2011 Trever Miller’s Mob 5K Run

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I do not know if any of you have ever meet an athlete who you just seem to click with on some level. Not talking about a stalking situation here, but one of those players you find yourself looking for on the field before or during the game hoping you get a moment, or possibly a head nod from them.

Well, one of the players who always seemed to fit this bill for me is former Tampa Bay Rays leftie reliever Trever Miller. So as we embark on Day Four of the Rays Renegade charity challenge, I would like to introduce some of the great things Miller is still doing in the Tampa Bay area, even after his move to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Most of the Rays Republic might remember that Miller has a special connection for wanting to give back to this same Tampa Bay community that stood by him and his wife Pari during their own time of need when the region offered tons of prayers, good thoughts and a people asking to this day “how his daughter Grace is doing?”.

Miller has a special needs child, and some might think that is the epicenter of his want to give back, but even before her birth, Miller was always one of the first to volunteer for hospital visits, participate in outside Rays reading programs, or visiting the Opening Day ceremonies of the Miracle League’s Violet Field in northwestern St. Petersburg before heading to Tropicana Field for that night’s contest,

You have heard me talk about the Miracle League before in connection with the Toby Hall Celebrity Golf Classic. And you will hear that same organization’s name again on Thursday as I will be telling everyone about an upcoming event to be held in Gulfport, Florida that will also benefit this great organization.


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I attended this other event last season when Miller and his wife were the King and Queen of the Mardi Gras celebration and I had a tremendous time while also learning a few Cajun dance moves and sipping on a Hurricane (or two). But on the Trever Miller’s Mob 2011 event, I am embarrassed to say I swung and missed on it badly.

I somehow misplaced the flyer, and did not attend the 2011 Trever Miller’s Mob 5K Run held recently in Treasure Island, Florida. And it is my loss that I missed out on all the fun and adventure. Not that exercise is my enemy or anything (it’s not), but somehow I thought it was on another date. I some how did not input the information into my cell phone and missed a great opportunity to give something besides my time for charity ( a liter of sweat).

How great is it that this event is for charity, but it seems that the runners/participants seem to get so much in return for their efforts, not only in physical exercise. There are the events special “Cowbell Awards” given out to participants, plus the first 200 entries got a “Certified Flat Fast Course Hi Tech T-shirt. How cool is that treasure trove of items given to the event’s participants. But it didn’t stop there.

I also missed out on the fine food provided by Cody’s Roadhouse Grill, assorted beverages, great entertainment and raffles all because I might have needed a few more hours of beauty sleep ( it didn’t help). I also missed a fantastic tasty offer of a FREE appetizer to my favorite home cooking establishment, Le Roy Selmons.

I am still Kicking myself extremely hard right now in the you know what. I even had friends from the ballpark participating in the event (Rose and Tommy).

But what I really missed that day was seeing so many people assemble to help the worthy cause of the Miracle League of the Gulf Beaches. Miller has been a strong supporter of the league that gives special needs kids of all ages the chance to experience the game of baseball.


VHwnHyIy.jpgMore and more I am being pulled in by the excitement and atmosphere that surrounds the Miracle League, and I am actually look forward to going to their 2011 Opening Day ceremonies this Spring.


I hear the event again went off without a hitch and everyone went home with a smile and maybe a sore calve muscle or two. But everyone who participated in the event that day to me are the true winners. I wish I had been there, even to cheer on the masses as they jogged, ran or even walked out of Rosselli Park on the Isle of Capri that Saturday.

Heck, could of possibly spent a few moments running with Miller, chatting along the way about the upcoming Cardinals season, his Land-O-Lakes home, or possibly about how is daughter Grace is doing. I still ask about Grace and her life every time I see Miller, and his face lights up. 

Most people might not know I have a special needs sister who a tend to watch over and guide in her adult life now every day. She is doing great, and reminds me daily of the great gifts I have and pushes me to give more and more.

Maybe that is the ultimate bond that seems to bind Miller and myself, or possibly it is that we have become baseball friends after all this time. I want to think it is a healthy combination of all of the above.




What a fantastic event! It does sound like you missed out, but I think you may be the most active volunteer in the Rays fan base so I’m sure everyone knows you would have there. Miller sounds like another great class act on a team that’s a veritable Broadway Revue of classiness.
Congratulations on your top 100 ranking and beyond. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog and always look forward to your posts!

The more I think about it…the worst I feel about missing the event. The good thing is that so many people did make the event, and they all had a great time.
Trever actually participated in a run last year over in Jupiter, Florida where he had his daughter with him and the finish line was inside the same stadium the Cardinals play their Spring games.
The Cardinals are lucky to have a teammate like Miller. He is as good on the field as he is in the community.

Rays Renegade

Sounds like a great event. Sorry you missed it, but I’m sure you were missed as well. (Love the pic of you with the Millers.) Interesting that you and Trever share more than a love for baseball, given that both of you have a special needs family member.


My sister actuallt tells her friends I am a special needs person from April to October (because of baseball), but some of her friends do not get the joke.
Trever is a great guy and when he do have time to talk it is ususally about family and not much about baseball.
Guess that is what takes it to another level.

Rays Renegade

I love hearing about ball players who put their families before the game and using their talents to benefit others. Love the post!

—Mark Gauthier

I read about this in this month’s issue of Runner’s World and was gonna write about it. I probably still will, but I’m glad you brought this topic up. The article really touched me… and Trever and I go way back.

Glad you liked the post.
It is charity week, so I felt this was another great example of someone giving back outside the realm of the team’s charitable foundation and based on his own want to give back and see the smiles upon so many faces.
The Rays have a great fold of players who have great organizations. James Shields, J P Howell, David Price and Matt Joyce all have some special charity foundations to help those less fortunate.
Back in the days when I played, it was ususally only the United Way, MDA, and possibly a local drive that got most of the press and attention.

Rays Renegade

I did not even know about the “Running World”article. Heck I was a track sprinter and pole vaulter. I tried Cross Country once and stopped after the second mile ( not in a race in practice).
I would love to see you also writing about it. Two top bloggers writing about this will definitely bring the interest level and public acknowledgment to a new high.
Go for it!
Tell Trever “Hello” at Busch this season….Heck, I might see him tomorro at the Jesse Litsch Tournament.

Rays Renegade

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