Tampa Bay’s Own Casey Kotchman Added to First Base Mix




Anyone who has attended a Rays game in the past knows that when Casey Kotchman came into town for a series, there was a line at the Visitor’s dugout. Former teammates, Kotchman Baseball School students, coaches and even friends have been known to surround the dugout rails for a moment with the former Seminole High School star before Rays games. Now the Rays dugout might be feeling that pressure as the Tampa Bay area product is coming home to play for his hometown Rays.

The addition of Kotchman today to a $ 750,000 minor league contract with incentives could become another fine tooled feather in the cap of Rays Vice President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman as he pieces together another contending ball club. It instantly fills a need for the Rays, plus provides another ounce of proven ability to a club most thought was going to roll over and die for a few seasons.

The signing of Kotchman shows the Rays value ability as well as staying within the limits of their thin pocketbook, and might be another off-the-radar pick-up by the frugal Friedman. Bringing in local star Kotchman could also have a clear double-edged sword effect on the Rays roster this Spring.

In one clear instance, this move will automatically raise the level of corner infield talent and ability at the First Base bag and provide a great measure of not only healthy, but needed competition between Kotchman and Dan Johnson this Spring. On paper, this signing might look a bit one-sided with Kotchman winning by a landslide the defensive side of the overall 1B equation, but as we already well know, the mind of Rays Manager Joe Maddon doesn’t always follow common baseball logic.

Kotchman has appeared at First Base 581 times in his MLB career with Los Angeles/Anaheim, Atlanta, Boston and Seattle. Johnson has only manned the First Base bag only 21 games total in his Rays career.

You automatically see Kotchman as a key defensive replacement for departed past Gold Glover Carlos Pena. Even though Kotchman, who sports a .998 lifetime fielding percentage including only one error in 116 games for the Seattle Mariners during the 2010 season, it isn’t as clear cut on the offensive side of the numbers.

With both Rays First Baseman taking their swings from the left-side of the Batter’s Box ( same as Pena), the ultimate winner of this Spring battle might come down to a few more intricate pieces of either players arsenal such as OPS, RISP. And possibly strikeouts. All First Baseman indications prior to the signing of Kotchman seemed to be focused on a Ben Zobrist and Johnson platoon, but the addition of the sure handed glove of Kotchman might actually provide a bit of outfield controversy this Spring.

The Rays Brian trust must have a plan in mind prior to this signing, and possibly a platoon action could be configured also with Kotchman and Johnson in mind. Looking at their offensive numbers, Kotchman has not produced as fluidly as he did from 2006-2007 when he was with the Angels.

Then again, Kotchman has been kind of pigeon-holed offensively over the past few years in platoon action while with the Mariners, Red Sox and Braves. If Kotchman can prove that his .219 average and 75 points fall off his slugging percentage was a fluke, he could see significant starts at First Base for the Rays. Kotchman actually on paper looks a bit like Pena in that when he gets into a solid rhythm at the plate, he can turn on the magic.

I still think it is Johnson’s spot to lose. The Rays have kept Johnson close to them for a few years for some reason that defies some of our own logic. Possibly the Rays have the gut feeling that with extended playing time and at bats, he can return to his pre-2007 offensive numbers he held while a member of the Oakland A’s. Back then, Johnson hit 42 Home Runs in 3 season and produced 162 walks.



I want to wax poetic here and think that Johnson’s 2008 Home Run against Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon was the greatest HR in Rays history, but some think it was the right guy at the right time only. Personally I would love to see Johnson get an extended 2011 try at first for the Rays, but considering his batting average against right-handed pitchers hovers below .200, but Kotchman only get a slim lead based on his own .239 average against righties.

An interesting tidbit is that Kotchman went 1 for 10 (.100) on turf in 2010 while Johnson only went 13 for 63 (.206). But if you look at a factor like On-Base Percentages, Johnson has a slight leg-up on Kotchman .343 to .280. It might just come down to something as simple as run production and game day match-ups to decide who out of this pair might get the nightly starting nod.

