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DeJesus Getting Ready to “Strike A Chord” in Perfect Harmony


Music has always had a great foothold in our National pastime and been a great instrument to excite, motivate to and inspire fans attending games.  Players from the minors to the major league level use music as small glances into their personalities as each bar of music you hear as they stroll to the mound or batter’s box has a special meaning to them or emotional trigger. Music blares from every speaker in our MLB cathedrals between innings or stoppage in player to keep us entranced and involved in the game.

Every single clubhouse around the MLB boasts its own unique of pre and post-game ritual or celebratory sound bites that seem to be heard non-stop in the background of Clubhouse interview videos helping to soothe and let the players wind down from that day’s game. Be it an in-house team-appointed DJ who is in charge of the music tastes, or even a simple I-pod/I-phone set-up with a docking unit, music is as much a part of the game as rosin and pine tar.

sacThose beats and measures mean so much to the game that a simple verse or beat and rhythm can blend perfectly within game time moments within the game and act somewhat like a pulse or heartbeat of the contest.  As we get closer to the day again our teams head to warmer climates and begin their initiation into another baseball season, it only seems perfectly aligned that music, charity and possibly a few awkward notes for a great cause help usher in the upcoming spring sprint towards another season.

“Strike A Chord” is an great event headlined by current Tampa Bay Rays and former Cub fan favorite and outfielder David DeJesus and his wife Kim that will combine the smooth transition of music along with charity and hit the high notes of having some of the current and past friends and family of the Cubs sing their hearts away for a variety of causes and charities supported by the DeJesus Family Foundation and the Cubs Charities.

chi-20140106-001Who wouldn’t want to see DeJesus and many of the players who have graced the chalk lines of Wrigley belt out a few tunes, have a few laughs and show their love for not only music, but the charities within their community. It is great to me to see a player who now plays in another baseball haven not only return, but show such devotion for his former “home” that resonates so beautifully as this event with untold great moments to play out upon the stage not matter if they be a solo, group or possible audience participation sing-along with the exhilarating crescendo of everyone no matter their singing experience meet in perfect harmony.

The only thing that stinks at least for us here in Tampa Bay is the blunt fact the event will be held too many miles away from the fun and Sun (and warmth) of the West Coast of Florida. That’s right, this Thursday evening at American Junkie located at 15 West Illinois Street in Chicago, Illinois, DeJesus and his wife Kim will host a grand night of singing and instant memories when they hold their fantastic Celebrity Karaoke Event with current and past members of the Cubs ever-expanding team family.

Things will start off with a VIP and Cocktail reception at 6:30 pm with the main event starting around 8 pm as the celebrity guests will begin to rock out and help raise funds for the ALS research and support. The night will have numerous karaoke duets as well as a raffle and silent auction and appetizers will be furnished by such great eateries as American Junkie, Chicago q, GT Fish and Oyster, Siena Tavern and Wow Bao.  Individual event tickets start at $ 125.00 or you can reserve a table of 4 for the event for $1,000,

dfghjklCurrent and former Cubs Players like Anthony Rizzo, Edwin Jackson, Nate Schierholtz, Travis Wood,Darwin Barney, Donnie Murphy and Ryan Sweeney have already stepped up to the plate for the event this Thursday evening. Who knows what other celebrity surprises will greet fans and participants that night….? 

Sounds like the perfect event, and I’m jealous of my friends in the Windy City right now as they can witness this event while I’m seated here at my laptop in St. Petersburg, Florida. Who knows, maybe the Rays Baseball Foundation (nudge, nudge) can take a musical cue from the Chicago event and possibly get DeJesus and his wife to co-host another possibly a Southern version of the event some time during the 2014 season, or maybe during baseball’s short vacation time next winter.

I mean I know personally Karaoke has been a bar and entertainment option in the Tampa Bay region since the mid-80’s and where else can you truly “rock it like a hurricane”.   But one suggestion… time David and Kim and you are on video signing (on WGN-Chicago with Hoover), please do not play that song by one of our AL East foes that makes my ears bleed (Sweet Caroline)……Besides that, still love ya David.

Are The Rays Currently in Ghost Protocol Mode?

On Wall Street, the Trades and Acquisitions Department of large investment firm have the covert mentality of the CIA and other branches of International intrigue that use initials. Knowledge is power, and with that, secrecy and the movements under that umbrellas come at a premium.

So far this Winter we have heard and seen some of the clandestine targets and near misses of the Tampa Bay Rays, who operate under their own initialed powerful and might organization, the MLB, has taken the art form of gliding amongst the darkened halls with silent whispers to a new level. As we have learned in the past, the Rays have a circle of trust within its Fourth floor domain that no constants, syllable or even grown are visualized or voiced when the always alert media comes a-callin’ with trade rumors and whispers in the wind.

