A Rod Should Tread Lightly Right Now


We as a collective baseball world knew under no uncertain terms this cleat was to fall. That Alex Rodriguez would definitely pay some sort of penance for defying Major League Baseball, but none of us if it was to be an abbreviated sentence or seasonal exile. Now that we know the price ($25,000,000) and length (162 games + any possible 2014 post-season visit) such defiance will cost A-Rod, only time will tell if we have seen the last of the defiant one on any MLB diamond.

835675aa-904c-3cf7-b8b2-a4533bdea3c3You can speculate anything you want right now, but when A Rod finishes his “sentence”, he would have been off any regular season diamond within the MLB for almost 2 years. He has already flaunted the idea to the masses he will try and roll into the New York Yankees Spring Training site in Tampa, Florida this February hoping to put some mind at ease on his entire shenanigans, but the reality is the Yankees and most importantly MLB has time between now and mid-February to not only forbid such an arrival, but possibly shut A Rod out of an y rehab, conditioning or even a slight eye glance towards their Tampa facilities.

Right now with A Rod saying he will strut into Spring Training, the ball is in the Yankees court firsthand to either welcome him with open arms, or a clenched fist. It is actually a bit of a double-edged swords for the Pinstripes. The Yankees brass already know that the upholding of A Rod’ suspension by the arbitrator in essence saved them $ 25 million this season and some might view A Rod’s arrival as him accepting that final verdict and wanting to get his legal, and professional ducks in a row for  a possibly re-birth in the Spring of 2015.

Honestly I do not see a lot of olive branches and love being shown at this moment for Rodriguez, but there is almost 4 weeks between now and their report date for pitchers and catchers, so anything can happen…….and MLB could ultimately take any harmonious union between the team and A Rod firmly out of Rodriguez’s and the Yankees hands.

1d1fdcf4f545262900694855285dc0e3One serious roadblock besides the shunning of MLB upon any out-stretched hands to Rodriguez might be the simple fact A Rod will head to Tampa, Fl in about a month’s time with so much baggage you have wonder if the franchise really wants the spotlight off the 2014 team that will cross the chalk lines this April, or corral daily and with hesitation the impending the media circus that would definitely surround such an activity with the focus upon everything A Rod being in the crosshairs.

Such a move could be a blow to the formulation of a cohesive Spring chemistry of the Yankees squad as the focus would be squarely upon who mans the “hot corner” in any or all spring training games and if there is not a solid and viable candidate who can do so with defensive and offensive finesse, the media could end up baiting the Yankees to internally question someone or everyone above their pay grade.

In the end you have to wonder if any spring arrival by A Rod will be to boost team morale or be a last plea to stroke his ego and importance until he has to fade into the background and possibly find play outside the MLB norms. Right now would be a great time for the Minor League Baseball governing unit to stand behind the MLB and the arbitrator’s decision by not letting any Yankee affiliate use A Rod on any of their rosters, effectively showing a sense of solidarity from Rookie ball to the MLB-level.

a4295222-28d3-3ea2-ae0d-d4614e86fb61Personally, I would not want a play who is facing such a negative circumstance aside me in the dugout. Rodriguez has no one to blame in this situation but himself and his legal commando squad. He could of admitted something, possibly gotten a reduced expulsion from the game, but right now him even showing up in Tampa, he would be a viable pariah and whose action could further burn both himself and the Yankees brass with any actions or unfounded counteractions. Best case scenario is either A Rod fades into the background for the 2014 season, licks his wounds and get physically in the best shape possible and make a return in 2015….or not at all.  What Rodriguez ultimately decides over the next 4 weeks will say as much about his ego and not his lost paycheck.

But then again, the Yankees could release him and he would be someone else’s problem come spring 2015……Hopefully Rodriguez does what is best for himself, what’s left of his reputation and possibly hopes and prays the Yankees dump him sometime this season. I mean everyone loves an underdog situation, and if A Rod is team-less and free to roam to whoever needs his services, a change of attitude and scenery might be the best thing ever to happen to him.

Hope A Rod makes the right moves for everyone involved.


If the Yankees release A-Rod his MLB career is done. Barry Bonds was a more productive player than Rodriguez when the Giants let him walk under similar circumstances. By the time the 2015 season starts I doubt any other club would be interested in signing him.

I think his career right now is firmly in the Yankees palm. They can “give” him permission to play in Independent ball, stay in the confines of Tampa at their complex, or leave him to his own devices. I agree totally, Bonds was an animal even before the pointed fingers compared to A-Rod.
I think if A Rod does hope for some sort of career after his suspension he has to have the Yankees sign off on it or face possibly more situation on the legal front.
I know this will never happen, but maybe the two can come to some sort of “buy-out” compromise and he can ride off into the S Florida sunset.

A-Rod needs to just retire. Let’s face it, his career is OVER and has been for sometime. He should leave gracefully with a very heartfelt apology, but that won’t be happening.
Do you have any good tips for viewership/followers? CONGRATS on number 2! I dropped this year to 72. I want to get back up there! Thank you for any tips, I would appreciate them dearly!
-David S.

We all know what “he” should do and what he eventually do are 2 different animals. I personally think he is one of those players who do not take hints or suggestions and what he thinks or feels is paramount to anyone else’s thought or critique. Agree totally he should accept his lumps then if he is healed and 100%, make a valued and honest decision next year….But we all know he will ultimately do the opposite of what he should do…..He’s A-Rod.

As for readership, I hit a lot of blogs, make comments and get myself known. I stroll the team blogs and comment on great material. Best advice I can give you is write what interests you, make it thought provoking, funny or even something the regular public might not get on the usual sites.

Thank you, I’m pleasantly surprised and honored to hit #2 again. It took me a few years to glide up the list but writing numerous post during a week, providing photos and off-the-cuff posts have gotten people to follow my blog. Just keep your writing consistent, interesting and what you would want to read and you will be up the list sooner than you know……Good luck on your trip up the List.

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