Et Tu Governor?



Politics and baseball just seem to go hand-in-hand. When the country was much younger, it would be to a politician’s benefit to be seen or even throw out the ceremonial First Pitch at a baseball game in front of his home crowd constituents. It seemed to make the politician more likable and showed he had the hometown spirit and his team at heart.

Sure there have been moments when a local or even National politician has taken to the mound and either thrown up an air ball or tossed the ball so far right of the plate you instantly wanted to stand and give the “wide right” football field goal signal. Those are the moments made for ESPN and Youtube immortality.

Then there is the politician who listens to one of his staffers and decides to wear the warm-up jacket and cap of a particular team as a show of support, and it goes all horribly wrong. You wonder what the politician was thinking at that moment. Did he just have a brainless moment, or was it an intentional act?

The politician in question is current Florida Governor Rick Scott and his ill-advised motive to don a New York Yankees warm-up jacket and cap while throwing out the ceremonial First Pitch during a Yankees versus Toronto Blue Jays contest last Saturday. Really Governor?

r-RICK-SCOTT-BOOED-large570.jpgDid you really think the Rays Republic would look the other way when you donned the colors of the Yankees while hitting the mound with smiles and giggles, then looked astonished and bewildered when boos began to rain down from the stands. You were already not on most of the Tampa Bay region’s “Most Loved” list, but this action really set a few fires burning.

Governor, I can see the reasoning for being there that night, but to flash the colors of the Rays bitter rival less than 30 miles from their own hometown is insulting, and will definitely have repercussions.

I mean I understood President Obama wearing his White Sox warm-up jacket when he throws out a First Pitch, and I respect the fact the President has never hidden or disguised his affection for his hometown South Side boys, but Governor Scott…..You were in Rays country. That is like doing the Tomahawk Chop on Florida Field…..This already is making more than a few waves within the sports community, and will not fly with your Tampa Bay constituents (unless they are NYC transients).

RScott2.jpgHeck, I didn’t vote for you because of this kind of brainless thinking process and off-the-cuff behavior. This was an irresponsible bit of hogwash that will not be forgotten in 9 days when you hit the mound of Tropicana Field for Opening Night.

Trust me Governor, you thought the unpleasant sounds coming out of the Tampa stands were bad…..Just wait as the Rays Republic gets 9 whole days to let this bubble up inside us. Letting this betrayal seep and steam within the Rays Republic until we get to a point where we are so upset you will be lucky if most of us stand for the First Pitch.

Today I have had more than one person asking me to write a petition or hark like a town crier from my soapbox to admonish you and have you replaced on that day for your Benedict Arnold moves. How you forget most baseball fans are registered voters ( I know I am). But there is tradition at stake here.

It is ceremonial that the Florida Governor throw out the First Pitch at the Rays home opener. What is even more comedic to me is that it will take place on Friday April 1st this season. So I am not asking for a boycott, not asking for a shower of boos or comments streaming down from the stands. My action is simple and will make an instant point.

I will stand when you are introduced and possibly be faced towards you as you slowly stroll towards the pitching mound waving to the Rays crowd as if you are a Rays fan.

Suddenly while you are gesturing before throwing that pitch, I will turn my back to the pitching mound as a vivid visual of the shame and embarrassment I felt upon seeing my Chief Executive Officer of the state of Florida don a Yankees jersey. I will stay in that position until you leave the field, hoping you see a sea of backs towards you and finally see that the fans of this MLB franchise felt betrayed.

You probably will not notice, caught up in the pomp and circumstance of the moment with visions of Longorias’ dancing through your head. But my mind is made up. I am secure in the knowledge you might feel it is disrespectful, but I am going to exhibit my rights set forth by men wiser than you.

Sure I would love it if other Rays fans joined that same sentiment, but sometimes the one voice can be heard in the throngs of the masses. I am just visually showing my personal disappointment once again in your process of thought since you took office not long ago.

This time it is not about State Pensions, Unemployment or even the High Speed rail debacle. This is personal, you defamed my MLB team. Maybe I will be the only one to show any visual signs of disapproval, but it is my right, just as it was your right to throw on that blue and white jacket with “Yankees” emblazoned on it and walk out onto that field Saturday night.


Interesting how this all happened around the time of the ides of March….Et tu Governor?





Ugh. I smell a Floridian REVOLUTION!!!!

I love your governor!!!!! What excellent taste in baseball teams he has!!!

Wow. Had this been role reversal and a governor donned a Rays hat in NY or Boston, he’d be out of office by now. It may be ceremonial to have the governor throw out the first pitch, but if I am the Rays ownership, I’d break from it this year. What a total dip####!

I wish it was that easy.
Rick Scott has already started to alienate people in this state and he has only been in office less than 60 days. I do not ever remember a Governor being impeached or recalled, but he might feel the sting of it before it is all said and done (Not the Rays matter, everything else).
Guess it could be worse….We all know being the Governor takes years off your life….Look at Arnold…

Rays Renegade

I expected this from you.
But seriously, how fast would you lose respect for a California state politician who gets on the mound in another state, possibly Arizona and pops on a Diamondbacks cap?
I am wondering if we can start impeachment proceedings at the Rays game….Wonder if Scott is going to wear his Yankee gear, or possibly an Orioles jersey…..I am not kidding.

Rays Renegade

There are more than a few people who wanted me to do something, but I am not savvy in the protest arena. I will just stand, turn my back to the field and not care at all about the Governor’s pitch . I am actually hoping he messes up so we can give him an appropriate “Bronx Cheer”.

Rays Renegade

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