Parity has a Short-term M L B Shelf Life


People keep humming in my ear about this obnoxious word “parity” and I personally do not believe in the term’s long-term Major League Baseball season long relevance. I want to not only believe but put a stake in the phrase’s longevity over a 162-game schedule, but for me personally, I feel the phrase “parity” has a short-term shelf life at best in regards to the M L B.

moneyball-1I already can embrace the realism that a budget-conscious teams like Tampa Bay Rays or Kansas City Royals can stand toe-to-toe with an M L B payroll giant and defeat them on a more consistent basis, and in late September deliver a seasonal death blow. I want to believe in a season-long aspect of parity, but right now I see it as a sprinting or short-term quick phrase to denote optimistic wants and feel the phrase within the M L B is currently not built for the seasonal endurance race.

Heck I truly believe at this point in the 2014 war even the Houston Astros can mount a few series wins and shake the cobwebs out of their fans minds to the team being better than their 2013 edition. But is parity really the right phrase to use to denote early season upheaval or divisional shifts when the paint is still not dry on their respective 2014 Opening Day field logos.

If your team is out to a fast start like Washington or Milwaukee there will be a buzz that it is “our year”, and fans will promote the heck out of any chance that the team will solidify and fight off the challenges even as the season only hits its 5-6% completion point.  

But just as quickly parity can change into overconfidence and soon both fans and a team can be swimming in infested waters seeking some sort of a life raft after a few well-placed defeats. There is a lot of ground to cover before champagne is spilled and White House selfies are committed to history.

Maybe it is more the fact that this comforting word called “parity” helps ease the pain of teams face-painting over their underlying rebuilding modes or those squads even at this early stage who are talent-wise just not up to snuff yet to fight off the advancing thundering M L B herd.

Parity actually is meant to subliminally ease our anxiety even at this early stage of the season by enhancing the notion that each of the 30 M L B squads are within a “state or condition of being equal, especially regarding status or pay”.  

jhgfBut the reality is the Dodgers and Yankees have invested northwards of $200 million in payroll for 2014. The truth here is this top-tier twosome handpicked their talents banking not only their wants but dollars that their hired guns and provide their monetary worth through production.

On the other end of the scale the thrifty bottom M L B foursome of Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Miami and Houston cannot feasibly crack the $80 million payroll mark.  Sure they have stockpiled talents in their farm systems but any deviation from their 2014 Mission Statement could result in disastrous countermoves or reversals of their master plans for their talent and franchise.

Seriously, some teams like Detroit have only played 8 games to this point (April 11th) in the season while the Rays, Toronto, L.A. and San Francisco have battled 11 times in this short time period.

So does that make the Rays and Jays early season favorites to blow out the American League East sporting their current identical 6-5 records, or is the reality that the division is still a crap shoot as Baltimore which is currently in last place in the A L East is only 2 games out at 4-6.

That very descriptive word parity has a way of staying in our thoughts and minds right up until the dog days of summer. Then our minds are emphatically snapped back in what is true and we suddenly see that the positive mirage involving our squads during the first few months have vaporized into dust and we are left wondering when the scales of fortune started dipping against us.

Sure we are only 8-11 games into the 2014 M L B campaign, but already some teams are showing unforeseen vulnerabilities and others seem solid as granite. The truth with parity is that it is relevant at this current stage of an M L B season, but as the season progresses and moves through its own changes the divide between the “haves and have not’s” become brutally apparent and suddenly you are faced with a choice…..stay positive, hope for a revival or face the brutal fact your team might be outmatched once again.

I personally feel the parity phase of an M L B season is more based within the April-to-June segment of a season than can be systematically played out currently throughout a 162-game format. Still, this is not a moment for any fan of the 10 teams currently sporting 4 or less victories at this stage in 2014 to sulk or visit the dark side.

imagesAll it takes is a few series win, a few walk-offs, an unexpected whirlwind of fortunate circumstances to again breathe life into the parity persona.

I know there is a better word to emulate than parity for this phase of the season.

Hopefully someone wiser than me can develop and articulate another optimistic phrase for this segment of the season and we can finally put the word parity out of its misery and embrace another word that we can all embrace with ultimate clarity and want.

Personally I think the phrase “parity” is so 2013.


I’m cautious with Parity. I’m not a fan of it at all. I like dynasties. Those powerful juggernauts that show the brilliance in a team. That being said, the Cubs road jerseys are better than the onfield product. I also prefer seasons where anything can happen. Last July, the Dodgers had the same record as the Cubs. What?

Sometimes I get the realistic view that the word was brought out as a “catch phrase” to peak our interest when underdogs defeat the so-called Goliath’s of the league. It is more applicable to say each team has a realistic chance as baseball is more apt to statistical anomalies and wisps of chance unexpected phenomenal actions than parity, but that is just me.

You hit the nail on the head with that one.

I have my moments. Have a great Easter.

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