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Are Rayhawks a Fanatic Follicle Requirement for Fans?

Fellow Mlblogger and Dodgers fan, Alyssa Milano pulling off her own ‘hawk


I was driving down the US 19 in St. Petersburg, Florida a few days ago and I saw a homeless guy on the side of the road with a sign that read: ” Will get a Rayrehawk for Food” and it caught me totally by surprise. He we are a few weeks removed from the World Series and the ‘hawk is still in our collective lifestyles.

Have we now come upon a time in Tampa Bay history where we are now considering this as a regional sign of being from here. Having a follicle apparition high in the middle of our heads, with a blue hue to command the attention of the crowd is now more southern than a drawl or a moonpie .

I remember punk rock real well, and I know people did not do it back then to be a part of the crowd, but more to seperate themselves from the norm. The general sense was that it was done more for a sense of rebellion and personal style then for sports confidence and crowd recognition.



But the Rays hawk is our local symbol now that “we live here”, when it should signal that we support the Rays.But are you any less of a fan if you can not pull off the Rayshawk with class or  are follicle challenged ?  

 If you are a bandwagon fan, does getting a Rayhawk make you support the team more?  Or does it just give you a sense of belonging to the whole positive energy going around the Tampa Bay area during the playoff run.  I think that we still have that mentality that if a crowd starts to do something, we respond in kind more for acceptance than for having a true opinion on the matter.

I am not going to get into the social ramifications of such a thing because I am not well versed in the subject. But I did see people that  were shunned and looked at as less than loyal Rays fans if they did not conform to the clippers and dye.




I have heard a few comments during the playoffs that you are not committed or totally on board unless the hair was altered. What kind of crock is this? When was supporting a team based on your hairstyle. Why is it that the  Rayhawk has now gone above the cowbell, or even the new logo Rays merchandise as the game item most needed to show support.

 I have never heard myself yell louder or harder with less hair. If that was true, I would be getting a fresh haircut before every home stand.

It was one of those fashion statements like orange hair on St. Patricks Day. I was also browsing through the Internet wondering what other figures might enjoy a Rayshawk when I saw this amazing pitcture of Dodger and fellow Mlblogger, Alyssa Milano on her website. Now she can pull off a ‘hawk with no problem.


Rayhawks at Work


What is it about this wild hairstyle that pulls society, and people to chop, mold and gel themselves into a huge wall of hair in the middle of  their heads. I have always been one who has been hair-envious. Not because I do not have any hair, but because I have that baby-fine hair that looks bad with 90 percent of the hair styles. Believe me, I have tried a few in the youth, and evena wave doesn’t go with my type of hair…trust me here.

People tried to coax me to get a Rayhawk, but I would not chop my locks because of job committments and the possible implications from employers about my hair selection. I have always wondered how you would apply for a new job with a fresh ‘hawk and blue hair. Do you boast about being” committed to your views and being a team player” during your job interview, or do you just limp back and tell him it was a weak moment in your life.


Tropicana Field in Legos


I am not going to say I am a fashion nightmare because I will not go hawked, or even faux hawked. I am the guy who is dressed in the team issued jersey with a fitted cap and sitting there in my Season Ticket seat  with my latin percussion cowbell and thick drumsticks. It is my way of supporting my team. Just as the Rayshawk was the statement by a select set of Rays fans.

Come in Febuary, some of the Rays hawks will be just growing out and the blue dye would have leaked into our brains by then. At that moment you have to ask yourself if since it is Spring Training, do I re-hawk up? or wait until September like 60 percent of the Rays fans?

It is a personal decision to be with the style or not. It doesn’t make you more or even less of a fan to push the hairstyle to the side and rock the Trop in your own way. Some people even don wigs and costumes to be set apart by the crowd at games. But who among us would really come to a game dressede as a hot dog in 2009?