DeJesus Getting Ready to “Strike A Chord” in Perfect Harmony


Music has always had a great foothold in our National pastime and been a great instrument to excite, motivate to and inspire fans attending games.  Players from the minors to the major league level use music as small glances into their personalities as each bar of music you hear as they stroll to the mound or batter’s box has a special meaning to them or emotional trigger. Music blares from every speaker in our MLB cathedrals between innings or stoppage in player to keep us entranced and involved in the game.

Every single clubhouse around the MLB boasts its own unique of pre and post-game ritual or celebratory sound bites that seem to be heard non-stop in the background of Clubhouse interview videos helping to soothe and let the players wind down from that day’s game. Be it an in-house team-appointed DJ who is in charge of the music tastes, or even a simple I-pod/I-phone set-up with a docking unit, music is as much a part of the game as rosin and pine tar.

sacThose beats and measures mean so much to the game that a simple verse or beat and rhythm can blend perfectly within game time moments within the game and act somewhat like a pulse or heartbeat of the contest.  As we get closer to the day again our teams head to warmer climates and begin their initiation into another baseball season, it only seems perfectly aligned that music, charity and possibly a few awkward notes for a great cause help usher in the upcoming spring sprint towards another season.

“Strike A Chord” is an great event headlined by current Tampa Bay Rays and former Cub fan favorite and outfielder David DeJesus and his wife Kim that will combine the smooth transition of music along with charity and hit the high notes of having some of the current and past friends and family of the Cubs sing their hearts away for a variety of causes and charities supported by the DeJesus Family Foundation and the Cubs Charities.

chi-20140106-001Who wouldn’t want to see DeJesus and many of the players who have graced the chalk lines of Wrigley belt out a few tunes, have a few laughs and show their love for not only music, but the charities within their community. It is great to me to see a player who now plays in another baseball haven not only return, but show such devotion for his former “home” that resonates so beautifully as this event with untold great moments to play out upon the stage not matter if they be a solo, group or possible audience participation sing-along with the exhilarating crescendo of everyone no matter their singing experience meet in perfect harmony.

The only thing that stinks at least for us here in Tampa Bay is the blunt fact the event will be held too many miles away from the fun and Sun (and warmth) of the West Coast of Florida. That’s right, this Thursday evening at American Junkie located at 15 West Illinois Street in Chicago, Illinois, DeJesus and his wife Kim will host a grand night of singing and instant memories when they hold their fantastic Celebrity Karaoke Event with current and past members of the Cubs ever-expanding team family.

Things will start off with a VIP and Cocktail reception at 6:30 pm with the main event starting around 8 pm as the celebrity guests will begin to rock out and help raise funds for the ALS research and support. The night will have numerous karaoke duets as well as a raffle and silent auction and appetizers will be furnished by such great eateries as American Junkie, Chicago q, GT Fish and Oyster, Siena Tavern and Wow Bao.  Individual event tickets start at $ 125.00 or you can reserve a table of 4 for the event for $1,000,

dfghjklCurrent and former Cubs Players like Anthony Rizzo, Edwin Jackson, Nate Schierholtz, Travis Wood,Darwin Barney, Donnie Murphy and Ryan Sweeney have already stepped up to the plate for the event this Thursday evening. Who knows what other celebrity surprises will greet fans and participants that night….? 

Sounds like the perfect event, and I’m jealous of my friends in the Windy City right now as they can witness this event while I’m seated here at my laptop in St. Petersburg, Florida. Who knows, maybe the Rays Baseball Foundation (nudge, nudge) can take a musical cue from the Chicago event and possibly get DeJesus and his wife to co-host another possibly a Southern version of the event some time during the 2014 season, or maybe during baseball’s short vacation time next winter.

I mean I know personally Karaoke has been a bar and entertainment option in the Tampa Bay region since the mid-80’s and where else can you truly “rock it like a hurricane”.   But one suggestion… time David and Kim and you are on video signing (on WGN-Chicago with Hoover), please do not play that song by one of our AL East foes that makes my ears bleed (Sweet Caroline)……Besides that, still love ya David.

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