Briggy Baseball Feeling the Pain of Bad Timing

Coming into this Spring, we all knew that this Tampa Bay Rays squad had front row dugouts seats for an old-fashioned knock-down, drag out fight for their shortstop position. Both Sean Rodriguez and Reid Brignac’s names were ranked 1 and 2 at the very top of the contending candidates list.

One of the critical attributed for this middle infield position is a keen sense of timing that can sometimes make or break a play, or even someone’s shot at keeping that coveted spot.

Rodriguez was hampered a bit early on in Spring camp by a linger cold, then a short setback after an Inter-squad game on March 8th brought to light a sprained left index finger possibly caused after Minnesota Twin OF Denard Span stole second base and S-Rod might have jammed his finger in applying the tag.

Suddenly it seemed timing might be smiling on “Briggy Baseball”, with a cane to separate himself from Rodriguez in the race by some considerable lengths.

But this “horse race” was far from over as Brignac recently had his own dark turn recently after injuring his foot and now being basically “shelved” for the time being from game play as his plantar fasciitis injury will do more to dictate how soon before the end of the Grapefruit season Brignac can resume the fight for his 2011 Opening Day position.

Best case scenario has Brignac getting daily treatments, the injury tearing itself and then a short rehab period as the injury heals itself. Basically, if the injury takes too much time, Brignac could lose his slot in the shortstop battle with Elliot Johnson currently pining for an infield spot himself on the Rays roster, possibly even manning the 6-slot if Rodriguez has a fall from grace.

Some would say the 2-man horse race suddenly has a fast approaching dark horse coming up quickly on the outside (Johnson) and is trying to overtake the pack and get his nose squarely and  firmly in the Rays SS race.

That is what is so frustrating about this recent setback for Brignac who knows all too well the sands in the Rays decision hourglass is fading and all Brignac can do is take a “wait and see” situation until his body makes the first move towards eventual recovery.

But his body better make a move soon or Brignac could face the realization of starting the 2012 season on the bench, possibly lower than second on the middle infield depth chart.

Another bout of bad timing is the injury is taking place at the time when his family strolls in from Louisiana and provides their annual Cajun Celebration complete with homemade Boudin, Jambalaya, Red Beans and Rice and a velvety bread pudding for teammates and Rays staff members.

You know Briggy Baseball would much rather be handing the ball off for a picture perfect 6-4-3 double play the n handing a luncheon box filled with down home goodness.

Until Brignac get the “thumbs up” from Rays Trainer Ron Porterfield, he will just have to keep himself mentally and physically sharp hoping he can get into games near the beginning or middle of next week with an eye at sliding past Johnson for that second slot on the SS depth chart.

Then Brignac will have to up his game during the beginning of the regular season by slowly chipping away at Rodriguez’s grip on the SS spot, then thrust himself firmly into regaining his old starting spot. But for now all Brignac can do is hope and pray for a speedy tear and repair of his foot injury and his eventual return to the Rays line-up.

Timing, it can be said can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Briggy Baseball is hoping right now that time is on his side and he still has a fighting chance at possibly retaining his Opening Day spot in the middle of the Rays infield.

For some reason, I would make a solid bet of Brignac providing a huge last-ditch effort over the last few games to keep his game style fresh in the minds of the Rays staff, possibly winning this race by a single foot.


I jwould love to see him bounce back, and make the Rays lineup, but also wouldn’t mind seeing him play when I watch the Durham Bulls in May. Maybe have him sign my old Southwest Michigan Devil Rays card!!!

I think in Durham you will see Tim Beckham play SS in May, but anything can happen. Brignac is focused on playing at the top tier in 2012, but his body has to rebound in the next few days or he could find himself possibly on the 15-day DL to start the season, or on a rehab assignment or still in Port Charlotte after everyone else moves back up to Tampa Bay. I seriously do not doubt he can make it back, the problem is time is slipping away this Spring and the clock is not Brignac’s friend right now.

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