The Baseball Song…Enjoy!

I have to admit, I had never watched a Corey Smith video before a Tennessee baseball friend (Ashley) sent me this great link. Sometimes I get into a music shell from October to March, and Smith definitely did not register as a “blip” on my musical radar before Ashley alerted me to his presence. Even greater news to my ear buds is that Smith will be making a Tampa Bay appearance at The Dallas Bull in Tampa, Florida on Friday, April 13th. I will definitely be in attendance for his show ( tickets cost $10 in advance, $15 day of the show).

I was somehow oblivious to an artist who has already Sold Out 15 of his shows already this year. Heck I am now officially asking the Tampa Bay Rays to possibly bring in Smith who already has the “Fortune favors the Bald” hair style. This same Georgia native, who married his U GA college sweetheart has over the past 5 years played over 650 shows, grossed $ 7.5 million in revenues and put over 600,000 butts in the seats. With his own dollars and musical sense he has released 6 albums that have sold 150,000 copies and 800,000 single downloads. (Hint, hint…Rays he has performed the National Anthem at Atlanta Braves games in the past).

It is a great thing to see an artist no matter if he is Country, Alternative, Reggae or even Pop pay tribute to this great game. I am so glad I got this link, and this video recorded while Smith was sitting in one of his son’s rooms ( he has 2 boys 4 and 5 yrs old) and the tune resonates not only Smith’s love for the game, but hints at some great moments between a Father and son in the future.

Glad I got a taste of Smith’s country flavor of music…And this Southern boy is going for a definite second helping. I hope he plays the tune again on April 13th! By the way, the Rays are on the road in Boston on this date, so maybe a few other Rays fans will join me at the concert.

Thanks Ashley and Elizabeth.


This is great!!! Ashley is a grade school friend of mine. My sister, a public defender in Pinellas County, is a huge Rays and Corey Smith fan. They played Smith’s “First Dance” at their wedding. :) so happy you have been introduced to this wonderful artist.

Elizabeth from Tennessee

No trouble, Renegade! I definitely have Elizabeth from Tennessee to thank! She had it first and being a lover of the great game fell for it and shared! I too hope that the Rays, The Tennessee Smokies and others will join in extending him a warm welcome! Glad you will also be able to attend the concert!
Ashley from Tennessee

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ashley through Shannon Sharp, and she has been a blast to get to know. I have had the pleasure of knowing the “UT 3” (+ Christie) for some time and consider them great baseball fans ans well as supporters of the long history and inside workings of this grand game. Excited about her forthcoming adventures in Motherhood, and possibly seeing video some day of a ball toseed or hit…maybe like one of those “America’s Funniest Videos”. I know the kid will definitely know the game.

I will do a post edit and add Elizabeth’s name to that “thank you”. How is my Wade Bogg’s ball doing? You know if I did not think of you as a true baseball fan I never would of given you such a treasure. It was just a small token of thanks for the moments at the ballpark and beyond with you and the “UT 3” before life happened and the trio went their ways. But I hear the “3” might be getting back together soon now that one has come back from afar.

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