We Want Moore Cowbell!

Hmmmmm, I think this scene feels vaguely familiar to me. Southpaw is promoted to “The Show” for the first time in his career just as his new team is beginning to encircle a post season bid. Energy around his promotion is high as he meets the club on a road trip, destined to be a part of a struggling Bullpen unit. Man, I swear I have heard and seen this same set of parameters played out before and I guess Yogi Berra was right….”It’s Deja Vu all over again”…Rays style.

The atmosphere within Tropicana Field after the completion of the sweep of the Boston Red Sox was simply electric and definitely had that same intensity and vibration of that “Magical Season of Baseball” back in 2008. So maybe it was a bit apropos that the Tampa Bay Rays front office nod their heads like the “Butabi brothers” in approval to bringing up uber prospect pitcher Matt Moore.

It is eerily reminiscent to a similar move the Rays made back in 2008 when they brought up another really talented and confident southpaw who also had 3 MLB quality pitches in his arsenal. You might remember this young phenom better now as @DAVIDprice14 via his ever expanding Twitterverse following. Seems like the right time to give Moore a taste of the MLB lifestyle with a side order of adrenaline and excitement of a post season run that is about to kick into overdrive.

Price will be the first person to respond that his time in the Rays Bullpen during the post season adventures of the Rays solidified his drive and determination to become a front line administrator of Rays karma to teams wanting to pop the Rays off their path to a potential post season journey. Even better for Moore right now is the fact the always friendly and open Price is there for Moore to pick his brain, help him adjust and secure his name in Rays lore just as Price did 3 years earlier.

Back in 2008 Price came up and solidified a Rays Bullpen that was not in total crisis, but had more than a few people worried about their back-end potential. With the recent injury concerns and temporary shutdown of de-facto closer Kyle Farnsworth, Moore could help seal the expanding gaping wound a bit, possibly even getting a chance to duplicate Price’s own historic moments in the future.

Right now though the key will be to get Moore acclimated to the pace of the MLB game that is extremely elevated from his previous Double-A and Triple-A outings. Guys at this level expect to see knee-bending breaking stuff being tossed around daily, and may try and feast upon the young Rays pitcher. But Moore has shown a great aptitude for changing his game plan and modifying his arsenal in the past, it will just have to be done on-the-fly right now.

I truly expect to see Moore tested in the MLB fires in this Baltimore series as a member of the Rays Bullpen. Possibly in a early 7th inning outing to give him a taste of what will be in store for him soon in the hostile Boston surroundings, or as the Rays move towards the end of their season with their usual last romp through the AL East foes jungle.

Moore will be pushed, he will be mentally challenged and maybe even find early success if he keeps his emotions and mind in check. Reminds you of another southpaw who not only found success, but gained a reputation for toughness, reliability and eventually became the ace of a young and budding staff. Moore might not be Price, but isn’t it great he has the “example” sitting right next to him cheering his name in support all the way. I can see the signs now adorning the Trop on the last home stand, “WE Want Moore Cowbell !”.


Matt Moore will have a great career with the Rays. It’s really amazing how great the Rays future rotation will be, assuming everyone stays healthy. Shields is a CY Young caliber pitcher, Price is also, Hellickson is already one of the leagues premier starters, Davis and Niemann have shown they can be pretty good, and now there’s phenom Matt Moore. If Matt Moore becomes what everyone expects of him, the Rays will have the best rotation by far in baseball. 4 great pitchers with a pretty good 5th starter. The Phillies’ rotation with their big four won’t match what the Rays’ could potentially be in the future. I believe the Rays are really set up for success in the future.
The Rays Rant- http://yossif.mlblogs.com/

If you consider age and salary friendly pitching, the Rays win that contest hands down. That said, there are 3 pitchers who are ready for the MLB level: Alex Cobb, Alex Torres and possibly Moore. As we all know, the Rays will not rush Moore into their rotation, I expect Cobb to be the next in line unless Niemann or Davis is traded this off season. Still, with Chris Archer just starting his Triple-A career, there is another bullet that might be ready for the Rays pitching gun in September 2012.
I suspect a long discussion on pitching this off season, with a few surprises and potential teade in the “Hot Stove ” season.

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