Baseball Deserves It’s Own National Holiday




Maybe it is time. Maybe we are at a pivotal point in our gallant sports consciousness that we can finally take a firm first step in this journey. Make that initial swing towards the process of immortalizing this one special day ever year….. forever.

Maybe this is the perfect time to get a few important political allies in line to push for possible binding legal legislation to make Major League Baseball’s Opening Day a Nationally recognized holiday.

I know a majority of us already use it as a stealth day of fun, even possibly at the expense of taking a sick day or calling into work with excuses with gapping holes like Swiss cheese. Maybe by making it an “official” day we can come out of the closet and profess our baseball love to the world without riddicule or penalty. Viva la Beisbol!

giants-opening-day.jpgIs the want to make this day a more than just a symbolic holiday lost on the fact most of us take measures already to cease production, fake sickness or family matter to rush to the ballpark to see that first glorious pitch of the season in person. If it was a defined day on our yearly calendar, then possibly Human Resources Departments or Sales team could coordinate group outings to the ballpark in support of this great day. More fans celebrating this day means more excitement, more revenues, and more special memories

With a key allie of the game currently residing in the White House right now, who shares in our love/hate relationship with the game of our youth, possibly now is the perfect time to consider such an sports-oriented endeavor. Not only does our President, our Commander-in-Chief boldly salute his own deeply-rooted White Sox love, but his yearly invitation to meet the eventual World Champions is a symbol that the highest office in the land has a genuine sense of ultimate baseball respectability.

Now if we can just corral a minimum of 26 United States Senators who also possess the same passion and admiration for the game, we will be well on the way to securing historic legislation. As Jane Aubrey (Kelly Preston) so adamently screamed in “For The Love of the Game” when Billy Chapel (Kevin Coster) was lying on an ER gurney after cutting his pitching hand profusely, “Is baseball not America’s game!”.

Congress needs to acknowledge officially that the American image is firmly planted with roots on the clay and grass baseball field of this Nation, not just subject to apple pie, hot dogs and Chevrolet.

opening_day_2009_1280x1024.jpgAs a baseball community and as a Nation, we should embrace the active thought of a celebrated day solely devoted to “America’s favorite pastime” A sport that doesn’t discriminate on ability, sex, race or even physical limitations. From T-ball, Miracle Leagues all the way to “The Show”, the escalation of the game only breeds warmth and admiration along with the true essence of the American spirit.

We could then outwardly celebrate on this day and support a game that has taught so many of us the rules of teamwork and of binding and bonding together for a common goal. We could celebrate our finest youthful moments again on a yearly basis with a sea of new baseball friends.

Baseball already brings out their own brand of ceremonial pomp and circumstance on this day, but why not include the rest of the sports nation into the fold for a National celebratory moment.

Sure there is still NBA and NHL games on tap, but the first week of April is about the bat and the ball. Of a Spring season of change and possibilities closing with the anticipation of 162 games played between defined chalk lines on pristine grass and immaculately turned clay infields. A game fought with distinctive individual skills, But defined within the team concept. A perfect storm of sports competition.

It deserves a day all its own, red lettered and circled on every calendar in this Country.

Thumbnail image for P4078963AAA.jpgFor this country to celebrate a day dedicated to the sport we know has a long and historic alliance with the United States both at home and abroad, it is a testament to aspect of fair competition and the essence of the American dream. Sure it may be a child’s game played by adults making a boatload of cash, but the childlike expressions on the faces of the players show daily it is not only about the competition, the pride and the admiration of this simple but complex game of chance.

Starting tomorrow maybe we can all collectively voice our opinions on possibly immortalizing forever as a country, baseball’s Opening Day. The time is right for such a couragious venture. We have a President who adores the game. Members of the United States Congress who have either played the game as children, young adults or at the MLB level.

Ground level support is definitely there for all of us to individually and as a Nation showcase our own passion and respect we have for this game that celebrates strength, integrity and unity on the field. Be it Major League Baseball, minor league affiliate or even Independent Baseball, this glorious day should have the added spice of being officially announcing our continous love for this game to the World.

The game has been exported around the World with leagues springing up during every imaginable season of the year devoted to this great game. It is time now to give a big chuck back to the game by getting it the recognition it should have had previously.

BDD_BO_allstar_71409_gett.jpgWe have the chance now with a President who flaunts his long distance alligence, even wearing his South Side Chicago squad’s colors at his current Washington DC address. In President Obama we have a firm example of loving the game from afar, keeping tradition strong no matter the miles or trails and tribulations, of supporting your “hometown” team openly and proudly, even in a polarizing town like Washington.

No matter if you are in the Northeast,Florida, Pacific Northwest or SoCal the passion for your team travels with you and you are open to express that love, even in enemy territory like a Yankee fan in Boston, or a Dodger fan expressing their love in San Francisco. The game transpires all kind of boundaries and deserves a day all its own.

Aubrey was right when she shouted that in “For The Love of the Game“. Baseball is America’s game and now it is time to put it firmly up on it’s pedestal where it belongs, as a National Treasure.