With runners in scoring position, Kotchman sits closer to .300 against both left-handers and right-handers while Johnson sits under .200 against right-handers. The numbers tend to bunch both of them close into a possible platoon situation with Maddon again possibly tinkering with his line-up nightly to get the slight edge. It might ultimately come down to plate discipline. Johnson’s posted a 25-to-27 walk to strikeout ratio while Kotchman leaned more towards the strikeout 35-to-57 in 2010.

By no means does the signing of Kotchman signal the end of the Johnson idea at First Base for the Rays. It just muddles the waters a bit and provides each player with a dynamic where they have to produce to get a shot at manning the bag full-time. But each player seems even in regards to right-handed pitching, so neither has a solid chance to cement their name on the line-up just based on which side the pitcher lines up on the mound.

2011 has been a year of surprises so far for the Rays. The addition today of Kotchman has to be viewed as a positive move by the franchise to give the Rays more depth and defensive ability going into Spring Training. Going into the February 20th report date for all players to the Rays Spring Training Camp, I am going to give a slight edge to Kotchman at First Base. I still think it is Johnson’s to lose, but I got to support and root for the hometown guy…Sorry D J.


I really like the signing of Kotchman for the Rays (not so much for the rest of the division!). He’s always been a solid defender and hitter. Good call by your ownership.


The Rays are starting to look like Sox South! Actually, I agree…it was a very good move by Friedman and the Rays. It will be interesting to see what happens between Kotchman and Johnson during spring training, but the Rays are definitely going to show people that they’re not dead just because Carl Crawford decided to change his address.


Since 2007 I have kept up with Kotchman and actually hoped he would someday play for his “hometeam”. Of course during that time we had Carlos Pena manning the 1B, so it would have been as a “Sunday” or rest day start.
But now that Pena has headed for greener pastures, it was the right time for the former Pinellas County prep star to come home and help this team defensively fill that gapping hole at First Base.
I still think it is Johnson’s to lose, but Kotchman does have more time at first and might get a bulk of the early season starts as the Rays tackle the AL East in the mnoth of April.

Rays Renegade

Kotchman lacks the goods to play offense. He’s very good on defense, but I wouldn’t put him in a clutch moment or anything.


I think “Sox South” is a bit premature, but I like the confidence level you give this band of brothers.
It is so wild how this eventual “plan” unfolded so beautifully for the Rays. Most of the Winter we saw the departure articles and the “woe is me” stories of a fallen franchise.
Then in a bolt of light, we show promise with a pair of trades, then pick up two AL East veterans who know what it takes to succeed in this arena.
Suddenly there are whispers we might not have been buried, but just resting before again battling for that wanted third banner.

Rays Renegade

I love this move for the Rays. I think given the chance to play everyday he will produce. I know he still must win the 1B job in spring training, but I think he will. Just my thoughts on the signing.



Nice move by the Rays Cliff. Hey! are you by any chance attending the SABR DAY today in your area? I am going to the one here in the LA area. For the link see my blog. I am heading there right after I have breakfast.

Hmmm… I dunno. Kotchman is… well, he’s Kotchman. So I hope that works out for ya. Maybe at least he won’t strike out as much as Pena.

By what he showed in Atlanta, I agree with you.
But, with the Rays he is not being asked to replace Carlos Pena’s offense, but his defensive stature. Consistent hitting and a great glove will win him a spot in the Opening Day line-up. Kotchman has shown he can produce, but in the last few years he has been a definite defensive/late inning replacement which can sometimes sap you of your flow.
He is a positive pick-up by the Rays…the rest has not been written ….yet.

Rays Renegade

There is nothing like homecooking to get you psyched and readyto play to your full potential. I have seen more than a few players get a bit more into the game and play above their pervious levels after taking a chance with their home team. Hopefully Kotchman will fit into the Rays vibe and help be a nice addition to the team with a show of leadership and timely knocks.

Rays Renegade

I am not a member of SABR, but I have attended a few meetings as a guest.
Plus there is nothing planned in this region, but there are a few around Florida.

Rays Renegade

People made comments when Travis Lee, Tino Martinez and even Carlos Pena signed with the Rays that they were not good pick-ups….They all went on to have some pretty good years in Rays gear.
But then again, I am an optimist until you let the savage pessimistic tendencies run rampant.

Rays Renegade

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