Jennings Serves Up Tater Dessert for 1,000 Rays Victory

From the moment the ball met the bat, you knew it sounded different. The magnitude of the event was not lost on the 11,190 Rays fans as Tropicana Field possibly erupted into a bellow of sound that rivaled a jet engine. Rays rookie Desmond Jennings not only gave the Rays a win with his 10th inning walk-off homer, he firmly planted that baby into the record books with authority.

It was the way Hollywood would have scripted this event. Futility in the 9th inning by a reliable closer, then one of the Rays youngest members thrusting his will and power to ultimately decide the game. A milestone moment like a 1,000th franchise career “W” had to have a plethora of dramatic effect. This moment seem to call for a climatic thunderous sound of wood meeting rawhide. Simply put, this moment needed that certain exclamation point.

Simply posting an easy victory with no dramatic effect has not been the Rays way this season at home. The Trop used to be a budding loss factory for any visiting teams used to venture into its hallowed hallways, defeats accumulated often in this dome of doom. In 2011, the cowbells and the Rays offense fell mute and useless as this team struggled to find another way to even win.

Today’s blast in the bottom of the 10th inning made a visual farewell to the pesky Rangers and hello to history. This walk-off was the 11th of it’s kind in 2011, equaling the previous Rays seasonal walk-off totals achieved in both the 2000 and 2008 seasons, and we still have 9 home contests left.

But this is becoming a bit of a routine thing for this young Rays squad that has now produced 6 walk-off victories in their last 20 home games. But this one was special. 1,000 of anything is a classic achievement and the way Jennings put his power on show to secure this once fledging franchise’s 1,000th win definitely merited not only a historic benchmark, but a purely “Hollywood” moment.

Spontaneous and climatic team meetings around Home Plate have become more of a norm lately during Rays home games, but this unrehearsed moment in time will be remembered by more than just those assembled within the Trop. During this “getaway” game karma moment.

Rays Republic members who might have begun to doubt this team, who might have lost a bit of the enthusiastic zeal this September will revel in the persistence of this young club to not lay down, not give up, not want to send the home crowd home with their heads down.

And during all of the Rays on field commotion, out in the Rightfield stands, a great display of good sportsmanship was evolving as the Rays players and fans celebrated. The Ranger fan who caught Jennings Home Run ball wanted to give it back to him and the team because of the importance of the 1,000 franchise win. I hope the fan got a chance to come to the Rays Clubhouse and give the ball either to Jennings or Rays Manager Joe Maddon.

On a day when Rays starter David Price joined teammate James Shields in the 200-strikeout club you knew something special was waiting in the wings. The moment was almost for naught as usually reliable Kyle Farnsworth served up a Home Run ball to Ian Kinsler in the top of the 9th inning to send this game into an extra frame.

Climatic as that blown save was, it was nothing compared to the first pitch seen by Jennings that ended up nestled in the palm of that Rangers fan. Some moments define a player, a team, a franchise. This 2011 Rays squad has been all about the meats and potatoes of the game all season long. Figured their 1,00th would not only be a walk-off, it would be a classic “meatloaf” victory served up with Jennings smashed taters…and a towel of Vanilla pudding especially for Jennings.  Yummmmm, makes me hungry just thinking about it.



Here are a few photos of the Rays keepsake given out to fans as they exited Tropicana Field to celebrate this tremendous milestone in Rays franchise history:


I thinks it’s just perfect that a rookie gave the Rays their 1,000th franchise win. I believe that most of the great moments, and future moments, of this franchise are because of talented young players like him. (The Rays Rant)

It is a trend people better get used to with this franchise. Within 5 seasons, Evan Longoria and David Price will be gone and the guys in Double-
A and Triple-A will be the backbone of this team. That is the facts of life for the Rays. Be glad we have built one of the best farm systems so replacement parts are only a phone call away.

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