From my couch here in West Virginia i got chills down my spine and tears running down my face. With 162 games ahead of us we will experience many memories, good and bad, but all so worthwhile. Happy baseball!

It should be a national holiday. Every President should be required to throw out the first pitch on opening day preferably in D.C., but any game would be fine by me and the first game on opening day should be played in Cincinnati! Those are just my thoughts on this “holiday”.


I agree with the President having the honor in Washington on a yearly basis of getting us started on the 162 game campaign. Just seems fitting and right for the Nation’s capital to showcase the greatest game on dirt/clay.
Think all 30 teams should be in competition on that date, not staggered and positioned with half the Nation celebrating their teams, and the rest watching with envy they are not experiencing the same emotional rollercoaster on that day.
And no, Madonna’s “Holiday” will not be played on the sound system.

Rays Renegade

Not sure there is a sports fan alive who doesn’t thrill and wait in angst at the first possibility of seeing their team in action again after a Winter of discontent. Even the warming of our hearts each Spring pales in comparison to the epic emotional flood that comes when you see your team assembled on the chalk line and that National Anthem screams from the speakers for the first time…..Everything just clicks into place.
But hearing “Play Ball” either from a kid or an umpire for the first time….sends chills like earthquake tremors through me.

Rays Renegade

Kristen had the same idea on her Blithescribe Angels blog. Definitely a national holiday or at least a greeting card.

The pure fact Hallmark has not taken to exploiting the Opening Day/Post Season, World Series market is amazing. Maybe because of the possibilities that the top teams do not get there in the end always…it has soured their enthusiasm.
I say Bully on them…….I am going to produce a photoshopped masterpiece in the futre for every baseball occasion, even the All Star game then pitch it to them on consignment….Cha-ching!

Rays Renegade

Hear, hear! But it’s all about lobbying properly. Get the First Lady on board too – the Opening Day Holiday could be a celebration of exercise and athleticism and take your family to the ballpark day all rolled into one! – and you’re sure to succeed.
This is a very simple game…

Totally agree. I celebrate with hot dogs and apple pie for the kids and I. Happy Opening Day to all.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Well once it becomes a holliday I think the next bit of business should be building a time machine so I can go back and time and get all those Opening Days off.

Ray, there is a credo that one must follow in such instance, “if they play, i will go.” Simple as that, Opening Day is a reverened day across the country, where kids want to stay at home with their parents and watch the ball game or head to the ballpark. It’s the 4th of July, X-Mas, New Years and your first kiss all rolled into one. People actually wait all winter long for Opening Day. How can it not be a Holiday yet is beyond me.

Those in the military watch the games overseas and have on Red Sox or Yankees or Dodgers or, of course Rays hats on, taunting each other throughout the game, and then talking about it afterwards some more. And of course, our Nation’s leader, the leader of the free world publicly professes his love for his city, for his favorite team.

Baseball is an entity that makes it ok to skip a day, call in sick, or invite your boss to the game (good seats of course). LOL. It’s everything good about your childhood, and most importantly, it takes away from the realities of a busy life.

I had the same thoughts as I was at the Dodger game yesterday myself.

But as always, amazing article RaysRenegade.

“Play Ball”

-West A.

While it would be great to have a national holiday, no calling in sick was necessary yesterday as in California, it’s a State holiday! The Civil War of CA was appropriately played between the first two major league teams in this state and a great rivalry now in its third century.

Here’s to a new season!

Happy Opening Day!!!!

—Mark Gauthier

Actually David Price and the First Lady had a personal moment last season at the season Opener in Baltimore. Price tried to show her a slider, but no comments on how the First Lady performed.
I like that idea of mixing athleticism and the pageantry of Opening Day. Maybe get sopme more youngster involved possibly standing with the players for the National Anthem….just another thought.

Rays Renegade

What, No Chevrolet? (lol).
Seriously, as long as the kids get to see their heroes, all is well with the World.
Still curious why the Rays plopped the banner near the LF foul pole D-ring region…… Guess they are keeping room for a possible 2011 AL East banner……………maybe.

Rays Renegade

I get with John Cusack and see if we can borrow the Hot Tub Time Machine…..But I refuse to go back to the last time the Cardinals won the World Series.
But, I will let you get some of your “Beer-Thirty” time back in spades.

Rays Renegade

I am one of those people if three kids play ball, I will watch it. If a group of adults want to play “Home Run Derby” on a little League field, I am game. Can you tell yet if it is baseball-related and not on a video game…Count me in.
This is ain’t an amazing blog post…it is a necessary blog post.
Where is that phone number for my Congressman!

Rays Renegade

As a Southerner, just hearing the word “Civil War” even if it is in Cali sounds epic indeed.
I am sure some employers besides MLB teams, have some kind of program in their companies to let people hit the stands for the first day…or they should!

Rays Renegade

The day is finally here, and the pagentry can now officially begin. 162 games until the final 8 teams fight it out for another chance to be called “Wolrd Champions”.
Wonder who will rise to the occasion, and who will fall by the wayside….

Rays Renegade

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