Changes, They Are A-Coming


I have been thinking ever since January how I can improve my social footprint not only within my community, but within the overall baseball nation. Sure I’ve devised wacky and far out thoughts about eliminating some facets of my writing, but in the end maybe the thought of expansion is the right direction for me to move now.

So it is with great thought and heavy heart that I begin my travels away from Tropicana Field and embark on a journey that will take me more into a MLB-wide focus instead of just pinpointing my posts and thoughts towards the Rays Republic. It is a hard decision, but one that will hopefully be fruitful and show results not only in increased readership but a more pronounced Renegade presence around the Nation. As you can already see, I have pulled the Rays from my moniker to be more reader friendly to all 30 MLB fan bases.

140This is not being done since I feel any animosity or breaking of my Rays ties, it is just a professional decision made by myself to promote my brand and bring a larger focus audience and presence around the baseball web. I love my Rays roots and will still report on them, but only one a month as I am going to try and encompass all 30 MLB team’s in my monthly circle around the country with the Rays being one of my many organizational posts. I decided to use the ESPN MLB Power Rankings as my guide to who will be the first team I write a post about on the 1st day of the month and proceed down the list until I write about the 30th team, then start the process all over again.

Sometimes you got to make harsh and irrational changes to produce growth and bring your sense of the whole enchilada to people outside your usual comfort zone. I have been honored to be the top Fan Blog for the last several months and feel this change will also open up avenues and dialogue with fans from all 30 MLB clubs and bring about a more wide spread presence of the Renegade throughout MLB.

Who knows, this could be a great precursor move for me to become a more nationalized writer who can adapt and bring about opinions, solution and even changes within the MLB culture through my posts about all of the entire MLB Nation. I am also starting a job that will take me all over the country at different ballparks and stadiums where I will take photos and interesting stadium iconic images that I can use in both my Flickr page, plus post on here whenever possible to show the diverse and interesting culture that is Major League Baseball and it’s fans.

mlb_a_postseasonsign_576I will start my 30 MLB clubs posts beginning April 2nd embarking on finding one significant piece of each club’s 2013 puzzle and write about it to see if this process can be fruitful and successful. The first post will be about the current ESPN top MLB club, the Washington Nationals as I bring about my views on just how far I feel the Nats pitching staff can take this team, and if it ends before October, or they are celebrating come November.

Look forward to your comments, suggestions and any views or thoughts you have about these changes and more that will come about during Major League Baseball’s 2013 campaign.

Oh, and by the way……..YAD S’LOOF LIRPA YPPAH   !AY TOG(Using a mirror to view this message is optional)


Hey, I look forward to your new blogs and I will miss the Rays, but change is good and good luck to the Rays. I look forward in a month to reading about your thoughts on the Cubs:)

Mark…………………………………………..Did you not read the last line? Just think about what today is (Besides half the MLB;s Opening Day)…and it will come to you.

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