We Need Moore Matt and Less Dudley

Someone’s got to say it, or at least write about. This subject has been at the tips of more than a few Rays Republic’s members tongues recently, and I know we have all thought it amongst ourselves. Are we seeing the “real” Matt Moore on the mound?

Even though he has shown a few strikes of brilliance in 2012, just seems a tick off, a centimeter high or low in his delivery and is not showing his usual total cohesive self on the mound. From the whispers of Moore giving indicators as to his pitches to the plate in Detroit and Boston, to his last outing on May 6th that yielded a highly ballooned 1-game ERA of over 15 because of 8 Earned Runs and some control issues.

So far Moore’s stats so far in 2012 is making him look more like a pitcher on the verge of being sent down than someone hoisted up as an early odds-on favorite to give the Rays their second consecutive American League Rookie Of the Year winner. Who in their right mind would have predicted Moore would have 18 walks to go along with his 38 strikeouts at this point of the season. Who would have imagined Moore wouldn’t get to the 6th inning in 50 % of his previous 6 starts this season.

When the Rays front office signed Moore to an extended contract this off-season, it hushed a lot of the chatter early on if he would be sent back to Triple-A Durham because of the threat of him pushing the MLB Service Time clock earlier than the franchise had expected. So when the Rays announced Moore would slide into the 4th slot in the rotation, no one thought this present danger or situation would ever rear its ugly head and we witness Moore strolling off the mound looking a bit dazed and confused instead of his past controlled demeanor.

With Moore’s upcoming start against the Orioles in Camden Yards on Saturday, could he either have a short leash, or be given the chance to finally thrust himself out of his dark place pushing away his current 5.8 walks per 9 innings, or 1.6 Home Runs per 9 innings, which both are scary numbers for a rookie with Moore’s talent level. Could this be the best test for Moore as a Buck Showalter-led squad will wait patiently for Moore to hit the strike zone, and if he makes a mistake, deposit it in the seats as a gift for a bird fan.

If Moore struggles will the Rays finally say out loud what some of us have been thinking for so long, that possibly the team should have let Moore hit Triple-A until mid-May and develop his rhythm and confidence before thrusting him at the 4th slot and letting the MLB wolves thirst for a Moore mis-placed morsel. I do not know about you, but I think this rookie has magic in him, it is just somehow being bottled up or coming out of his hand a bit crooked right now. 

How soon we forget Moore started the 2011 season in Double-A Montgomery before hitting Triple-A for the first time on July 22nd, then was promoted to the “big club” on September 12, 2011. Moore only had 9 total starts in Triple-A before Moore was presented a Rays uniform and thrust into the spotlight against the New York Yankees 10 days after his promotion (Sept. 22nd). Moore threw a total of less than 500 minor league innings before he hit the hill for the first time in the majors last season. Kind of wild that Moore took the hill 3 times in 2011 before the post season, after less than 100 minor league contests.

Maybe what Moore needs is just a short time down on the farm, re-adjusting, getting his confidence back, proving again his 2011 late season heroics are the true foundation of his pitching style and his awkward start to 2012 might just be a combination of more video film available on him now and possibly his pitching tendencies are becoming transparent to some rival staffs. I mean the guy does have minor league options, and it is not a long-term solution, but possibly just a month or so, possibly until the All-Star break re-constructing himself then coming back with a vengeance is just what Moore needs right now.

 I have hope that Moore finds his way, possibly as soon as this Saturday’s contest and that we can shelf this kind of chatter. I truly think Moore is a special talent. Not for his strikeout ability or his calm demeanor on the hill with adversity smacking him around like a rag doll. I think the rookie has a long and productive career ahead of him, but every once in a while a pitcher hits a stumbling point, a road block in his road to success and maybe Moore has be rewarded his early on in his career.

 I want to be wrong, I want Moore to be able to give celebratory chest bumps, smile from ear-to-ear and enjoy his MLB experience…Maybe this Saturday will be his defining moment finally turning it all around against another great young club of patient hitters, or could Saturday be another in a line of moments where we wonder who this shell is on the Rays mound, and who kidnapped the real Matt Moore, and what we need to do to bring him back again.


I saw Matt Moore pitch here in Buffalo when he used to be on Durham. Also, we are giving away a Bisons road jersey on our blog. Check it out!

Moore has not looked as comfortable at this level as I had hoped, but it is also still early, and maybe he has not adjusted mechanically to the quick switch of direction you have to do sometimes, even in the middle of an at bat at this level. Still, Moore is going to be a great southpaw, maybe it is just MLB growing pains.

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