Relax Rays Republic, Friedman Already has the Best Job in Baseball

You’ve got to admit the job of being the Tampa Bay Rays Vice-President of Baseball Operations has to be one of the most challenging jobs within Major League Baseball. Your job requirements could change as drastically as the Florida weather, and even the most mundane situation could get blown out of proportions.

Is there any other  M L B GM position where you have to possess the patience of Job while doing your own daily battle with due diligence to keep both your player and payroll bubble from bursting…daily. Friedman’s obvious gift for multi-tasking might be the key to his game plan where he can constantly juggle his priorities and requirements with precision, while having to balance both wise and frugal prospects on a simultaneous basis keeping harmony within the Rays cohesive environment.

All the above completed, Friedman can check-off his daily “Honey-Do” list before throwing on his other important “ cap”, where he basically becomes a quasi-carnival soothsayer selling a dose of the magic that embodies the Rays dreamscape to a prospective free agent. Seems like an insurmountable bags of tricks to keep in harmony without dropping a single aspect, but Friedman handles each task like he has been doing it for 25-odd seasons.

I really do not blame the Rays boy wonder for checking out other  M L B landscapes, possibly kicking the tires on a few other General Manager vacancies. Sometimes the best job motivator is the chance to see that your present job is a cakewalk compared to another positions. Plus he does have a few waking moments before the final out of the World Series, and again back to the off-season rind of making the Rays competitive again for 2012 in that dastardly AL East competitive jungle.

On the surface all of the 29 other GM posts look inviting, but you never know what might be hidden just beyond the public’s view , hidden behind their logo or field façade. With teams in ownership renovations like Friedman’s hometown Houston Astros, there is bound to be temptation, possibly be some fantasy visions of building your hometown team into another stellar farm system behemoth and then watching as that franchise returns to newfound glory on your watch.

You have to let Friedman do the window shopping, gain some more outside ideas, possibly turning his own position into a more powerful weapon against his  M L B foes. Best motivation is an employee knowing he can grow and influence within his job while gaining and obtaining respect among his own business community. Friedman has done that and more during his short tenure with the Rays.

I feel that Friedman is as valuable a commodity to this franchise’s current and future success as David Price or Evan Longoria. Friedman (an ex-baseball player) might not hit Home Runs or finesse a slider over the plate, but his off-the-field performances out of the sight line of most fans has put his name solidly into the top echelon among M L B GM’s.

If Friedman ever went on the free market with an open and honest intention of leaving the Rays, it would become a M L B free-for-all. What team would not possibly shake their own tree bare and offer the moon to Friedman?

I definitely do not see any danger in Friedman’s recent “dinner date” with Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno. The Head Halo doesn’t seem to be fashioned from the same Carolina blue cloth as Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg. Moreno seems more like the type who would be looking over Friedman’s shoulder, possibly shouting his personnel intention with gusto, pushing that envelope to be a “on-hands” owner instead of letting his capable leader take the reins with in interaction. That by itself should be enough to stave off Friedman.

But there is something that might make some worry among the Rays Republic. The apparent yearly “open agreement” or contract between Friedman and Sternberg could be viewed as a quick release valve if Friedman wanted a quick departure from the Rays fold. Friedman has been on basically a free agent one-year revolving contract agreement since day 1, possibly earning more than we even imagine to run this franchise like a well oiled machine.

Are the Rays GM rewards enough to keep Friedman satisfied, or will he eventually bolt for greener pastures in the future? What could be the tipping point that would send Friedman salivating towards another adventure, much like Raymond stalking a Kayem hot dog? There have been hints, but no real solid evidence that Sternberg might have a future spot in his ownership group for Friedman. That his escalating “retirement fund/401-K” may actually be a future small plot of ownership in this franchise Friedman has sweated bullets for, and seen pop post season celebratory champagne bottle while toeing the fine line of a shoestring budget.

Could that prize dangled in front of him be the motivation that keeps him here…or finally be the motivating factor that sends him packing?

As a former financial wizard, the Rays job is the optimal position to show your fiscal versatility as well as your salesmanship savvy by bartering against your M L B peers and coming up with deals that accent the positives. Friedman is considered by so many around baseball to be the keystone to the Rays quick rise to success, and their not so distant future. You wonder why Sternberg doesn’t lock up his top non-rostered prize with a long-term deal, or a vocal acknowledgment of Friedman’s extended involvement with the club.

Honestly, Friedman possibly has his VP position until he no longer wants it. He has banked enough clout and prestige not only with the Rays organization, but with M L B to possibly be the top choice for any and every future GM opening for the next generation.

Seeing Friedman going on dinner dates with other owners produces a bit of Rays Republic stress, but it also might empower Friedman to solidify within himself he has the perfect job, with a franchise that respects and admires his tools and his artful ways of doing things. Plus he has the bonus of having an owner who is open to change, stays out-of-the-way and let’s Friedman keep producing those stellar results. Why would he go anywhere else?


As much as I’d like to read more into Friedman and Moreno’s little dinner date, I don’t imagine Friedman’s leaving the Rays any time soon.
— Kristen

It is always great to see how the “other half” does business. You could say it was a fact finding mission, a learning experience, a opportunity to gain knowledge for your own organization, but the dinner definitely will be only that…dinner. Friedman might be tempered with a low payroll ceiling and limited additional resources, but his job plying those goods, using that cash flow wisely and within limits has had him a commodity as valuable as copper or gold. Even if Friedman did journey to Cali for good, the Angels would have to pay a pretty penny in compensation for the Rays “Wonder Boy”, which by itself might close the door on Moreno’s end.

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