Hope,Fate and Destiny Attend a Rays Game

I don’t think any of us saw these three completely different ladies stroll into Tropicana Field this Sunday. Each of them had different agendas and reasons for being among the 21,008 screaming members of the Rays Republic. By the end of the game though, each knew they were in the right place and firmly gave their commitments to helping this Rays team succeed.

One was there striving to help this young squad that was counted out in early April harness their desire and expectations heading into the Rays final 4 games. She had wanted to give this team a trust and reliance that the fulfillment of their goal was well within their grasp. Her presence has adorned the Trop for a long time this season, but today she made an “ official” appearance.

The second came today to remind this team that the course of human life is never pre-printed or ordained, that spirit as well as courage can sometimes change the sands of time. That she wanted to give a blessing of cause and will to this team as they venture into the final stages of 2011. That she might not be able to give them total control or deed them to success, but she knew the path and was willing to guide them there with no hesitation and no payment in return.

Third lady came today to remind this team that something can be predestined, can be decided way before their time, but that the will of man can change the course, can re-direct the energy and that fortune both good and bad doesn’t always fall on the lucky or cursed. That sometimes the ones who bond together, who all believe the same path of movement can achieve things beyond their dreams, even changing their end result.

What all three saw today was a team before them who had a chemistry about them that was unshakable by feats of other common men. A spirit that rivaled any other other force seen upon this Earth whose ebb and flow moved in unison between both the players and the assembled fans.

They saw an explosion of emotion, a combustion of suppressed energy and a visual display of unified exuberance all around them as the Rays moved towards their 5-2 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays. Each gathered their thoughts, sights and recollections throughout the contest speaking with zeal and emotion taking in everything and forgetting nothing.

After the game ended I approached these 3 ladies who looked emotionally exhausted, but full of fire and energy. I asked if they had been here before and they told me they had attended games in 2008 and 2010, but this was their first journey here as a group this season. I commended them on coming on a day that had so much great game action and excitement throughout the contest.

As they turned to walk away I asked their names. The first one introduced herself as Hope. I went to extend my hand to shake hers and she went on to say, “ And these are my dear friend’s Destiny and Fate”. I stumbled back for a moment at this revelation and hope left me with this final comment, “Don’t worry. We like this team. I have a feeling you will see a lot of us over the next month or so”. Fate just shot me a grin and yelled back to me, “You can count on it!”

I quickly shot back the words: “I truly hope so ladies. The Rays Republic can always use 3 great ladies like you behind these guys!

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