Could Longo be Prepping for a post-baseball TeleMundo future?


I have a feeling we do not have to worry about Tampa Bay Rays 3B Evan Longoria’s post-baseball life. Sure we know he will have a vast empire of little Ducky’s to protect, but after this recent M L B Fan Cave video, could Telemundo or a matinee or twilight Soap Opera also be in the cards?

C4S_longolead111108_45410cI was actually laughing when I saw the video basically a future audition taping of Longoria playing some guy named Gosling’s lines is some Romantic movie called “The Notebook”.

Sure Longo dressed in his Rays whites and a blue Rays undergarment did an okay job of posting up his lines, hitting his marks and possibly bringing to light a want to be a thespian as well as a culinary artist when he hangs his cleats up.

Sure we do not see Rachel McAdams on screen with Longo, but you have to wonder if maybe his own inspiration Jaime Edmondson ( his own real life Allie) might have been in the shadows bringing a authentic love struck look to Longo’s monologue.

77339642And sure there were piped in lines that McAdams delivered in the film as Longo thrust out his devotion soliloquy, but it wasn’t half bad for a guy who has mastered a kid’s game for a adult living.

Plus if you squint your eyes and in the right light, Longo is definitely more athletic than Ryan Gosling, and his current blond faux hawk does bring him in closer to the film’s leading man persona.

evan-longoria-usp2Now I have seen the film, not by choice, but by necessity. What guy in their right mind would refuse to watch a film that gets their girls sentimental, in a romantic nature and can defuse even the worst argument or dumb action perpetrated by us males’.

In the long run, Longo has plenty of time to trim and sculpture his post baseball artistic craft. Possibly we could see another Longo dramatic adventure when his current contract ends after club options around 2023.

But for me his best dramatic role will always be Game 162, but then again I’m a hopeless baseball romantic who loves a great walk-off role.





“It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball.” -Billy Beane in “moneyball”.

Always awesome to get a baseball quote in a post……..Thanks a lot for that!

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