Thank You David…..Simply THANK YOU!


I have to admit, when I first heard some of the Spring comment from then Tampa Bay Rays prospect David Price’s mouth back in 2008 I wonder if he arrogant or just knew something we all somehow could not see at that moment in time.

1379997_10151724907248429_463699542_nHow wrong was my thought process on that day because Price did not only deliver on his statement way back in 2008, he has backed it up every contest since up until his eventual trade today not a half hour short of the Trade Deadline finish line.

Going to be weird thinking of Price as a Detroit Tiger. He always seemed at ease in the Rays Carolina Blue unis, never seeming to delight in donning the darker Rays home or away jerseys, just bathing as much as possible in the team’s blues and whites.

Price was even on the turf of the old Tilted Cap that is Tropicana Field today throwing on his off-day with fellow Rays hurler Jeremy Hellickson just 200 yards away from the Rays War Room that eventually cast a different end of his 2014 tale.

But so not fret Rays Republic for Price will be back sooner than you think.

thCAZZG668Because the Rays and Tigers still have to play a mid-week, 3-game series under the Teflon dome from Tuesday, August 19 to Thursday, August 21.  It could be the last chance for any of us in 2014 to see see Price on the AstroTurf, and I think we can almost guarantee Price will be out working the sidelines chatting with old and new friends.

But there could be an additional huge cherry on the top of this series if the Tigers arrange their pitching matchups in a way that Price could take the hill during that 3-game stint and get a righteous standing ovation from the fans he has thrilled ever since his promotion to the “Show” back in September 2008.

From Astro to Zorilla  Price has truly been a class act showing leadership, relieved team stress through humor and has ( to myself personally) exceeded every expectation, every social engagement, and certainly been a prime example of the true essence that makes up the “Rays Way” of baseball.

thCAQO9RE7I was lucky enough to be in the stands at old Yankee Stadium back on September 14, 2008 when Price took the hill against the Yankees in his MLB debut.

I even shagged a baseball during that day with the old Yankee Stadium logo attached and Price signed it for me without pausing for a second. I still cherish that ball sandwiched between the signed MLB debut balls of Evan Longoria and James Shields

I was also lucky enough to see his hands go skyward after finishing off the Boston Red Sox in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series and sip some of that sweet nectar as he and the team paraded down the First Base line post game.

Was even lucky enough in 2011 as Price wearing that Carolina Blue tartan-themed post season shirt took a swig of bubbly supplied by one of my Bullpen friends.


I was also lucky enough to get to know Price on many occasions on and off the turf at charity events, Season Ticket holder events and just chilling by the Bullpen seats after a bullpen session.  Taken numerous images and videos of the daily defacing of his bobble head cartoon image on the Right field wall, and seen him become a well respected and admired figure among his adopted community.

thCA8ZX2R3I know there is a lot of “I’s” here, but truly what Price brought to not only me, but the entire Rays Republic is knowing hard work, believing in yourself and your teammates brought historic memories to this franchise and their fan base.

Was simply a pleasure knowing this guy who might have irked me for a moment, but rose to the occasion so many times I lost count. Even though he only pitched once every 5 days, he always took this team on his back doing whatever needed to be done.

He was the Rays biggest cheerleader, their clubhouse voice of reason and a guy who grew into a leadership role for the pitching staff and accepted it with grace, confidence and a hint of calculated indifference.

If there was an All-Star designation for value to his team, Price would have been a 7 time All-Star.

I’m personally looking forward to that mid-August mid-week series with the Tigers. Because I want to find Price on the sidelines, catch his eye and shake his hand and truly thank him for not only the memories, but the role model and man he became while a Ray.

Thank you David…..Truly THANK YOU.





If Price can earn a WS ring as a member of the Tigers, I’ll be happy for him (and Detroit!). I’m happy to have such a class act in the Tiger organization, though.
I think you will really like having Willy Adames in the Rays system. I’ve seen him down in West Michigan this season, and he’ll be a solid player for years to come for sure. I wouldn’t doubt if he was the deal breaker. I’ll really miss him for the Whitecaps, because they really have a shot at a championship this season, and he was a huge part of their success so far.

I know Adames has been moved via basically a lateral move within the Midwest League (Class A) from the West Michigan Whitecaps to the Bowling Green Hot Rods.
Heard a lot about his bat, and since he is 18, if his bat responds, he could be an early favorite to replace Evan Longoria at Third Base for the Rays. Sure that move might be 4 years away, but at that time Longo would of put in 10 years at the hot corner and the Rays might move him to First or DH…..Kid has a bright future if he sticks with the program and keeps out of trouble.

Yeah, Detroit just jumped to a favourite with Price. Things are getting exciting.

I actually had them as a team to beat in the ALCS this season. I knew the AL East was lagging a bit and the AL West was going to be a back-breaking division and Detroit would not have it easy, but better competition in their division plus a few teams not on the cusp yet of post season contention.
Still, a lot can happen between now and October and Price does give them that significant edge every 5 days.
Still keeping DP on my Fantasy team…..Gotta support the guy, he did not trade himself.

I’m curious to know what you thought about the return for David Price. Franklin and Smyly seems a bit lacking.

With Matt Moore out until possibly Spring 2015, the Rays needed Detroit to offer a leftie rotation offering. Smyly might not be the perfect choice, but the Rays will not have to use a minor league option on Enny Romero but still might bring him up in Sept. for seasoning.
Franklin in my opinion is better than all the Rays current 2B options except for Ben Zobrist and possibly super-sub Sean Rodriguez. That being said, Franklin was a piece thrown in that possibly made the whole thing click on all 3 sides.
Adame went from the Tigers # 30 best prospect to the Rays #2 by just changing teams in the Midwest League (Full season Class A). I will write more about him this weekend as I’m compiling some information on him right now and I’m on the Adame bandwagon.

OK, that makes sense. Do you still hold out any hopes for the playoffs this year?

Honest answer……The next road trip which starts in Oakland should tell the Rays if this team has the engines firing on all cylinders or if some have mentally felt defeated by the Price trade…10-game road trip starts in Oakland, then the Cubs ends with 4 against the Rangers. Win 7 of those would be a clear sign….4 W’s would be a disaster

I’m pulling for you!

I am one of those lost souls who is optimistic until the doors slams me in the nose.
If this team were in Orlando, Tampa or somewhere else I might not have this bond, but it is stationed in my hometown where the Renegade used to run wild on his bike down Central & First Ave So. traversing the many lumber tunnels of the old Cox Lumber yard (Totally old St. Pete reference).

An excellent tribute! It’s weird for me to see Price in a Tigers uniform, I can only imagine how it is for you. He’s always seemed like the consummate Ray to me, a pleasant guy with a playful, quirky personality who gets really serious and hardcore when it’s time to go to work.</p?
Best of luck to Price and also to your Rays against the A’s. ;)
— Kristen

Price might of not started out perfect, but the guy did so much for this team and the community. It is really weird to see his name on another roster, but that is the way of the small market team’s reality. Wish him, Astro and Miss Kansas State all the luck in the world.
If I were to write a Top 5 All-Time Rays list, his name presently would be at the top.

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