Really Yahoo! and AP, Rays Got “Sweeped”

To say this headline upset me is beyond the comprehension of the word. To say I am disgusted and feel violated is to only scratch the surface. Read this sentence that appeared on Yahoo! last night(September 21, 2011) and tell me what is wrong with it:

Yankees clinch AL East title, sweep Rays (AP)

You could not miss the headline, it is the first one when you pop open the Sports area of the Yahoo! “What’s New tab.

I have said many times before that people who write blogs, and even post messages on boards across this country get discounted immediately for not being “professionals”. Even if we follow the AP Style book, we face a pessimistically optimistic set of critics daily. But it steams me more than a teapot when a professional organization, one that pays someone to write, edit and accumulate their facts as a job suddenly write something so erroneous.

I congratulate the Yankees on securing their title, the Rays faltered when they could have soared, and the victor should get a standing ovation and the sweet taste of victory, but how in the World can a copy editor or even website moderator let such a falsehood dampen their credibility…for such a simple thing.

I guess that the writer of that original headline is a die hard Yankee booster, because how else can you write a headline like that without the stamp of approval of a psychic like Miss Cleo. How can you forecast and predict something that hasn’t even been held yet….24+ hours in the future. Maybe he got a pair of those McFly Nike and they tele-ported him to midnight September 23, 2011.

If I wrote that error, if I put that sort of erroneous banter of a “sweep” when there was still a game to be played, critics and opinions would fester upon me like a plague. But then again, I am not employed by a mega media giant but just a lone blogger whop gets not a red cent for my muses and rants. I write what I do for the passion of sports, not for glamor, recognition or even a donation.

It upsets me when I work hard, write daily and try and do the right things in life then I see someone making a paycheck doing what I love make a dunce cap move like this. So take your Marty McFly predictions, your holier-than-a-minuscule blogger supremacy and stuff it.

I know there will be no retractions, no consequences, no repercussions that will mask the distaste I have right now for the person who wrote that headline. Sure I take it personally since I am a long standing member of the Rays Republic, but I take it more personally that it is still visible 13 hours after I first saw it last night.

When I first started as a Sports Correspondent with the Evening Independent (the now defunct afternoon sister paper of the St. Petersburg Times) after high school we were each given a copy of the AP Style book. It is still on my shelf some 31 years later, and accuracy is still my number one goal, still what keeps me relevant and of value.

When I write it I try and be 105% sure it is accurate and concise, if not, it is set aside. Integrity is the backbone of blogging even if we do not make a cent out of our writing. Maybe Yahoo! And the Associated Press need to open their own copies of their coveted AP Style book again….Just sayin’.

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