Bring On the PINK!


Bring on the PINK. This is the time of
the year that brings out a bevy of colorful uniform options from the
special pink shipment of game bats, color schemes among batting
gloves, cleats and even wristbands, plus that symbolic pink ribbon
among every uniform, even the Umpires on this day.

Mother’s Day, the day we celebrate the
person who nurtured us, supported and cheered for us in our early
life sports adventures. Where we pay homage to the woman who kissed
and put Neosporin on our many sports boo-boos. Sure flowers,
breakfast in bed and even a special dinner is in order, but Major
League Baseball should also be on the plate for today’s festivities.

Not just because of the pink-themed
uniform choices, or even the discounts and specials for those special
women in our lives, but to celebrate those who also took on the
monster of cancer and are here surviving and thriving every day.


Among those on the sidelines today will
be numerous survivors’ of breast cancer who will serve at every Major
League Baseball game today as Honorary Bat Girls. Today is also about
those special women who took on the seemingly endless battle of an
illness that claims so many.

Today is about those who have
triumphed, pushed through and made the sacrifices that gave them back
their lives. The Rays will celebrate this great achievement on
Sunday, May 15th against this same Oriole’s squad when the
team again meet at Tropicana Field.

Among those on the sidelines that day
will be 35-year old Bradenton, Florida resident Shari Elliott who
took on the personal challenge of deciding to “live with cancer
instead of thinking of dying of cancer.”

Elliott is an active volunteer in the
Tampa Bay region at numerous breast cancer awareness events and
personally helps other women who have recently been diagnosed with
the disease cope with the news. During the May 15th
contest, Elliott will throw out the ceremonial First Pitch.

The Rays have also donated 200 tickets
to the game to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and cancer survivors
and volunteers will be handing out pink ribbons symbolic of the
cancer awareness program. Rays and Orioles players will again adorn
their pink-themed gear as a show of faith and support for those who
helped give us life.


Got to admit, the Honorary Bat Girl
program first enacted in 2009 is one of the greatest symbolic
gestures and events brought to life by Major League Baseball in my

I lost both my adopted and birth
Mothers’ to this horrendous illness and applaud and feel proud for
those who have battled and seen positive results for their efforts
and commend those who strive for a cure. Hopefully like so many
deadly illnesses in our human past, this one too will have a cure in
our lifetime.

Even though the Rays are not home today
(May 8th), the chance to bring it to life again on May
15th when the Rays are again at home. In the last 3
years, nearly 4,000 testimonials and 6 million votes have been cast
supporting this great event Elliott is one of 30 “winners”
selected for each of the 30 MLB clubs to participate in this great


Elliott was among 1.500 entrants that
were selected from more than half a million fan votes on
From specially made pink bats furnished with the MLB breast cancer
awareness logo, it is a visual sign to the support MLB has for this
heart-wrenching illness.

So let’s hope the balls flies out of
stadiums at a record pace today, and next Sunday as MLB and its fans
celebrate and remember those who took the fight to this disease, and
those who battled gallantly to the end. I think the best way to end
this post today is with a special quote…from the heart.

A Mother is the truest friend we
have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us;when adversity takes
the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our
sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she
cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to
dissipate the clouds of darkness and cause peace to return to our
.” —    Washington Irving.


Great post. I love the pink ribbons and bats and balls and wrist bands and arm sleeves and necklaces and – most of all – Paul Konerko’s pink cleats. It’s just a great show of support and unity for a common cause.
-K (Watching the Dandelions Grow)

Great post. I love the pink ribbons and bats and balls and wrist bands and arm sleeves and necklaces and – most of all – Paul Konerko’s pink cleats. It’s just a great show of support and unity for a common cause.
-K (Watching the Dandelions Grow)

The cleats are something new this season, but it is great to see the major footwear companies also getting in on the great cause. Speaking of causes, Rays OF/DH Johnny Damon also wore pink Pumas cleats that will be auctioned off by his foundation and the proceeds will go to Rays RP Adam Russell’s sister Tracy Galvin who is battling stage 4 breast cancer.
Amazing show of unity by Damon who probably only met Russell this Spring. Shows you just what a humanitarian and teammate Damon has been for this young Rays team.

Rays Renegade

I’m liking more and more about this year’s Rays team every day.

I’m liking more and more about this year’s Rays team every day.

Some people are already talking about how this team is so similar to the 2010 squad that finished out the season on top of the A L East.
Even with all the departures, the Rays have found solid pieces and performances that have brought this team a long ways since their 0-6 start.
There is a lot of baseball still to be played, so to celebrate to hard now is just…..not advised.

Rays Renegade

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