Time to Again Raise the “Unique” Bar Rays Fans




Every once in a while a fan does something so incredible you hope people around the Major Leagues got to see their perfection. Sometimes getting a professional baseball player to notice you, even for a nano second takes a bit of intelligent thinking or genuine costuming.

That is why this San Francisco Giant fan really caught my eye, and hopefully he also got the attention he garnered of the object of his affection, Giants closer Brain Wilson. So much was made of the obvious manipulation of Wilson during the playoff of a ample supple of “Just For Men” or some other male hair product.

We kind of forgot that someone, somewhere possibly under the age of 9 would emulate or even show up in the ultimate homage to Wilson, a full back beard complete with a blackened f aux hawk on their head. It is one of those signs to people like me that sometimes the fans do have the creative juices and abilities to still make these players take a double take and possibly a chuckle or two as they head to or from the field.

ap-a9cccdf97d6345caaec0db91c4c5932f.jpgBut what is so amazing about this young fan is that he made sure he got up front, on the first row and thrust himself in the perfect spot for his idol to see, respond and hopefully grant him the wish of a signed baseball. In this era where some athletes get as bad rap, or even get pushed into a negative label, seeing a young kid emulate a hero, even for a moment just feels right.

I am not sure if the Rays fan will do the same thing, but I hope they do. I truly expect to see more than a few f aux hawks materialize around the Trop. over the course of the season, and maybe even a few full beards to show an homage to Johnny Damon or Rays Bench Coach Dave Martinez.


Sure I am expecting a few “Manny” dreadlocks, or possibly a pompadour or two to show some support for Evan Longoria. But will there be anything shown by the Rays Republic in 2011 that would be considered super out of the ordinary in imagination or creativity. Who can forget the sheet propped up in the Checker’s Bullpen Cafe a few years ago asking if the “Rays Wanna Sign My Sweet Spot”.

lCA0E3Y6V.jpgThat kind of imagination and creativity get someone like me excited for my team. Maybe that is why that move by that young G-men’s fan means so much to me. These guys hears their names or nicknames hollered at them all the time by kids, adults and even a few overly excited female fans.

I am looking forward to seeing some new and original signs, T-shirts and possibly costumes during Rays games this season. So that is your task Rays fans, to one up the great and unique persona presented this Spring by that miniature Brian Wilson in Arizona.

We have some really creative mind wandering throughout the Rays Republic, now it is time to put your thinking caps on and come up with an idea or creation that will make a player or even someone like me do a double take…..So the mission is easy…

Come on out and give us your most creative, most original costume idea, even if it is not for an autograph….Possibly you could end up on this blog…..Or even better on National television so the World can one up you too.




Oh and I forgot to ask you..Did you submit your video to MLB? I sent mine. But never heard back :( –atleast I made into the second round. Still a pretty cool acomplishment considering the amound of people who applied!
“Hands off my Pirates Booty”

I want me some female fans like that… cuz I wanna sign autographs all day. *RIMSHOT*
(I’m here all week, try the veal)

I could not find anyone to help me with the video. Did not want to do a webcam version….Thjat seemed too sad. Basically just let it slip away…..But then i had the San Fran-to St. Pete venture at the same time. I would take the cross country trip again in a heartbeat, even with the sick time.

Rays Renegade

This is a great idea! So much of the magic that was created in SF was from the fans. I know it’s silly to take credit – obviously the players are the ones who won the games, obviously. But there is something to be said about having this packed stadium of people all in beards and long timmy hair wigs or panda hats. People are now comparing us to Red Sox fans, which I may or may not also agree with.
This kid, however… my hero. Total rockstar.
I’m going to the Mets/Giants series in May… should I also put on a beard? I think I’m way too shy for that.
Good luck with your Rays ideas. Manny Rameriez is trouble, and didn’t he cut the dreads? I can’t remember. Every time I see him I have Barry Bonds flashbacks and have to quickly take a hot shower, drink an adult beverage and try to forget that awful mess.
I was sad to see the Rays picked him up, since they are a team I don’t wish to be poisoned. I’m wishing you even more luck with that then the fan outfits. :)

If I had female fans who would want my autograph…on something other than a check….I would be thrilled too.
I used to sign autographs, and for a bevy of women, but baseball it is more cerebral. Football it is all about the sweat and pain factor.
But I would sign anything, except a taco…I leave that to Carlos Pena.

Rays Renegade

Honest answer…..The players will notice you without extra garb. An extremely attractive woman, and a dancer will get noticed the moment you step beyond the seating area to the rail.
At least we always knew where the cute women were when I played football..The trainers used to scout the stands. Not for us, but for inspiration on why we needed to win…..or something like that.
Manny has actually be a true leader this Spring. I am hoping he stays the course, because he wants another big payday in 2012 from someone.

Rays Renegade

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