S-Rod Designated for Assignment by Rays




There was just a blot on Twitter that Tampa Bay Rays former jack-of-a-trades Sean Rodriguez was “definitely surprised” that the Rays would designate him for assignment today.

Well, personally, I kind of saw the writing on the proverbial wall.

imagesMain reason not being that S-Rod was to possibly garner $2 million in salary through arbitration, it was clearly a fact he is one of the last “pets” of former Rays Manager Joe Maddon that was left on the Rays 40-Man roster.

This is not to downplay the timely hits and run scoring escapades Rodriguez brought to the forefront during his Rays tenure, it is just we have more than a few multiple minor league and  M L B caliber guys currently on the roster who can do it for less, possibly play more and do not have a lingering Maddon tie.

images (12)Some have whispered over the last few off seasons and during the extremely stressful Trade Deadline periods that S-Rod could be send a-packing. Of course those moments never reared their ugly heads until today.

Rodriquez is a capable M L B player who could like so many others on the Rays be plugged in wherever he was needed or take a bat and hit the batting circle with visions of RBIs dancing through his head.

images (10)Of course all of this came about as the Rays signed veteran reliever Ernesto Frieri to a 800 K contract with performance bonuses, someone had to be removed from the Rays roster.

With Brandon Guyer, Logan Forsythe able bodies who can handle S-Rod’s old tasks at a considerable lower salary, the choice surely was made easier when the Rays aw they could save around $2 million in salary with this one swift move.

images (11)Sure his .211 batting average last season left a lot to be desired, but his career-best .443 slugging percentage in 2014 showed he could be a great versatile position guy and his career-high 12 Hrs in 2014 might just make him a wanted man off the bench possibly well suited for a National League squad as a fill-in situational # 9 guy.

Joel Peralta was the first of Maddon’s preferential guys to get the Rays heave ho when he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers not so long ago.

images (13)Now with Rodriguez set to hit the open market, or possibly being traded to another team, it is going to be interesting to see who among the other 29 M L B teams will call and ask about S-Rod.

Wanna bet a certain someone will call and at least check in on what the Rays want for Rodriquez, and I bet they call from a 847 area code.




You nailed it. Matt Silverman saw through Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman’s loyalties to players that didn’t produce at levels needed for the team to progress so he dumped ’em. Jose Molina was laughable the past few years. His pitch framing value never outweighed his inability to hit a baseball. Joel Peralta contributed a lot to the team on the field his first couple of years but his clubhouse leadership wasn’t worth the money he was making as of 2014. Cesar Ramos wasn’t worth the cost for the innings he covered and Sean Rodriquez never produced at the level the organization hoped for. Informing Davey Martinez that he wasn’t the manager of the future put an end to any thought that things were going remain the same in the Rays dugout.

I do commend the team for their want to break all ties and personnel from the past regime, but are we at the end of it all or is there a few more nip, tucks to come?
I know a lot of fans are disconcerted right now with the massive changes both on and off the turf, and the Rays are seriously at a critical juncture where the fan base will either understand and accept these changes are positive steps for the franchise, or we might finally see more than a handful of former faithful fans plop off the bandwagon.
Going to be interesting to see who the Rays front office feels will be a good fit as their next Manager. That might also be the tipping point for some fans to make their own Rays decisions.

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