Ray of Hope, Not Savior

I’m no the savior. I’m happy to be back, and hopefully I’m able to change the complexion of the lineup. Maybe not go out and hit two home runs a night…” – Evan Longoria

A lot of games and maturation has transpired in and around the Tampa Bay Rays internal World order and well as Longoria’s since his departure from the Rays line-up on April 30th with a torn left hamstring injury. Seem like so long ago Longo ventured from the 15-day to the 60-day disabled list after starting the first 23 games of the 2012 season in stellar fashion, with everyone from the field to the stands noticing his new stature and poise.

But if the statement above could be illuminated and turned into small novellas, you would see the process from the last days of April until his first step into the batters box on August 7th took Longoria down a road he has never traveled as well as dealing with frustrations he had never even fathomed or dreamed about.

Longoria will be the first to admit to you he might have tested himself a bit too much when he first experienced his initial setback during his first attempt at rehab this season. Anxiousness, a want to again be a vital cog in the Rays machine might have driven him a bit over the edge, and he went headfirst into the injury abyss again.

In his first rehab attempt, Longo seemed more interested in just getting back into the Rays confines and being a key piece again. During his second venture, he stopped, became aware and matured beyond his years as he finally seemed to figure out he is not only a keystone of this franchise, he is one of the valuable valves that pump this club’s heart and soul. In his second rehab attempt recently at Triple-A Durham, Longoria did not go out to truly impress, he went to gain bat speed, provide a cohesive game plan and finally show he is the guy who will lead this team for a long time.

When I first met Longoria before his first Rays start, he had that rambunctious air about him encircled by his boyish charm, with a insatiable appetite and child-like eagerness to swallow and digest everything about the game and instantaneously transition it into his own vibe and style. Last night Longo still flashed glimpses of that boyish wonder and grin, but deep in his eyes you can see the determination, the want and the desire to again be this squad’s “go-to” guy.

He might not be the Rays savior, but he definitely is a key ingredient to this team fulfilling its dreams and goals this season. Longo’s smile on his way to the plate during that first at bat beamed way out into the cheap seats, and showed all of us that he is again a shining glimmer of hope that this season is far from over.

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