) possibly push Crawford towards thinking more about teams like the Detroit Tigers or Los Angeles Angels in stead of staying in the AL East? Or could it turn his mind towards the National League and a team like the Washington Nationals or even Los Angeles Dodgers? 

Today signals the first day of the beginning of the Winter garage sale when the MLB’s top brass will start actively considering their options for 2011. There is no doubt Crawford will make more money in 2011 than ever in his career. The question now is just how much will this apparent ploy by Gammons cost Crawford in the long run? Plus did Gammon’s ploy effectively start a campaign within the Pinstripe Populous to keep Gardner entrenched in leftfield for 2011?

It is going to fun sitting back and watching to see if the rest of the baseball world think Gammon’s is either a genius, or speaking with a foot firmly planted in his own big mouth.  Maybe I am dreaming more of Gammons planting his left foot a little further down into a hidden location and wiggling like mad, but that is just me.


I think I may need an emergency CAT scan as well…have had a rockin’ headache since the Phillies went down in the NLCS. As for Gammons, I find more and more that these writers are just plain full of poop…talking to hear themselves talk…I am just going to stop listening.


I thought I was the only one not drinking the tainted Kool Aid?
Glad to hear someone else is going to possibly define a action/reaction on the facts instead of a highly paid mouthpiece stating his “opinion” that sometimes wanders far from the truth.
I hope it is just the changing of the seasons that has you head aching. Mine is more of a constant blunt thumping of my head against the wall to numb the Gammon’s propaganda machine’s high pitched whines.

Rays Renegade


I haven’t taken Peter Gammons seriously in years. I respect his long career and appreciate his ties to the Red Sox, but when it comes to objectivity, forget it.


I am with you on that. Kind of taking all of them with a huge grain of salt anymore. Getting to a point where most of us in the stands can either get or hear the same rumors even before the big shots get them.
But then again, when it comes to Red Sox rumors, I usually flush before reading them…But that is just me.

Rays Renegade


Hate to admit it, but that is completely right.
Maybe a blogger needs to again take the low road and burst out some unforeseen magicalspell and toss the big boys on their ears again.
Some of the best writers I have seen online are actually the people who do not get a red cent for their posts or opinions.
Maybe it is time for a salary revolution within the online submitters.
I am ready to battle!

Rays Renegade


I think most of the so called reporters, color commentators etc, are all about shock and awe, its what they get paid for, they don’t have to right they just have to say things that get noticed, it’s all bullcrap….


Phillies Outside

Gammons is old. That’s why he’s with MLB.com and MLBN now. Needs to slow his pace. I don’t really find his writing that great anymore…but that’s just me. Meanwhile, get used to a Crawfordless bay area.

I know I let go of Crawford right before the playoffs.
When they came down the line after popping champagne on a few of us down near the Bullpen, Crawford and I had a 30 second chat.
It was just a cordial thank you and best of luck to you kind of thing with a side order of the best for you in your career.
No way we could realistically keep him long term, and it was time to go.
Sad, but it is better for him and the Rays in the long run.

Rays Renegade


Seems to me RaysRenegade is a second rate blogger that’s suffering from a bit of jealousy. For one thing, you really should change your picture if you ever want to be taken seriously. I mean, what is that, a photo taken at prom? Second, Gammons has more baseball knowledge and reliable sources than most others out there. I seriously doubt Gammons or anyone else really cares what the “King of Douchebags” is saying about him. By the way, the woman in the photo looks embarrassed. I don’t blame her one bit.

I was talking to a well known blogger during the Rays 2010 season and he marked how he never felt he ” arrived” until he finally got his first “poison pen” comment. He had gotten the normal gratitude and pomp and circumstance, but never a opinion that strayed too mfar from the norm.
You are right in a few instances here:
First off, Gammons doesn;t care what anyone like me has to say about him. Even though I met him at a Rays function, he probably doesn’t know me at all.
Jealous? Not at all. I would however love to have the contact list or even the last page of cources like Gammons, but that comes with time and the politics of social networking at that level.
The photo was actually at a charity event with an ex-Rays player a couple of months ago. I changed the photo from my ususal one since I meantioned his name in the latest blog posting.
Not trying to please all of the people, that is not my job. But I will wear the ********* crown with honor considering it upset you so much.
Have a nice Day.

Rays Renegade


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