Some moves might be counter-moves, made to seem directed towards a general target, but suddenly change direction, showing a more devious and unimagined alternative plan. Take the recent movement by the Rays to get the services of free agent outfielder Coco Crisp. That’s right, the same Crispy critter who almost walked into a James Shields hay maker in 2008 that might have shattered Shield’s pitching hand.

Who in their right Rays mind could have seen this one coming? Of course Crisp decided he like to stay on his dock by the bay and rejected the Rays advances. We know Crisp and Shields have buried their hatchet, but have all the bad blood been drained within the Rays Republic in regards to Crisp? That, my friends is blowing in the wind now, and great fodder for Happy Hour discussions. But the outfielder chatter did not stop with the Coco one, there was another attempt, or stab at Seth Smith, and adequate fielder and hitter in his own right to possibly be a Plan B to the Crisp covert ops.

But you got to ask of there is a problem within the Rays outfield we do not see, or are we possibly looking 4-moves behind the mind right now of Rays Executive VP of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman. I was content to think we might see Desmond Jennings in Right field this season trading spots with Matt Joyce who I thought made his presence known for the full-time gig, even against southpaws. I had come to terms my myself that B J Upton might wear a question mark on his uniform instead of the # 2 this season as his tenure in Rays Center field is more rental than lease with an option to buy. Was starting to think someone named Damon might have the only true answer.

The moves towards Crisp and Smith have me wondering just how much confidence the Rays have in Sam Fuld, Brandon Guyer or even Justin Ruggiano to be that 4th asset in the OF puzzle…or if their own Rays existence is also under the microscope as possible trade fodder? It is almost as if I should think of 20 of the 25 names on the Rays roster not named Matt Moore, Jeremy Hellickson, Joel Peralta, Evan Longoria or Ben Zobrist are stapled to the Trop turf, but everyone else is up for discussion at some point. And now comes internal gossip the Rays might not have held onto Smith if they had signed him, but used him as more enticing bait for another morsel….How quickly the tides turn in Tampa Bay.

But that is what the Winter Hot Stove season is all about right? Making the waters boil and seeing who rises to the top of the pile and who settles to the bottom, possibly there until the late July Trade Deadline timetable. Early this Winter we had the Ivan Rodriguez, Josh Willingham, Carlos Beltran and finally an afterthought of a Anthony Rizzo acquisition spinning in our head’s before the new year. Sometimes I wish I had a mouse with a lipstick camera or a house fly with a video feed to give me something tangible and substantial to write about before it hits the general airwaves.

I’m beginning to think we need to contact the modern Sherlock Holmes I saw on BBC the other night, he sees in that altered universe realm, and can be perfectly comfortable thinking 6-8 moves ahead of the rest of us mortals. For some reason I think a MI-6 License to Kill might be easier to obtain than a Rays trade whisper. Sure there are still cracks in the Rays armor, but it is in the field personnel and not on the front office lines. Questions abound around the infield now with the Rays inquest towards trying to secure Brooks Conrad and Ryan Theriot.

I had the notion to think it might be a slip up, a showing of their cards that possibly Sean Rodriguez is penciled in at Shortstop and Second in a platoon, and Zobrist again will carry at least 5 gloves to every Rays contest. I thought for a moment I might have cracked a hidden code, possibly being 1-move ahead of the pack with the Rays inquiring about Conrad and Theriot, but their talents were to be as bit players not starters in the proposed Maddon 2012 Tour. Foiled again just when I thought I had inched forward with something of substance again left with poached egg on my grill.

But one day. Ahhh, one day someone will crack the code, bring about the wheeling and dealing to the surface, not with the realm of full disclosure, but with hints, smatterings of intel and possibly make us all giddy again about what really lies behind the Rays Carolina Blue curtains. But I am left right now with the pure facts I will never be in the Rays circle of trust, never be an intricate part of the Rays always unfolding covet machine, finally realizing with crystal clear clarity my best guesses at trades are just those…guesses.

I guess I will have to be content that the powers that be that invisibly move within the 4th Floor sanctum is hard at work making the Rays a better oiled machine. A more precise instrument to take into the 182 battles that make up an MLB season. That I can sleep better at night knowing Friedman is out there somewhere already in work mode to answer those question we have not even asked yet.  Still, the Ryan Madson rumors have me curious….I wonder if there is a motorized mouse online I can buy, or what time is it in London?