“Thanks-Mas” is Coming to Rays Fan Fest




Day three of the all charity week will feature a man who right now is on top of his game. There is no doubt that the Third Base Luncheonette in his hometown of Hazelton, Pa will have to provide a “Joe Maddon Special” today, possibly consisting of a large plate full of pierogies and pasta made with the motherly love of Ms Beane.

The object of today’s charity post is of course Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon, but not only because it is his birthday, but because he is going to let a choice roomful of Tampa Bay Rays fans also celebrate “Thanks-Mas” during the Rays upcoming Fan Fest (2/19).


maddon_fanfest_300x200.jpgThe holiday tradition will spill allover the Batter’s Eye Restaurant located just above Centerfield as Maddon and the Rays Foundation bring a Spring-time rendition of one of Maddon’s finest charity works. From 1:30 pm until possibly 3:30 pm that day, Maddon and his Rays helpers will deliver plentiful plates full of his trademark holiday fare including homemade spaghetti and meatballs, Italian sausage, pierogies, mixed greens salads assorted desserts and complimentary beverages.

Recipients of this VIP events will also have a chance to ask Maddon some questions during a 1-hour Q and A session, plus all proceeds will benefit the Rays Baseball Foundation and the Salvation Army.

There in timely catch to this event. There will be limited seating, so it is important that you reserve your place at the table today. Pricing for a chance to dine on the same hometown delicacies that Maddon made during his annual Thanks-Mas pilgrimage this Winter. Pricing for the event will start at $ 30 for adults and $ 10 for children under 14. If, by any chance there are still tickets available during Fan Fest, those prices will rise to $ 40 for adults and $ 15 for children.

Fans attending the event will also have a chance at great treausre chest of prizes like a catered Luxury Suite experience during a 2011 Rays game as well as some signed items from Maddon. The Rays have asked that no one pursue autographs from Maddon since he will be signing below in the autograph tables after the event.

This is another great example of one of the Rays high profile personalities giving back to his adopted community, this time in the Spring. .

It is a great chance to witness, eat and hear the inspirational leader of your Rays talk about the upcoming 2011Spring Training and regular season. His love for biking and old muscle cars, or possibly give you an inside glimpse at his mantra for 2011.



I have heard Maddon speak to the Maddon’s Maniacs booster club several times over his Rays years,. Just hearing Maddon talk about the game of baseball, plus the extra bonus of possibly having Maddon answer your question is way beyond the price of admission.

I also have it on great authority (from within the Rays inner sanctum/clubhouse), the man can also produce a pretty awesome meatball and silky smooth pierogie.

Oh! by the way Joe…….Happy 50-ish* Birthday!



Thanks for all the reports on the charity events and for volunteering. People come out to see the players and celebs, but it’s people like you that hand out the hats and track the putts that make these events happen.

You truly have one of the best managers in baseball with Joe Maddon. I only hope we can come close to replicating that in Toronto with our new guy, John Farrell. How he handles the Rays bullpen this year is a different story. ha ha. Rookie at closer, maybe? At least, he still has all that comfort food to fall back on. Love perogies! Crazy how many ways you can spell that word.


I have a ball at these events. I have been lucky enought to get to know so many of the Rays past and present players and they know I do it for the joy of giving, not for the recognition or photo ops.
There are so many ohter stories left off the blog post even from a few recent charity events, but that is the things I treasure most…Seeing these guys having fun, no pressure to succeed, no need to bust a vein or artery to secure a win….Just supporting each other as they work towards a common goal.

Rays Renegade

I do not see a rookie closer to start the season. Actually I see Jake McGee possibly going back down to Triple-A until mid-May to learn to close….then…maybe.
Heck, the Rays want to stretch him back out as a starter this Spring….or so the rumor mill would have you believing.
I like JoeMa and his analytical and sophomoric rhetoric that makes you go “Hmmmm?”
Going to be a fun divisional shootout this season.
No one wants to be the cellar team.

Rays Renegade

Now that’s class right there… I would still like to see him lose his cool and strangle BJ Upton, but this outside charity work definitely makes up for that.

I am actually still surprised that Maddon did not come out for the Damon/Ramirez press conference wearing one of those “Mannywood” T-shirts or a Manny dreds wig from the Dodgers.
But the guy knows how to have fun while also having one of the most committed ball clubs in the league. I have never seen him argue or berate a player in public for any reason, and you got to respect a guy who knows the boundaries and give mass respect to his squad….All hail Maddon!

Rays Renegade

Maddon is first class. Thank you for the comments on my Manny-Damon story. But this story made me hungry for a sausage and pepper sandwich! Hope all is well by you.

Maddon wants you to eat spaghetti and huge meatballs.
It is a moral imperative, so you must do what he says.
No prblem with the comments. I sneak around the blogs with the grace of a klutz, even stepping on a few toes along the way.
Look out!

Rays Renegade

Your manager (Maddon) looks to be an awful lot like mine (Gardenhire). Both are just “regular guys” who love the game of baseball and know how to motivate players and have fun.

I agree totally. Both are masters at the Chess game that baseball can become at any moment.
Both old their passion and love for the game on their sleeves for everyone to see.
But both also have the one thing that seperates good managers from average….Their players do not question their moves. They have the confidence in their skippers to know that there is a reason to their decisions, not just a gut reaction.

Rays Renegade

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