Tommy Bahama to Offer Unique Rays Collectible




When I first heard that Tommy Bahama was going to introduce a special Tampa Bay Rays collector’s edition inspired shirt this season, I began to hide a little bit of money every week so I would have the cash on hand to purchase it on the first day of its introduction.

Then I got the email inviting me to the special reception complete with an RSVP, and a few lite bites, music and cocktails. Seemed like the prefect way to ring in the 2011 season with a special gathering at the International Plaza in Tampa.

There was even a chance to win a special autographed player photo and a special baseball inspired gift with every purchase. More and more my mouth began to salivate and I almost had to pick-up a napkin.

Looking forward to seeing who shows up, and who is ready to plop down some hard earned cash for the exclusive shirt just in time for the Rays Opening night gig on April 1st. Will there be a few Rays players scattered out in the event’s crowd? Will there be a speech, or just a pulling of a white sheet from the sales racks and the race is on to grab your unique Rays collectible?


I am actually looking forward to the event, and hopefully I have put away enough chicken scratch to hopefully get two of the Tommy Bahama shirts….I gotta dream big.





Dang, I probably would have went for the Tommy Bahama shirt! :)


Tommy Bahama has already brought out the Yankees inspired shirt…But I guess you already know that. I bet Florida Governor Rick Scott will be wearing one on Opening Day.
I would rather support my team on their last Spring game than spend almost $100 dollars 20 miles away….Just my thing.

Rays Renegade

I have a solution! E-Bay :O) You can be sure people will be selling the shirt online not long after the event. Of course, it may get pricey.
I am with you though…go to the game!


Oh boy! But that is a nice shirt! but I am with Jenn, Ebay! Ebay!

I am not much of an Ebay guy over the last few years. Used to buy a lot of baseball collectibles that are cluttering my space.
Still, I am hoping the Rays Team Store will be smart enough to pop a few Tommy Bahama shirts into their stock, but with my luck, the shirt will sellout and I will have to overpay for it.
I guess it could be worse……Could be gold-plated.

Rays Renegade

That shirt is actually their first Tommy Bahama/MLB creation to celebrate the World Series. I have not officially seen the Rays shirt, but have been told by someone within the Rays office it is really special.
Of course I picked the game. I have only missed 1 game over the last 2 years…But I can tell you 2011 will be different.

Rays Renegade

Oh my God, I want a shirt like that. Very cool!!!
—Mark Gauthier

I would think they do have a Chicago Cubs edition of the 2011 shirt, but I am not versed in the MLB team selection process by Tommy Bahama.
Possibly they will also be sold on their website, but I guess we have to wait and see just what transpires here.

Rays Renegade

I’m a bit confused Rays Renegade. After checking my ticket twice, it says the ST game is on March 30 @ The Trop. The invitation for the shirt party is March 31. You should be able to do both. And another note; The ST ticket says it is general admission, so getting your seat will be a first come first served deal.

You are right.
For some reason I must have popped it into my calendar wrong. And you are right, the last game is General Admission for everywhere but the exclusive Home Plate Club ana the exclusive Whitney Bank Club seating areas.
By the way, if you know me, I am there within the first 50 people….my seat would be safe.

Rays Renegade

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