Rays On Verge of 1,000th All-Time Rays Win Milestone Mark

Holy Moly. Can you believe that during this Tampa Bay Rays home stand we will see more than one special moment in Rays franchise history. Still hard to believe we have been playing this game under the dome for almost 14 Major League Baseball seasons, and it all will boil down to this 9-game home stand where celebrations could be a plenty.

The Rays franchise only needs 4 “W’s” in this home stand to post the 1,000th career victory in the Rays short franchise history. How amazing is it that this event could actually happened during the Texas Rangers or Boston Red Sox visit to the old Trop. During this coming week/weekend (I am betting Texas).

How ironic would it be to put that 1,000th win on the Rangers, who also share another special piece of Rays history. Back on August 19, 2005 when the Rangers came a-courtin’ to the Trop, D-Rays starter Seth McClung went 7 innings and surrendered only 3 hits, then Danys Baez came on for his 27th save of the season to give the D-Rays their 500th all time “W”. How fitting that the same Rangers franchise might also fall victim to the Rays 1,000th.

Hitting this magical 1,000th win mark would be a triumph to the persistence and patience this franchise and its fan has emulated ever since that first scream over the airwaves that signaled the Rays first step into the winning column. From the Rays first win to their 500th All-Time, it took the franchise 7 3/4 MLB seasons to get to that winning milestone. From their 500th Rays win to their upcoming 1,000th, this franchise who had begun to get a healthy taste of winning will eclipse that next plateau on Rays victory lore in less than 6 seasons.

Can you still believe Maddon has done such an amazing job considering the Rays were a combined 518-775 (.401 winning percentage) before his hiring on November 15, 2005. Since that moment only 6 other MLB Manager have held their jobs longer, and Maddon has produced a 478-468 ( .505 winning percentage) mark in his tenure.

Over the course of this current 9-game Rays home stand at Tropicana Field both the Rays franchise and their most productive Manager in club history will both have a solid chance to celebrate significant milestones with the home crowd. Ironically, the Rays and Maddon will have a chance to post those victories on the Rangers (there that symbolic name again) who also provided Maddon with his 400th All-Time Managerial win back on August 17,2010.

I hope all in attendance will be alerted to the significance of both these tremendous events that will warrant not only a stadium-wide standing round of applause, but should go on until both Maddon and his squad come out for a celebratory curtain call. I know I will be on my feet celebrating and shouting to the Trop’s cupola celebrating another defining and monumental moment in the Rays history. I truly hope you are there too to take in all the noise and emotions of the moment.


Maddon has done a terrific job to help turn the franchise around. He’s great except he left Price in too long last night, which unfortunately cost the Rays ground in the race
http://yossif.mlblogs.com/ (The Rays Rant)

Each Manager the Rays have hired has brought a different dimensions and confidence to this team. Maddon got to put putty in the gapping holes and do the final touch-ups to making a successful run. He has done some amazing things to keep this team on the cusp every season he has been here. His first in 2006 was the last time the Rays had not won at least 81 games in a season….That to me is the best stat.

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