Could a Ramos Injury be Delaying the Bartlett Deal?



 Unknown Orioles photographer

So has Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Jason Bartlett been unfortunately transported into some other dimension ? Is there such a locale as a Major League Baseball trade purgatory? We all have probably read the multiple Tweets, snippets and status of stagnant scent of limbo in regards to this recent trade between the Rays and San Diego Padres. But what is the dark secret keeping each party from either walking away or completing this trade? Curious minds want to know!

We have been lead to believe from sources within both MLB communities that the stalemate between the completion of this deal is a certain “injury” situation has been discovered on the Padres end of the trade. But you have to wonder just what kind of effect this will have as the two teams try to ease this trade towards its fruition. Or could the thawing ice under this deal finally melt in the hot California Sun and both parties have to again begin to rebuild this trade brick by brick.

Reports have surfaced that Jason Bartlett went through his physical with flying colors and is more than ready to join the roster of the San Diego franchise who initially drafted him during the 13th Round of the 2001 Major League Baseball Draft. But in this 13th hour, there has been cause for the Rays to put the brakes on this trade and leave both teams suspending the trade’s completion for the moment

With his trade in a state of limbo, Bartlett and his family must be in a state of utter amazement that they can not proceed on any present plans to possibly place their Fort Myers home on the market, or even proceed to journey back to Sothern California to look for another home in the San Diego area.

Bartlett’s prospective professional baseball life has now also put his off the field life into a proverbial holding pattern following a recent problem with one of the duo of prospects heading to Tampa Bay in exchange for the Rays 2010 starting shortstop. Bartlett must be welling up with the impending pressure and stress of this trade possibly falling part at the seams with a problem with either pitcher Adam Russell or Cesar Ramos.

I decided to dig a little deeper into the backgrounds of the two Padres set to becomes members of the Rays when this deal (hopefully) entered it final moments. I hoped to easily find a hidden physical aliment or a current injury that might not have been previously reported by the players and instantly sent up a bevy of red flags up to the Rays medical staff. What I found actually took a bit of time, but might just be the one aspect that is keeping this entire trade from finally being completed, or scraped.

You have to give both the Rays Front Office and their medical staff kudos for possibly finding a hidden situation or future health situation problem. Neither player probably has exhibited or previously established any pattern of injury concerns during the 2010 MLB or minor league seasons.

But recently Ramos was placed on the 7-day disabled list by his Winter League squad, the Naranjeros de Hermosillo ( Hermosillo Orange Pickers) of the Liga Mexicana del Pacifico. Considering Ramos did experience a previous problem with a left elbow strain. Back in 2006 suffered the injury and possibly the Rays are doing due diligence by possibly sending Ramos to their own doctors to examine the extent and possible effects of even a small scale injury to Ramos right now.

You can not fault the Rays for wanting to get a second opinion from their own battery of doctors before finally dotting the “I’s” and crossing the “T’s” on the Bartlett trade.

But in the mean time it has been a cloaked veil of secrecy again from the Rays camp as to the extent or possible injury prognosis in regards to Ramos. I actually had to find a friend who speaks fluent Spanish to even find a hint of nay injury or problems in regards to either Padres player in this trade. But that is the Modus Operandi of the Rays organization to hold their cards close to their vest before I might have found a reason for the trade delay.

With the clock ticking on both the Rays and Padres side of this trade agreement, let’s hope that we can get a valid and feasible window finally established to either kill or proceed with this trade. Lives are being held up in the balance, and that is not fair when people are trying to formulate or adequately plan their upcoming Spring Training home sites.

But sometimes that is the nature of the trade beast where a single variable can sink the trade and send both teams scattering for a solution before exhausting all their options and calling it quits. Hopefully for all three players involved in this trade we can get a fast solution and lives put back into motion, both on and off the baseball diamond.



Well, looks like that last paragraph is a wish for the entire Rays offseason… let’s just get it over with and get back to work.

Now that the top tier guys have fallen off the mountain top, there will be an avalache of deals in the next 24-36 hours.
Worst thing about this setback with Bartlett is that it might make the Rays a bit nervous with Garza getting a nice bump up in pay also this Winter.
If the Bartlett deals goes sour, expect Garza or Shields to be jettisoned before Christmas/New Years break.

Rays Renegade

None of these deals seem to go as planned lately. There’s drama in every one of them. Love your investigative work though. CSI: Tampa!

Just doing my own bit of journalistic due dilligence.
I am surprised that I am the only one who has come out with the aspect that cesar Ramos is on the 7-day DL with his Mexican Pacific Team.
Rays INdex (Corky Gaines) did give me some online props for bring this to the surface…..So I got that going for me.
I agree totally that the deals have all made a weird turn at the last second….wonder if it is this weird cold weather?

Rays Renegade

It really is amazing how much you can dig up when you really want too. Kudos for getting to the bottom of this.
In all honesty though I think the Phillies front office proved the point of keeping intentions and options close are in the clubs best interest….

(Phillies Outside)

I really want to see Jason Bartlett play as an everyday shortstop in a Padres uniform next year. Padres need help in middle infield, especially since Miguel Tejada signed with the Giants (sigh). I think Bartlett will be a solid shortstop for the team. Pretty cool that he was drafted during the 13th round of the 2001 draft by the Padres. I hope you guys will like Adam Russell and Cesar Ramos. We will take good care of Bartlett!

That has been the modus operandi of the Rays front office from the start. Part black ops, part 007, but nothing is official until they want it to be….finished.
Got lucky with a little investigative work, something I used to love to do for the paper back in the old days.
Finding just this little nugget sparks a hunger to do more….

Rays Renegade

Bartlett just got too expensive for the Rays. He could command at least $ 5.5 million through salary arbitration this Winter, and the Rays have a good young defensive shortstop now doing time as a utility player.
Anxious to see 6’8″ Adam Russell get his intimidating size to the mound. He will throw at around the same angle of current Rays tall man Jeff Niemann, who is kind of scary when that slider leaves his hand almost 7 feet in the air.
Bartlett is also from Cali, so it will be a bit of a homecoming for him.

Rays Renegade

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