Pink is the Color of the Day

Ahhhhh Mother’s Day. That one day a year when Major League Baseball uniforms all over the league become awash in pink both on field accessories which include a splash of maternal pink lacquered upon equipment. From wristbands, batting gloves, cleats to Louisville Sluggers the homage to Moms’ is not only symbolic, it is down right sugary sweet, just like my favorite “Mom meal”, hot cakes, country sausage and fine Maple syrup.

 Someone asked me a few years ago why we celebrate Mother’s Day at the ballpark. I told him we celebrate it for those thankless years of “mom” pushing us in the minivan/station wagons and driving us to endless games and practices as kids. We celebrate it to the one person we want to see proud of us as we play this game and seeing them cheering in the stands brings us to another level. We celebrate this day because it is a thankless job done with only the fuel of love, encouragement and the want for their children to be happy in this life.

I have had the honor of having two “moms” in my life. My birth mother, and my adopted Mother who took me into her arms as her own and cheered and clapped with pride as she watched her jock son compete. I wonder how many of the Tampa Bay Rays Mothers and wives and their offspring will be attendance today? For it is a special feeling looking up in the stands and seeing the mother of your child, or the one who held you tight and taught you valuable lessons in life celebrating your successes on the field.

It is a day that MLB also brings about Breast Cancer Awareness to the plate as survivors and fighters alike take the field as ceremonial First Pitch participants on their fight to strike out this devastating illness. The Susan B Komen Foundation takes the lead-off spot in this special day’s line-up as stadiums and teams show support, love and salute the courage, drive and determination of not only these brave women, but also their support system that surrounds them.

This is one day of the year I attend games with great joy and celebrate among you wanting each and every Mother in the stadium to get her own special moment, recognition for taking on one of the hardest job in this World, and completing it like it was a simple chore. But that is what “Moms” do, they make the difficult seem easy, bring about confidence, excitement and send us on our adventures in our lives, even after we are grown and gone from the nest.

So I hope each and everyone of you who can takes your Mom to a game today. Take in the atmosphere, exhilaration and honor bestowed upon the woman who only wants to be repaid for all her endeavors in her family life with a hug and a kiss. Today is a day to celebrate all things maternal, and God bless them for taking on the task and pulling it off like champions. Enjoy your day Moms’.


Very nice Cliff. I lost my mom when I was three. I was raised by my grandma Julia. but lost her when I was 21 (so long ago) . Wearing my pink to Dodgets Stadium today.

I can visualize the great pairing of pink and blue today as you cheer on your Dodgers. I mourn their loss today, but I made the customary hot cakes with fresh strawberries today as an homage to those great ladies. Some people hate seeing the pink hats at games, but they forget those pink hats helped mold, shape and encouraged every guy on that field in their younger days.

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