4 Years and Counting for Our Favorite Dirtbag

It already seems like a perfect day in Detroit. Sun is warming, the breeze is cool and breaks the sun’s intensity, Rays Television savant Todd Kalas is riding a Tiger, then we get the added bonus of knowing Tampa Bay Rays Evan Longoria get to celebrate another anniversary in the bigs. Even more curious is the fact the Rays are playing their getaway game in the afternoon, so the team could be on the ground in Boston by late dinner time for an impromptu Longo hootenanny in beantown.

Seems fitting that Longo could enjoy himself in the borough where he once had men grinding their teeth at the mention of his name for his bachelor ways of procuring digits and calling wayward female Bostonians. Sure that is all a rumor (cough, cough) or at least a great MLB urban legend. But what do you get the guy as a gift?

Seriously, the guy probably has one or two of everything. He has a cherry Camaro RS, a hot ex-Playboy Playmate bit of arm candy, a cooler full of icy Red Bull for the rest of his life, plus a team that he fits into like a glove both as a leader and as a symbolic keystone to this franchise’s rise. Anything Longo does makes the press from his hat getting stolen via a New Era commercial, to front covers of video games, Topps and Heritage card packages, plus he already has enough MLB swag to open his own memorabilia shop and make a cool mil or two. It boggles the mind how far Longo has gone in 1,460 days.

Where would the Rays be without their solid figure at the “hot corner” who not only has won Silver (Slugger) and Gold (Gloves), but in his rookie season was the Fan’s American League Final Vote selection to the All-Star Game. From his first 2008 appearance against the Baltimore Orioles at home in front of 19,295 screaming fans, Longoria picked up his first hit and RBI as a Ray. Even thought the Rays lost Longo’s initial contest 3-2, the Rays knew after that game they had finally found a player who could help mold a new future for the franchise.

Longo will have played in 280 MLB games when he boards the Rays charter flight to Boston later this afternoon. In that span he has gone from the American League’s Rookie of the Year in 2008 to a MLB legend with his feats during Game 162 of the Rays 2011 season. All of this in 4 seasons. Remarkable is too small a word for it all. Consider for a second during that span Longo has blasted 114 regular season HR, 405 RBI and 148 2-baggers added onto your ever-growing MLB resume`.

Not only has Longoria become a bit of a icon on his Twitter account known throughout MLB, with every Longo round tripper in 2012, the Pet Pal Animal Shelter will receive a $ 100 donation from Brighthouse and the Rays. Seems Longo is now branching out to his canine fans within Tampa Bay too. Seriously, what do you get a guy who has received the highest accolades in his short career, has a community counting on him with his glove and bat, plus seeing his smiling mug on media sources from radio, television to photos during and after the MLB season.

Maybe I should call ahead to the Oyster House where I think Longo will get his first supper in Boston tonight and order the largest Monstah Lobstah they got and have it presented to him. Or maybe I will give him some special and from the heart…. Maybe I will pop that last bottle of Mumm’s 2008 celebratory champagne, pour a little out on my old Trop Field Turf on my porch and give Longo a 5-minute standing ovation as a salute to the short but incredibly productive career of my favorite Dirtbag.

Yeah, that’s would be mighty special. Happy Anniversary Longo!

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