Joyce Seemed a Hair Off on Thursday

Photo by Jonathan Gannt

I knew someone was going to have a reaction to the loss of their hair during the Tampa Bay Rays “Fortune favors the Bald” event, I just didn’t expect it to be this player.

Photo by Jonathan Gantt

Surely I expected Rightfielder Matt Joyce to be one of the guy to benefit from the loss of locks, but in Thursday contest against the Phillies, he seemed (pardon the pun) a hair off. On a day that burst with excitement, the giggles of children as they buzzed off finely coiffed hairdos, Joyce seemed off-kilter and a bit unexpectedly hesitant on both the offensive and defensive portions of his game..

I had a nightmare before the event that Rays SS Reid Brignac would look like a Cajun Gollum seeking out his “precious” ground balls. Even had a few reservations about Super Sam Fuld losing his curls to the wind wondering if it could effect his balance. Instead Fuld got 2 nice hits, and even showed off the newly trimmed dome forgetting that the sweat now had no hair to grab onto and keep from flooding his eyes.

Joyce had the trifecta on Thursday. He got caught stealing second base, missed a “ dying quail” hit just in front of him, and last, but not least left the contest prematurely after hurting his left wrist. Not sure when the injury happened, but you can definitely place its origin somewhere between his slide into second base and his errant diving catch attempt. He told the Tampa Bay Times today he was “a little sore” but expects to do full camp workout today and possibly be in the line-up for Saturday.

I am hoping it is just a flash in the pan bad Spring day for Joyce since he made such great improvement in 2011 and looked to be in netter shape both physically and mentally this Spring. But then again, on Saturday Joyce and the Rays will sport a bit of the Irish green, possibly that will hasten the bad juju away and Joyce can possibly do an impromptu Irish jig before the contest on Saturday.

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