The Universe is Expanding, Just Like the Legend of Sam Fuld


You got to give it up to the creative
minds and tongue-in-cheek crafty devils that migrate towards the many
social media channels all over this big blue marble. Give them a
little leeway and the quick-witted mongrels could/should/would rule
the World.

Even before the conclusion of last
night’s Rays versus Red Sox contest, the always expanding “Legend”
of Rays outfielder Sam Fuld was further reaching into the
Twitterverse and beyond to make Fuld now an eternal part of the Web,
and Fantasy baseball owners scrambling to gain the services of the
feisty left-handed hitter for their squads.

Some of the 140-letter spurts about the
5’10” new MLB sensation has made him a giant overnight. So it is
only right that I post a few of the comments/Tweets?blips and we can
all enjoy them. The following is from just one account @RaysRepublic,
which is the “official” Rays Twitter feed manned by a few
creative Rays employees:

More proof Sam Fuld is a budding folk
hero: his Wikipedia page ( 5,029 words) is longer than HOF’er Hank
Aaron’s ( 4,868).

Sam Fuld once allowed a fly ball to
drop in the outfield just to see what it was like…He was not a fan.

Sam once threw an A’s player out at
home from the warning track…at Yankee Stadium

The movie “Eight Men Out” is
actually based on Sam Fuld’s first unassisted octupal play.

5 Hour Energy is Sam Fuld’s blood
watered down. Straight up, it’s 5 Month Energy.

The highest point value you can achieve
in Scrabble is spelling SAMFULD.

Thanks to Mr. Fuld, Costco is now a
member of Sam’s Club.

Sam Fuld Can touch MCHammer

Instead of saying “Winning”,
Charlie Sheen is now claiming he is “Fulding”

These are just a few of the Tweets
hitting the kiddie pool under the hashtag #LegendofSamFuld. It is
currently the 3rd highest topic in Tampa Bay. I would not
be surprised if it is a US wide topic by midnight. But then again,
when the President dials the red phone, Sam Fuld’s cellphone plays
the Batman theme.


Who would of thought Sam Fuld was the key player in the trade for Garza.

With the other outfielders the Rays had in camp this Spring, Desmond Jennings, Justin Ruggiano, Chris Carter, it is a wonder Fuld made it to the 25-man roster without at least a bump or two.
Sometimes guys like this act as emotional sparkplugs and re-connect a team that has suffered on and off the field. I hear the Rays are going to re-dedicate their stadium this Thursday before the Twins game to Tropicana Fuld ….(j/k)

Rays Renegade

I loved all of them! He’s having a terrific time for the Rays. I wonder if the Cubs will make any deals with the Rays anytime soon?


Sam Fuld is just the next Shawn Green of Jewish ballers! Hah. Great stuff.
2131 and Beyond: The games. The news. The experiences. The Orioles.

There must have been 1,000’s of “Sam Fuld” inspired Tweets. I really liked the one about the University of South Florida becoming the University of Sam Fuld.
Or the one where where Sam Fuld hit 3 Home Runs on 2 pitches.
The World right now is his oyster.

Rays Renegade

One of the Tweets talked about Sam Fuld being a Deacon in the Church of Baseball.
Love the guy’s passion, drive and fan friendly personality. Hie religion has as much bearing on him to me as if he eats Taco Bell as a Fourth Meal….
As Bobby Brown once crooned, “It’s my perogative”.
Rays Manager Joe Maddon wants to make Fuld “The Most Interesting Outfielder” in baseball…..I think he is well on his way to that distinction.

Rays Renegade

I bet Fuld’s mother has a tatto that says “son”! Sorry, it just seems fitting right now.


Guess it is true sometimes a guy has to go somewhere else to fulfill his true potential.
Heard that after Sam Fuld hit a 2-run homer off of him Monday night, Diasuke Matsuzaka had to fight the urge to thank him.
Also heard that Rays Special Advisor and former Cubs Manager Don Zimmer has regrown his hair and lost weight since Fuld shook his hand Monday night…..
Gotta love the Fuld love fest.

Rays Renegade

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