Superman Would Have Been Impressed

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This image just speaks for itself. The mire thought of a Major League Baseball player getting to a ball finely threaded into the Rightfield corner, just a inch upon the warning track and it being caught by a rookie player just in his 8th game for his new franchise. The words “Cosmic fate” blaze into my mind. 
Heck, we are 8 games into the 2011 Major League Baseball 162-game season and for some reason the cosmic energy within U S Cellular Field might have already served up the best defensive play of 2011. Ironically, this is the same site of the 2010 Best Defensive play when White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle tossed a ball backwards in foul territory between his legs to nab a speeding base runner.

Could this once parking lot, now amazing baseball palace be built upon a unexpected fold of the Universe that seems to produce plays that defy the laws of physics and gravity, to produce moments we will talk about forever. Could Ozzie have secretly brought Criss Angel in to help magically transform this place into a haven for the unexpected?

Could Soxman be channeling his inner Jobu to bring a karma and destiny to this place that celebrates white sox and a Manager with more personality than Monte Hall. Whatever the conclusion, yesterday’s play by Rays outfielder Sam Fuld, who himself defied the laws of averages to just get a 25 man roster spot has to have some paranormal or celestial origin.  Maybe we should call the Ghost Adventures crew?


That was a heck of a play and what a great photo! Someone get this kid a cape!
This is a very simple game…

I know someone put a Rays Superman cape in a Fed Ex box on Saturday.
Not sure it will reach the Rays lockerroom in Fenway before the game on Monday, but would look great hanging on a hook in Fuld’s cubicle at least when they come home after the Boston series.

Rays Renegade

Rays Renegade, you have the best stories! I love that story and hope Fuld does hang that cape in his cube.
This is a very simple game…

It comes from years of hanging around the right people, and knowing the major players behind the scenes. Plus it was my job, so I had that going for me too.
Done so much in the last 14 years with the team, hoping for at least another 50…or so.

Rays Renegade

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