Rays Renegade and The Pitch-Outs circa 2010 Wish You a Merry Christmas

As we gander closer to the Holiest nights of the year, I want to take a moment out and thank the many viewers, commentator’s and baseball friends who have made this year of 2010 so…well glorious.
I might not be sporting 5 Golden Rings, but another A L East banner for the Tropicana Field rafters was an expensive present, but more than enough to send 4 Lords a-leaping in my book.
I thought it was only right to honor and pay a holiday tribute to guys who made a lot of what happened for the Tampa Bay Rays possible in 2010.
No, I am not talking about the Rays 3 Wise Men, Stuart Sternberg (Owner), Matt Silverman (President) or Andrew Friedman (VP of Baseball Ops), even though their leadership and vision, along with over $ 70 million little helpers did play a significant role.
I am talking about the quintuplets of quality, the Rays starting 5 rotation. These five hurlers rocked both the Trop. and everywhere else in the MLB this season to produce 96 wins ( only 1 win short of their 2008 record).
The Rays rambunctious five even tried to produce 5 separate 200+ innings producers, and only got derailed by a late season road bump by Jeff Niemann and Wade Davis and still came within 37.2 innings of the feat.
So it was only right that the Ray Clubhouse new Rock, Rap and Reggae band, The Pitch-Outs should bring you a little holiday cheer.
The band is lead by the dramatic and charismatic vocal soundings of Matt Garza, who gets to those classic Rock falsetto high notes just as quickly as his 95+ high and tight fastball screams over the plate.
His physical nature as the Punch-Outs front man is showcased by him toying with the crowd before delivering a solid move that is more crippling than his backdoor slider.
Behind him we have the always rock solid lead guitar work of the Ace of the quint, James Shields, who sometimes wears a gray beard off stage as a disguise to keep his many fans at bay.
But on stage there is no disputing the talents and ability of this emerging rock legend as his fingers take to the Stratocaster and take you on a melody ride on his crazy train.
On the left side of the stage we have the southpaw David Price who is very noticeable in his blond flowing locks and seems to be the shy guy of the bunch until he get his guitar strap over his shoulder, then he turns into a modern day Bootsy Collins just up there trying to seduce, embrace and groove to the music.
His rhythm guitar is one of the solid reasons this Rays band of hurlers is going places, and might just eventually challenge Garza for some of the band’s spotlight in 2011.
On the bass guitar is country born and bred Wade Davis, who has taken to the music the same way he takes the mound…with authority and has produced one of the best Rays rookie campaigns in the team’s short history.
In his first extended time at the MLB level, Davis has shown he can step to the mound and deliver and be a consistent part of the future of this amazing band. Sky is the limit as Davis enters his Sophomore tour with no signs of letting up or moving into the background.

Last, but definitely not least we have the Tall Texan, Jeff Niemann who was put behind the drum set only because he kept hitting the band’s stage lighting with his head during their earlier sets.
But the big man can definitely hit the skins and showed in 2010 that his beats are as good as anyone out there, and that you can never count him out. With his patented move of jumping up from the drums set and leaping into the air with the band’s last number, the 6′ 8″ Niemann suddenly produces one of the band’s great moments of the night.
So this holiday season it just seemed only fitting to let the band successful CD’s like “Buckled your Knees” ,”Backdoor Slider Blues“, ” KO Blues” or even the emotional passion of “Pitching My Heart Away” should be in the stocking of the ones you love.
The band optimizes the energy and gusto that is the frankincense and spice that encircles the Rays Republic universe. So be sure to watch and listen to the holiday styling’s of The Pitch-outs and look for another CD to drop in April 2011.
From everyone, even the mice at the Rays Renegade abode, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that all of life’s gifts are delivered to you under your glistening Christmas tree or in your stocking this holiday season.



Okay, the Rays starting rotation was already intimidating but who knew they had these hidden talents? Well done! When will they be releasing their Christmas album? I’ve heard rumors of I saw David Strike Out Santa Clause, Holly Jolly Slider and Frosty the Curve Ball and I’m intrigued.
Merry Christmas Rays Renegade! Thanks for all the great reading this year.

There is more Christmas hijinks coming tomorrow.
I usually do a Christmas baseball team post, and I will again post an animated and real Chirstmas baseball team tomorrow.
It will not be like the 2009 version that had me pick Superheroes. This one will be some of our favorite cartoon and Christmas characters…Maybe even a Grinch or two.

Rays Renegade


I love it! Well done! Thank you for all your posts. You are an integral part of the MLB blogs. I wish you the best this Holiday season and the coming year! Merry Christmas!

Thank you for that unsolicitated comment that made me again blush.
I have fun posting, and hopefully in 2011 someone might actually pay me to think like this. I doubt it, but there are some out there garnering a paycheck that need someone like mepushing them….N o names, I promise.
As long as I am having fun, no need for TSA to search my blog for flammable comments.

Rays Renegade


I did a Jib Jab rock ‘n’ roll greeting for the Yankees’ rotation the other day so I guess great minds think alike. lol. I wish you a very Merry Christmas, as always!


I never saw it, but now I feel bad.
Dang! Thought I was being smart and here we go and both do it. Maybe I will change it tonight (lol)…..Could of always done a snawball fight with the Rays versus CC and Dan Wheeler plus Carlos Pena…Hmmmmm.

Merry Christmas to you too Jane. And be sure to Wish Michael a great holiday too for me.

Rays Renegade


Cliff, Always love the jib jab stuff, hope you and all your family have a merry xmas….


Yeah JibJab does a great job with their video presentations.
Wouldn’t be fun to have a job like that…Making up wacky and comedic video plots for everyone to enjoy.
Wonder if they need a worker? (lol)
Only me here this holiday weekend, but there is a roaring fire and “For The Love of the Game playing on my laptop as we speak.
Gotta love Billy Chapel.

Rays Renegade


Hey Cliff, have a Merry Christmas!!
Love the elf :O)


Decided if I was going to spoof the Rays starting 5, I had to do something to myself too. Only felt right that I crank the elf costume out of mothballs and do a “Travolta” pose.
Still thinking hard what to pop up for New Years……No disco (lol).

Rays Renegade


Merry Christmas!

—Mark Gauthier


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Great post and I loved the pic. It was hilarious!!!!!




Thank you, and wishing more of the same for you and your family during this holiday season. Still can’t believe how fast everything is beginning to move.
Maybe Cliff Lee did put a bit of a logjam into the off season, and now we are rushing through time to catch up to normalcy….

Rays Renegade


Hey it is the time of the year to have a little fun…Maybe even some elf-ish fun.
Only another small slice in the every expanding galaxy that is Rays Renegade….or is that ever expanding waistline?

Rays Renegade


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