C-Town Suggestions for Upton’s Upcoming Mini-Vacation


By now everyone around the Rays
Republic has learned of the $1,500 smackaroos fine and a 2 day
vacation that will be imposed on Tampa Bay Rays CF B J Upton. Sure
Upton could of started his suspension during this current Baltimore
series, but why take a few days off when you are smacking the ball at
a .281 average in the confines of Camden Yards.

Whispers are getting louder that with
capable OF Brandon Guyer now up with the Rays, Upton might actually
begin his ” days off” in a bargain “Take 2 off, get one Day off
” promotion courtesy of the MLB schedule.

With the Rays flying into Cleveland
after Sunday’s game for a 2-game series, it seems more appropriate
for Upton to take a few days off then since he has hit a dismal .180
against the Indians in Progressive Field.

So what will Upton do with his MLB
mandated “time off” while sequestered in C-town? I decided today
while watching the game on Fox to find him a few choice things for
him to do in his ” down time”. I am actually going to send this
list of activities to Upton tonight and see if he banks one or two of
the suggestions.

Thumbnail image for 1255011152-picture_184.png

Upton is someone who enjoys a fine meal
and a great restaurant, so I am thinking one of the things he has to
do is hit up Iron Chef Michael Symon’s B-Spot burger joints to send
his taste buds into the stratosphere. Symon’s new burger concept
bistro has been awarded 2 straight “Best Burger in America”
awards from the annual Sobe Wine and Food Fest.

I really want to suggest the B-Spot’s
Fat Doug burger which has been a crowd favorite since its inception.
The Fat Doug is a monstrosity with cole slaw, pastrami, Swiss cheese
and mustard for about $ 9. It is a burger Upton will never forget,
and should include some Porky Fries on the side. Seriously, who could
not want to have a plate of fries topped with pulled pork, Cheese
Whiz and pickled chilies. I am salivating just thinking of it.

Another possibility for Upton might be
to try and seek out one of the best Progressive Field food staples
and hit the Cleveland warehouses of Bertman’s and possibly get a
behind-the-scenes tour of the famous Stadium Mustard plant. I would
eagerly venture to see the condiment that has ” cut the mustard”
as a Cleveland necessity for generations. Heck, this is the same
mustard requested for 3 Space Shuttle missions. Call me B J , I have
an “in” at the plant.

Three days off in a town like Cleveland
can be torture to some people, but I am going to try and give Upton
more than a few other options besides condiments and delicious food
decisions. There are also some unique cultural, or artsy fartsy
events being held why the Rays are in town.


Upton could bring along clubhouse
rockers Evan Longoria and John Jaso and check out a screening of the
U2 3D live action digital film at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that
puts each viewer in the middle of a U2 concert’s craziness. Included
in this special film just for the Hall of Fame is a performance in
South Africa that has not been seen in other U2 video productions.

Maybe Upton is more inclined to want to
take in something different during his time off during the Cleveland
series. He could always hit the Cleveland Public Theatre and start
his own treasure hunting adventure at the Someplace Special Gem Mine
exhibit. What could be more fun than panning for gold, silver,
emeralds and sapphires. Upton could mine enough to offset the $1,500
fine imposed on him by Major League Baseball.


Or maybe Upton could hit the “Get
” Mega event taking place on Wednesday in Cleveland at
Music Hall Cleveland. This 1-day event touts that “this is your
chance to truly Get Motivated!” their website enthusiastically
states, “From the minute you walk in the doors until you leave you
are going to hear from the most successful leaders around.”

Might even be a great event for the
always positive Rays Manager Joe Maddon and Upton to attend since it
begins at 8 am. Could be a real bonding moment for Upton and his
cerebral sensei Baseball guru. I mean do you think Maddon would not
want to hear people like Bill Cosby, former US Secretary of State
Colin Powell, Terry Bradshaw or Goldie Hawn.


Last, but not least, Upton could head
on over to the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center for an 11am
matinée of “Stellar Stars“. What could be more relaxing
than a quite moment when you can grab your passport and visit one of
the billion of tourist attractions within out solar system. Each
week a different star is selected as lasers move to music and you
could take home a photo of your visited destination.

Or maybe Upton will begin a 3-day
battle on line playing FIFA 2011, or possibly come out and do
play-by-play on Twitter while his teammates take on the Indians on
Tuesday and Wednesday night. Upton could be back in his usual
on-field position for the Rays and Indians day time ( 12:40 am)
finale before the team heads back to Tampa Bay. 

Hope Upton takes me
up on a few of these suggestions, and BJ, take pictures…I want
proof this time.


Haha, well, I can’t really touch on this topic too much, because I’m sure I would have blew up just as much as BJ with the atrocious umpiring the Joe West crew brings. That’s all I’ll say on the matter.

On a different topic, BJ’s “swing for the fence” approach is bringing some results. He is hitting for .317 with 3 homers and 10 RBIs in his last 10 games. At this point, I’ve given up on him accepting his walks and accept the fact that he’s gonna K a lot. Still, if he can hit for power and get those extra base hits and is still able to steal, that could be some quality production as well.

Since his MLB debut at 17, it is hard for some to see Upton as having the 2nd longest tenure as a Ray. Through that time his maturation has been a rising and falling tide of success and disappointment.
But this Spring I truly had a different vibe about him. I remember when I was in my mid-20’s and the light finally went off for me…..Possibly Upton has finally seen the light that now is the time either to burn out or shine for a long time.
His latest surge is another example of him trying to take it up a notch, and the suspension actually shows the passion that is still within him that most see as arrogance and ego.
Time will tell, but I have a gut feeling this region will again see a Upton 2008 type of revival… or better.

Rays Renegade

That Brandon Guyer guy sure is cool. Talked to my buddy Matt before yesterday’s game (in Balt), then today, and told him to come by the dugout post-game. So we did. Result? Gave him his batting gloves from the day.
-Avi M
2131 and Beyond: The games. The news. The experiences. The Orioles.

Glad Guyer is making a good impression with fans, even in Baltimore.
His wife is a sports anchor with NBC29 in Washington DC, so he has some love for the O’s. Guyer was one of the guys the Rays really wanted in the Garza trade. Fuld was not the premier OF prospect in that trade. Guyer was the Cub Minor League Player of the Year in 2010.

Rays Renegade

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