Cleveland’s “10th Man” Doesn’t Employ Human Nature


Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon has
always been proud and loud about the noise and ability of the Rays ”
10th man”, their fans. But as the Rays venture into
Cleveland I was wondering what the Indians might consider their “10th
man” because I have a few suggestions based on past events within
this great baseball environment.

Sure you could point immediately
towards the ginormous scoreboard that is possibly higher than the
Trop’s center ring cupola, or you could just open your ears and hear
the rhythmic “thump,thump,thump” of the famous Indians drum
always present in the leftfield stands.

For some reason to me, these are not
the Indians ” 10th Man”. Possibly their “10th
Man” might not even be in human form. It seems like every time the
Rays wander into Progressive Field, Mother Nature tends to have her
own version of the “10th man”. And some times this
great woman’s obsession with Indian wins ventures into the realm of


She is known to throw rain at the Rays
at every occasion she can. I remember going up to Cleveland for a
birthday road trip and spending most of the Saturday afternoon
nestled by the Rays dugout with rain dripping off my cap as I talked
to the Indians ground crew and former Rays Damon Rolls.

Mama Nature has had clusters of storm
cells postpone games, had single thrusts of moisture keep the Rays
confined to the Progressive clubhouses for hours before letting the
game resume to only punch a cloud again and send fans, Umpires and
players scurrying like church mice to the warm and dry confines.


But she not only uses weather as a
clever tool to take the wind out of the Rays sails, she also has her
own “Air Force” of pesky midges,sea gulls who have changed the
path of driven balls in the outfield, and who camp out in Centerfield
as if they belonged there. But then again, what else did you expect
from a woman who can call on the forces of nature in all realms.

So Mother Nature is the Indians
greatest “10th (Wo)Man”. Seriously, the only thing
more dominating within the confines of Progressive Field to even
compete with Mother Nature might be the famous Stadium Mustard. But
it doesn’t have the troops to employ havoc, mayhem and drama…Unless
they run out of this tasty condiment during the upcoming $ 1 Hot Dog

Thumbnail image for large_rain.jpg

Mother Nature has won playoff games,
regular season series sweeps and provided a nightly reminder that the
cool winds coming off the lake can turn into moisture madness in a
New York minute. Seems like the second most popular person at any moment in the Press Box is the guy watching the impending weather on the local radar.

It might not be the classic “10th
Man” like the Yankee’s Bleacher Creatures, or the Rays cowbells,
but Cleveland special lady makes sure every team during every game
knows she is sitting just above the rim of the Progressive Field
Upper Decks ready, willing and able to provide tense moments,
unexpected showers and possible a few animal intrusions……


I say the midges qualify as the 10th man. Joba will back me up on this.

Will be sending email to all fan MLBloggers shortly…expect the MLBlogs outage to be sooner than later on Friday…then no blogging or viewable blogs till Monday. Anyone should probably get last post in tonight as this may be a morning shutdown to convert all the blogs…just a headsup, will keep people posted on the community blog. Thanks – Mark

Loved the fact a little bug could flap up a big bad Yankee pitcher. I actually think the spray did more damage to Joba than the bugs. I know I would lose a bit of focus when I smelled that pesticide on my uniform, and the dead carcasses riddling my neck and arms….But that is just me.
Still actually love the seagull that re-directed the ball in 2010 during a late inning Indian game.
There is an old ghost story that the seagull is an ex-Indians trainer who died and came back as a seagull.

Rays Renegade

Thanks for the ” head’s up”.
Got a post I wanted to put up before the system went into transition mode. Going to be an interesting time getting used to a new system, but the upgrades to support our blogs, along with a more wide spread format should help all of us.

Rays Renegade

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