My Life GPS Got Me Lost, Now I Have Found the Rays Way again

Since we are sitting at the conclusion of the 2011 All Star Game, possibly this is a good time to make a change. To again try and provide the type of regularity and style of writing you have all relished or at least gazed at since I first wrote here on November 2007.

My life away from the clay and turf has changed dramatically, and I left my Tampa Bay Rays baseball firmly in the darkness in my internal cranial closet. Every since the Rays Spring Opener in Port Charlotte, Florida on the last day of February, my life has been a whirlwind, but in a good sense.

Got to make a trip of a lifetime across the California coast, through the Arizona and Texas desert, wandered through the streets of the Big Easy until finally seeing the rural decay and loss of Old Florida as I took US 19 south to my home instead of flying 75 mph along a concrete Interstate system that hid all the change. From that 6-day trips conclusion, things either went silent or changed quickly.

Celebrated another birthday at Tropicana Field with a loss ( 0-12 lifetime), traveled throughout this region, to Boston, Grand Rapids and even beyond driving by places like Bonnaroo, the “Batman” building in Nashville and experiencing the hustle and terror of the George Washington Bridge heading into the Big Apple.

Work brought a quick change to the fact that before the 2011 season began, I had personally attended 161 of the Rays 162 homes games spanning the 2009 and 2010 seasons. I left behind a seat I have conformed to my bottom, a sense of baseball stability, lost my true Rays identity for a bit. My writings have shown a lack of Rays enthusiasm ( except for the concert events), and that is done.

Because of my travels I lost visual and physical contact with the team I had grown so attached to it was silly. I no longer spoke to my Bullpen friends, talked to other fans about concerns and have only made a handful of actual Rays games in 2011. Since my accepting this job, I have driven over 30,000 miles since March 2nd, and enjoyed every moment. Exploring places I visited in my youth, or finding new wonders that escaped my imagination and glee.

That changes today. This is the benchmark moment where again I am going to try and get within reason of my New Year’s Resolution again of writing something every day. I did not purchase my 2011 Rays Season Tickets knowing my travels would instantly gouge into my Rays passion, but I never expected it to be dammed up and trickle to a minute flow on my blog.

Starting on this same day when the Rays players again circulate within Tropicana Field getting ready for the “second coming” of the season, my Rays writing rebirth will commence. There has been so much Rays information swirling within my cranium, so many tales and observations that I have pushed down that will now burst forward.

Within the confines of my new humble abode (tin can), I will thrust this laptop open daily, produce something, even if it is only 100 words about this great sport. I even fought within myself for the last few weeks about leaving the Rays Republic and writing with a broader pen stroke about all of the baseball World. That idea has not been squashed, but it is being held in reserve, possibly for the future. But my heart is with my hometown team.

Those who subscribe to my blog, I apologize for the move away from my norm. To those who stroll by on occasion, I am sorry if the content went South and the frequency erratic. This Thursday, July 14, 2011 is the second coming of the Renegade. It is not a symbol on the Chinese Calendar ( should be), and is not a monumental event outside the realm of my blog, but it is a big step forward again towards regaining my sense of Rays worth.

From the casual Rays and baseball fan, to people within the Rays organization who glance upon this page, today is anew with vigor, vitality and hopefully more insight into a World I shunned for a short while. Funny how unpacking moving boxes filled with Rays goodies, jerseys and photos have reminded me of what I am losing out on, of what pleasure just writing about this team used to well up inside me……Well, I’m back…….Hope you invite me into the Rays Republic fold again.  

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