I always knew this day would someday slap me on the head and present itself with magnitude and razor-sharp severity, but I had hoped it was at least 15 years into the future. It is with great sadness and remorse that I confide with my blog followers and the rest of MLBlogs.com that this blog, my 1,242nd submission will be my final posting on this website.

I leave Rays Renegade silent from this moment on after basking in the warmth and knowledge I may have done good. Brought the “Rays Way” to people away from the Tampa Bay area, possibly given information and photos that made you feel like you were there, or upset you missed such an event. In the end, I am leaving for me, not because of anything or anyone associated in the wide scheme of things. It just seemed like it was time.

This final moment is happening not because my life has become “complex”, but for the odd reason that I have run out of things to say. The decision might seem a bit rash and rushed, but it has been in the back of my mind for some time this Spring.

I thought it was just some sort of odd mind blockage because usually my mind is like a river with overflowing ideas and story bullet points that flood my brain, but as I drove back North after the Saturday contest, my mind seemed empty and unable to process the events of the last few hours with clarity.

I will miss this daily posting and the comments and page views that have thrust my ramblings and muses to the top-tier of this site. Of the great baseball friends I have made and will always be a part of me, but it is time to transcends to another part of my life. Leave the follies of my extended youth to another, become transparent in regards to the game.

I have enjoyed and loved every moment on this site. From the finding of new blogs and giving advice to commenting on old friend’s pieces and feeling a rush of excitement in their writings that also flowed into mine, but today that static is missing, so the end is here. I have to cut the ties deep and swiftly or it could crumble what is left inside me at this moment.

If you wondered what the symbol in the title meant, that was the symbol taught to me back in school when I first fell in love with writing and journalism. It’s a symbol used at the conclusion, the finite end of a story or article to let the editor know the story has ended, the final conclusion submitted.



P.S. yaD s’looF lirpA yppaH


OMG Cliff!!! you had me going!

Haha you did not fool me. I kept reading but knew it was an April Fools joke. Happy Sunday!


I guess you will find out tomorrow if it is true or not…….


The storylines are dimming, and my involvement with the Rays fleeting, so maybe this is going to happen. Only April 2nd will answer the question of if I will post or be gone.

C’mon Cliffy. I appreciate the humor but long time visitors to your site know the routine. Every April 1st…

It is the people who know me who might be the most surprised I am really thinking of doing this. Not because I’m bored, or not making a penny, but because I know that I might get 30,000+ hits a month, but less than a dozen comments.
Not sure if I am going to write tomorrow. Truly not sure of anything at this moment.

Sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the lack of comments on your posts. I’m one of the guilty. I appreciate your efforts but seldom comment because of time restraints. I love me my baseball and our Rays but feel my limited spare time is better spent doing other things. Hopefully you continue doing what you do because YOU enjoy doing it. For what it’s worth, I’m sure others enjoy what you do too.

Sometimes a comment like that can stoke the fires again. I’m not bored or in a state of apathy, just a mindmelt of work, new grandchild and trying to fix my new tin can up to specs. I think tomorrow I will start again. thanks for the words of wisdom.
I understand trying to get more minutes from the clock….

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