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I’m Bacccccccccck!

When I left the MLBlogs community back on September 1st, I didn’t close the door, bolt it shut or even try to totally envision that my writing days about my favorite sport were done like a Thanksgiving turkey. I needed those timeless days to rehash, remind myself and revitalize my heart and soul to again fight the good fight.

I am my own worst enemy and commenter. I am probably harder on myself than most people are about their writs, photos and comments. Over that first 5 year segment of my blog, I pounded on the keys a lot, but I also began to demand more of myself as my name rose among the monthly MLBlogs Latest Leader’s list. I pushed myself to provide, produce and try and be not only an elite light in the darkened tunnel, but someone people could look up to and know will provide not only my own voice, but the factual reality that surrounds the game in my part of the Baseball world.

So I broke myself down constantly, second-guessed my intentions and further throwing useless garbage and materials into the fire pit thinking I was being constructive when in essence I was badgering myself into a defeatist mode. But that is gone now, as I emerge again after my 60-odd day “vacation”, sabbatical or whatever you want to call it to again hope to provide, inscribe and excite people about my views and realities that is Major League Baseball in this Southern sea-sprayed hamlet.

The last 60 days have definitely rejuvenated my vigor and vitality to again hit the keys to comment about this grand sport, I remembered why I wanted to write my blog in the first place, not only as an outlet for my frustrations, passion and want of others to embrace this team and the game, but as a tool to tighten knowledge, tweak a few mindsets and maybe even gain a few more members to the Rays Republic.

There will be a few changes that will surface, the name might change, be tweaked more towards a baseball theme than just my name thrust upon the sidebar. I will again when the season begins go into daily mode even if it is only a few paragraphs. I currently seeking a position within the photography community so I can possibly be credentialed for a more active again in the day-to-day happenings between the chalk lines. I have a few ideas churning in that graying hair helmet of mine to not only better my blog, but maybe even enlighten and enhance my fellow reader’s opinions and passion for the game in my neck of the woods.

For now I will be a bit heavy on the keyboards and type because those 60-days had a lot of things happen and I kept silent. It was really hard to bite my tongue during the Post season run of the Rays, especially as the season sped towards it’s final moments and we all collectively felt the pain of falling just short, even with some miraculous events unfolding around us.

It was extremely hard for me to be silent as our divisions representatives in the post season fell one by one and seeing a team who’s record was inferior, but whose talent was assembled for just that kind of October run. I was excited my great Uncle Johnny’s Giants were in the final mix, even if they were not still in the New York vista that he loved. Seemed at times current San Fran closer Sergio Romo was channeling his old teammate Brain Wilson, not only in his beard styling s, but with his post-World Series parade T-shirt that called out a social issue that surrounds all of us from shore-to-shore.

I’m glad to be writing again instead of just making the comments around town and having them fall on deaf ears or fall aimlessly to the ground never to be heard or transversed in any fashion. I missed you all, and I hope deep down somewhere you all missed me too. Rays Renegade is bad baby, and I not taking any prisoners this time, or hopefully not leaving again for a long, long time.

By Rays Renegade

2004 inductee to the Rays/Pepsi Fan Wall of Fame. Ex-Evening Independent Sports Correspondent who STILL misses the deadlines and writing about his hometown baseball team. Someone who has spent an entire night in the haunted Clubhouse of Huggins/Stengel Field...and loved it when he smelled the cigar smoke.

6 replies on “I’m Bacccccccccck!”

I kind of knew I would venture back, but was not sure of the timing. I enjoy writing more than I can express and it was hard trying to stay mute some days. Not sure what changes are on the horizon, but I’m focused on again hitting that top tier and bringing my readers and friends along for the ride again.
I did miss it all, and feel blessed to again have the venue and the want to write about the greatest sport to me.

Glad to be back.
I have a wild feeling over this Winter we will see an increase in blogs with Rays logos and subject matter. I just hope MLBlogs takes notice and remembers this team is not but for the short term, but has the long lasting staying power MLB needs and desires not only for revenues, but for excitement for all 180 days of the season…and beyond.

What! You’re back! Yes! I realize I’m late to the party but welcome back! I very much enjoy reading your entries, the blogosphere was not the same without you. Welcome back! I look forward to our sparring matches with the Angels play the Rays this year. Thank you for the Christmas gift Cliff!


You are never late to the party if you find out the good and juicy stuff. I guess it was a combo of work and 15 years of straight fan-dom and I needed a stay-cation for 60 days. Maybe we can develop a fan 60-day DL assignment, I know I fit the bill.
again thank you for the great comment, and I hope I keep writing stuff everyone wants to read ( or at least click on several times a day).

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